Universities that Offer Online Degrees

Institutions offering online diplomas

On-line courses and degrees are becoming more and more popular. Making so many people switch to online degrees? Attending a public online state university offers numerous advantages. Are you looking for postgraduate studies with a focus on epidemiology? The University of Utrecht offers a complete online Master's programme in this field.

Historians warn that online degrees could make universities superfluous | Education

Oxford, along with all other universities, is facing an "uncomfortable future" unless it includes online degrees and prepared schemes for increasing billions of pounds to go privately, according to the new formal story of the college. Published this weeks Oxford Universtity Press says that new technologies have the power to make universities like Oxford "superfluous" and that it is "only a question of time" until online teaching changes higher literacy.

Oxford researcher Laurence Brockliss, a writer and researcher, argued that Oxford itself should offer a bachelor's degree in online education to resolve the controversy over students' admission. "I want Oxford to fly something and say that we will be offering 1,000 18-year-old online classes in various disciplines to try and see how it works and how it can be improved," said Brockliss.

And Brockliss said: "I don't think it's a serious menace right now, but 10 or 15 years later I could imagine one of the newer universities that is seriously and creatively evolving online college degrees. Oxford is susceptible to changes in public finance, the researcher says, concludes that "it is harder to see how the universities can keep on benefiting so well" as the pressures to spread resources more evenly increase, making it challenging to stay among the top 10 universities in the game.

"This could be the time for Oxford to re-examine the opportunity to become a privately owned university," Brockliss wrote, and argued that the public finance tightened by the NHS is unlikely to encourage higher schooling. Substituting the present level of research advice financing alone would call for an equipment of 8bn, but Brockliss arguments that Oxford already has fund-raising for £3bn and that more could be raised if the odds of the" independence" were declared to supporters with care and plausibility.

One of the benefits, according to Brockliss, is the liberty from state claims. Over the past few month Oxford has been criticized by David Cameron, among others, for its bad reception of minority groups and state schoolchildren. Going away in private would make Oxford different. "Once you have isolated yourself from governance, the chances of your college becoming a kind of "world university" with no particular domestic basis become a genuine likelihood.

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