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Welcome by BVS staff to our best value ranking of online colleges in Virginia. First-class online photography schools. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Boston University is one of the best online master's programs. Learn how to take online courses to start your career. Continue reading to discover some of the best nationally accredited online schools of students.

2015 Top Online Universities & Degrees

The 25 colleges are the 2017 Top Online Colleges of the SR Education Group for those who are looking for a highly-qualified, highly-regarded, and ambitious collegiate education program. They have an acceptability of 32% on board and all of them have an acadmic level of 79% or higher. Stanford University, the top institution, only 5% of candidates accept and has 15 online Master's Courses.

Below you will find more information about our colleges, in which we offer datapoints on outstanding achievements, first-class research and outstanding graduates. Have a look at our methods or find out more about the SR Education Group.

2028 Best Online Universities for Value

University of Central Florida has over 80 online graduation and certification programmes and has been offering online classes for 20 years. The diplomas are available at Bachelors, Masters and PhD level and include topics such as health care, civil and structural sciences, as well as civil and political sciences. The UCF also provides Bachelors programmes for those interested in studying.

UCF has an online libary, a bookshop and a typing centre as well as a programme entitled What's Next to help preparing your studies for your post-graduate years. It also provides an online resources centre, online technological assistance and online educational consultancy. If you are a student registered in an online programme, you are exempted from campus-based charges such as the tuition and transport and entrance charges.

Universiy of Massachusetts - Amherst has 64 online graduation and certification programmes. UMass Amherst was established in 1863 and is the system flag ship of the Massachusetts School of Management. Over the years, the college has had 16 fullbright scholarship holders and has the highest level of academics on this shortlist at 76%.

UMass Amherst's online programmes are available at all levels and include topics such as bookkeeping, early learning, community healthcare and nursema. UMass Amherst's Online MBA is an entrenched programme with over 1,000 registered undergraduates over 10 years of age, enabling the student to study 100% online or in a part-time programme.

Pupils can also take lessons at various Massachusetts sites. The LeTourneau Univeristy, which was founded by R.G. LeTourneau, is a non-denominational Christian campus that offers 36 online graduation and certification programmes. At 70%, the college has the third highest level of academia and the mean SAT value of freshmen is between 150 and 200 points above the nationwide averages.

Interested applicants can select from the fields of penal law, economics, psychological science, pedagogy or health management, among others. LeTourneau's online classes are available in an fast-track form that allows correspondence course participants to finish their course on an fast-track itinerary. The University of Alabama is a longtime guide in scholars and has a tale of welcoming prestigious statewide prizes for its outstanding faculty, studentsÂ? and research.

There are 53 online study programmes, 33 of which are Master's programmes in the fields of training and the environment. The Bama By Daisy is the gateway through which it provides correspondence courses for working adult pupils. The same teaching rates are available to online pupils as to conventional state pupils, making e-learning a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for many self-motivated people.

On-line courses are available in mixed and fully online available forms, and web-based technology such as web conferencing and webcasting are used to complement traditional lecture in classroom use. The University of North Dakota provides over 200 subjects for nearly 15,000 undergraduates from all 50 states and 80 nations around the world. His extensive online visibility spans 70 levels and certifications for undergraduates around the world.

These include 12 bachelor's, 32 master's, 8 PhD and 18 diploma programmes, which range from aeronautics to forestry research and astronautics. AND also provides many non-credit online training classes. The online questionnaire will help you judge whether correspondence course is right for you. Both self-study and regular term format are available.

AND's low fees, with a $351.98 per loan and a $432.89 per loan, make it an accessible choice for many long term undergraduates. Arizona State University is known for its innovative research and teaching and has nearly 100,000 undergraduates.

The online offering with 180 alumni, bachelor and certification programmes is just as sturdy and avid. The ASU correspondence course catalogue is available on the school's website, and enrolment coaching is available for enquiries and online enrolment. The course of study needs, starting date, courses and duration are clearly formulated in a form that facilitates decision-making.

You can apply transfers to some online major series. The West Texas A&M Univeristy is a publicly funded college that has been offering courses for over 100 years. There are 37 online bachelor's and 12 online master's courses and 4 online diplomas. At WTAMU, remote undergraduates can choose between two teaching styles: speeded up or self-directed.

Whoever chooses the expedited course can complete a course in six week, while the self-study course can start at any moment and must be completed within nine month. If you are looking for a more intimate yet intimate immersion program, you can also opt for online course offerings in the term plan. The WTAMU offers a on-call evaluation for new online learners, a free online teaching tool named Smarthinking, and free Microsoft Office softwares and free online clouds.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, established in 1884, provides 90 online graduation and certification programmes. Programmes encompass topics such as healthcare, penal law, bookkeeping, information technology, government security, education, and more. NSU online courses are delivered in an eight-week expedited form via the Moodle course manager system and contain presentations, discussions forums and videoconferencing reunions.

Free individual classes are available to those who reside near the physics university, either online or face to face. Northwestern State University of Louisiana is an extremely affordably priced university. Candidates should be willing to provide certificates from high schools or former colleges in parallel to the standardised test results.

Washington State University has been offering correspondence courses to undergraduates around the globe for 25 years. VAS currently has 1,700 registered online undergraduates, and provides around 200 online courses using the blackboard courseware. Videotutorials are available for new Blackboarders.

They also have 24/7 online student online classes, careers advice, tuition, an online typing laboratory and online assistance. On-line training is designed with the help of VAS Instructional Designers, and programmes are available in fields such as bookkeeping, penal law, educational, managerial, psychology, agricultural, sociology and economics, among others.

Regent University Online provides 254 online graduation and certification programmes at all levels. The programmes span a broad spectrum of disciplines and interests, among them economics, religious education, communications, English, management sciences, computer science, computer science, psychology, cinema and television productions and ministries. E-learning is available in either an 8-week or 15-week format, and Regent uses Blackboard to offer its correspondence course.

The Blackboard enables remote learners to hear classes in person, interact with colleagues through forums, chats and accessing their course material, even on their PDA. Regents also offer interested parties the possibility to take a sample course before they apply for an online programme.

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