Virtual School


Birmingham Virtual School is the Children In Care Education Service (CiCES). Birmingham Virtual School coordinates educational opportunities for children in care. This week, virtual headmasters are meeting for their national annual conference.

Guaranteeing a high level of training is the basis for the improvement of their life.

Guaranteeing a high standard of training is the basis for the improvement of their life. The VSK is an organization designed to effectively coordinate training at both the organizational and organizational levels. influencing politics and developing and enhancing CiC and YCL service delivery. Improvement of accessibility to specialised service providers.

Providing expert counselling and support in the fields of learning, vocational skills and work. Facilitating early childhood and childcare provision. It ensures compliance with legal obligations and best practices, in particular with regard to the healthcare and nurturing of the elderly, with the identification of areas of growth and a provocative policy and operative approach being an essential part of this part.

Follow and supervise the KCC CiC advances in your area by coordinating and using the VSK assistance to increase its performance according to an evaluation of your needs. Collaborate directly with caregivers and families so that they and their kids can get the most out of the education they have.

It allows good participatory opportunities, promotes inclusion in the educational setting and focuses on preventive and early interventional policies linked to other specialised departments and institutions within the child's assistance net. You will develop the expertise and capacities of other employees. Assistance, guidance and counselling for 11th grade pupils in their development towards educational goals that meet their needs.

Working with 12th and 13th grade youth who attend college, education provider, professionals or those who need access to an offer. Working with social workers to help us determine who are entitled to reimbursement from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). If necessary, collect proof to file and assist the request.

Make the first point of call available and manage the administrative maintenance for the services.

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