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Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available online at the University of Florida. In addition to the regular programs, Leiden University offers the opportunity to participate in online programs and courses. Online education at NC State University offers students world-class learning wherever they are. One of Canada's leading universities offering online and distance learning courses. If you want to try out an online course or complete an entire course of study in distance learning, online education at WMU has the answer.

Certificates and courses online

PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations) was founded on our college in 1960. PLATO has developed many advanced features, which include messaging panels, online tests, e-mail, chatrooms and more. The School of Information Science's Online LEEP (Library Education Experimental Program), the university's first complete online programme, was and is number 1 in the USA in 1996.

The Gies College of Biznesu started its online MBA, the eMBA, with Coursera in 2016. Attracting enrolments from 46 states and 56 counties, the programme is celebrated as a major achievement by Poets & Quants, the leader in the economic education world. There is now a 13-member Academic Council that spans five universities and seven programmes to make sure the university has a powerful online leader of the university.

"I' ve found that we have to help each other to make changes to our programmes within the university," says Denise O'Brien-Peterson, co-chair of the Gies College of Business Executive Commitee and MBA undergraduate. O'Brien-Peterson says the Executive Director has been instrumental in creating coherence and connection among our undergraduates and in driving forward ongoing programme improve.

A Masters in Library and Information Science and a member of the Executive Council, Jamie Makatche talks about the ability to bring together undergraduates from different programmes. Makatche proposes that online programmes should establish academical congregations that focus on scholarships and real-life applications, building on her first year of management experiences.

"This will vary according to the area or scope of the programme, but I believe that all online learners are looking for ways to connect, study and grow," she says. O'Brien-Peterson takes up the concept of guidance, especially for vocational schoolchildren. OIAB strives to keep not only LEEP, but all of its online undergraduates and their programmes in the foreground.

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