Top Online Colleges 2016

2016 Top Online Universities

Below is a list of some of the best online colleges in Oregon for 2017. Oregon's best online schools for 2015-2016. Association of Schools and Colleges and is one of our best online master programs. This ranking examines the best universities for online agricultural degrees. This article highlights the 20 best online schools for marketing bachelor's degrees in 2016-2017.

10. University of Troy

In the following you will find our rankings of the top 10 Low-Price Online Colleges in America. Which are the absolutely lowest online universities in the United States? Undoubtedly, there are many hard-working but poorly funded college graduates across the nation who are asking themselves this one. Even as important, they may also wonder if any of the ultra-low costs online colleges really have everything to offer in the way of goodness.

We wanted to concentrate in this rankings on the absolutely best and cheapest online colleges in the United States. In order to begin, we turned to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Collegiate Data Base, known as Collegiate Navigator. In the 50 states we were looking for four-year, nonprofit colleges and Universities, both publicly and privately.

We have also restricted our research to those who provide weekends, evenings and credits for living it up. Although these courses are different in technical terms from correspondence courses, we are aware that many online learners would choose to have direct contact with other scholars.

We' ve further restricted our research to colleges with fees not exceeding $20,000 per year. Despite all these limitations in the results, our query has still generated more than 250 suitable school! Since then, we have further filtered the candidate lists by removing communal colleges (and other colleges that primarily provide associates degrees) and specialist institutes such as seminars.

We' ve also removed very small ones (less than 100 students) that were inaccessible. They have managed to reduce our filter lists to about 150 colleges and university. In order to respond directly to the most popular online programmes, we at College Navigator have gathered information on the percentages of registered e-learning only.

In order to ensure that we have also selected the best performing pupils, we have also collected information on the six-year completion quotas for Bachelors. All other colleges except those that enrol at least 30% of our enrolment in correspondence courses AND keep a minimum of 20% completion quota have been removed.

Finally, we were let with just over 20 online colleges to look at. In the other colleges, we kept looking for the highest online enrolments and the best completion-ratings. Institutions with very few graduates may have an easy timeframe to maintain high completion ratios, while large colleges may announce lower percentage even though they work harder to keep tens of thousand of undergraduates in the class.

For this reason, we have classified the school according to both their "raw" completion quota and an "adjusted" completion quota, which we have scaled according to the number of students. Finally, we cross-referenced the mean yearly fees of each of the institutions and awarded the best marks for the programmes with the least overhead.

To sum up, our method considers four specific student metrics: Our rankings were achieved by the top 10 finalists. It is undeniable, in other words, that these are some of the best affordably priced online colleges around! Troy University has been the online benchmark for online learning for 20 years.

Naturally, correspondence students can look forward to enjoying all the fundamental advantages of studying in Troy, which include reasonable prices, flexibility in planning and ease of course execution. While it is virtually taken for granted that all online universities today have these similarities in common, the fact that Troy has been doing this for two centuries makes it a true innovator in higher learning.

Today, professionally orientated courses of study such as computer science, economics, criminal law and computer science are among the most sought-after online courses of study at the school. among even the best online colleges affordably, few message a selection like Chadron State. No matter whether you want to take your Bachelor's or Master's qualification, acquire a teacher's certificate or refine your specialist knowledge in a Ph.

Expedited, 8-week training and online help around the clock ensure that course participants are kept up to date. You' ll also have no problem maintaining your budgets thanks to the specific state fees for all correspondence course participants - regardless of where they live! Above all, the university' s many well thought-out programmes, which offer unparalleled opportunities in the fields of geosciences, child and family research and agriculture, can be of particular help to undergraduates.

The Central Christian college of Kansas has an "online Christian-centered apprenticeship for the whole person". "As an affiliate of the Free Methodist Church of North America, the CCC recognizes that there is much more to colleges than vocational schooling. Key issues such as fellowship, prayers, integrity as well as mental development are as important as truths, excellency and full learning.

The setting covers every nook and cranny of the university - even the cyberspace. CCC' cost-effective online degree offerings include health care, penal law, economics, psychological, organisational and multidisciplinary study - all programmes that give you the chance to broaden your skills while enhancing your ingenuity.

As with Central Christian College, Regents supports a faith-based syllabus for those who want to achieve spiritual and professional growth. Viewed from this point of views, Regents presents itself as a real jewel among the inexpensive online universities. Featuring more than 70 pre-approved programmes, 8-week easy access from anywhere in the globe, this college offers no excuses for you not to follow your careers.

Mid-America Christian University has no need to search for an online course that meets your needs. That is because flexiliy comes standard at this low-cost online certified university, where degrees programmes are available across all four departments - Arts & Sciences, Christian Ministries, Economics and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences - 100% online.

Transfers may be the main beneficiaries of correspondence courses at this institution, which focuses on degrees. You can even obtain credits for previous knowledge, certifications, professional activities and/or CLEP (College Level Examination Program) test results. Through the minimization of the teaching effort and the tightening of the study programme (5 and 10 weeks of courses), MACU allows the student to obtain their diplomas quickly and effectively.

Grace Bible College has the capacity to combine Christian tradition with nontraditional educational opportunities for mature college graduates, even among the most advanced online programmes. GBC's Department of Advanced and Online Literacy provides courses at three different educational backgrounds, among them bachelor's and master's degree courses in leadership and ministry, human services and economics.

Once you have signed up for one of these programmes, you can adjust the syllabus to your own interests by choosing a 12 credit focus. This is because few schools can rival the reach and reach of low-cost online degree offerings that this top class institution has to provide. As well as all the traditional programmes - which include educational, general study, managerial and psychological programmes - the National University also offers a choice of less widely used courses which are scarce at other online university.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind listing of B.A. in Digital Journalism and Film Arts and B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science and Construction Engineering Technology. With over 140 years of service, one couldxpect Park University to be unable to keep up with the speed of today's schooling.

Park's excursion into online learning - which began 20 years ago, long before many universities had even thought of taking such a step - has proved to be decisive for his continued popularity in the twenty-first decade. More than half of the enrolments, 52% of the total, are registered solely for correspondence courses. That number is particularly striking when you consider that Park, with 11,000 university graduates, is the second highest enrolment in this low-cost, online university rank.

The Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is not your online university, and this fame applies in more ways than one. In contrast to traditional art schools, ERAU pursues a more focussed academic course, although the student is not restricted to aviation schooling! Rather, the distant student at Embry Riddle chooses from an amazing range of technological and technical programmes, from Homeland Security to Technical Management to Aviation Maintenance Science (and yes, there is also a B.S. in Aeronautics!).

Use ERAU's advanced online EagleVision web site to get your course work done, which provides both synchronized and asynchronized teaching via face-to-face videoconferencing, webcams, lesson games, chats, and more. Averett University, which puts Embry Riddle at the top of this low-cost online university rankings, has an unprecedented students' records - with an almost incredible 100% graduate ratio for members of "non-traditional" programmes.

Averett' IDEAL (Individual Designer Education for Adult Learners) programme also offers a cosy environment for this. At IDEAL, our graduates work in close cooperation with the departmental consultants to select a course that suits their interests and adapt their bachelor's degree in areas such as economics, sport management, penal law and practical sciences.

One of the best online colleges you will find anywhere in the U.S. We think you might like too:

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