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A number of schools and accredited online schools offer virtual programs and courses. The Coursera offers free online courses from top universities around the world. The study of microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms and a basic study for all who are studying biology or medicine. The courses are offered according to a seven-week schedule and are both interactive and flexible. Most importantly, Independence University offers laptops for students enrolling in online courses.

Best 35 Fastest Online College Programs

Online Bachelor Grade Programmes are extremly popular and Online Colleges make getting your grade quickly and comfortably with Online Master Grade Programmes. No one wants (nor should) offer goodness via velocity when it comes to the best grades to get online, and the Colleges and routines on this enlistment have been voted for this invention.

One of the quickest online college routines are not always simple to define, and sometimes, how long it takes to get an expedited bachelor level online all will depend on the learner and their previous knowledge, expertise, or previously acquired credits. However, this is not always the case. It is easier to measure qualitiy through the use of online bachelor's courses.

Among you will find 35 of the best online colleges offering expedited bachelor degrees programmes. To find the best universities that provide the quickest online programmes for the student, a listing of those offering fast-track Bachelor programmes was first made up. Numesis and COLLEGEdata information was based on the costs of attending classes, which can be an important consideration for many schoolchildren.

The total completion quota was also obtained from these resources. Each student is different and the individual motivation will have a great impact on the pursuit of a course of study. One of the factors that has been taken into consideration in this rankings of online degrees expedited programmes. However, higher education institutions and higher education institutions with a higher completion rates may have an edge when it comes to attracting interested and motivating college undergraduates.

Rarely, when the information was only displayed in a single information of 5* size, 5* are transformed into an A and then into the numerical spectrum, while they become 90, 4* are regarded as A and then transformed into a number, and so on. It' s uncommon for the stellar system to be used to complement the acquisition of both.

We also referred to the Top 100 Best Online Colleges rankings during our research of quick online rank. Please find below a pdf-file of the top 35 of the fastest online university programs. The Becker College is situated in Worcester, Massachusetts and also has a Leicester University. The Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies at Becker College offers a range of online courses as well as expedited courses that are held every year.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) course is available online for adults. There are also ways to acquire college credentials for past practice through Portfolios, a grade for the evaluation of non-classroom teaching. Undergraduates with a high level of qualifications can gain up to 48 points by taking part in the investment management team.

Furthermore, according to their present job situation, the student can be qualified for the refund of study fees by the university. Further information can be found on the Becker College website. The Notre Dame College is situated in Cleveland, Ohio and provides a wide range of online programmes for undergraduates. Online courses at Notre Dame College are offered in an expedited schedule and usually last 8week.

The student is required to attend a 3 credit course 8 to 10 lessons per week. 2 lessons per day are required. Educational activity includes both online and off-line activity and online words do not have holidays. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Management), Bachelor of Arts in Psychologie, Bachelor of Arts in Education, RN bis BSN et Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Judges.

The diplomas available online through Notre Dame College are Master of Education, MSN and Master of Arts in National Security and Intelligence Studies. Master's qualifications are often considered the best qualifications to go online, as they can be obtained while retaining work. You can find more information on the Notre Dame College website.

Headquartered in Dobbs Ferry, New York, Mercy College provides a quick path for undergraduates to a Bachelor's in Organizational Management. The Mercy College programme is for qualifying undergraduates who have already completed a course of study or 60 subgraduate credits. Undergraduates who fulfil the prerequisites can achieve their Bachelor's degrees in just 12 month.

The online student participates and meets their course needs within a set timeframe. The course is a three-semester course, while the student takes a three-step course each other. More information is available on the Mercy College website. The Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs provides a quick way for online college graduates to speed up their graduation.

Not only can you use this feature to help your student spend less on courses and material. There are no extra fees for Fast Track and you can take up to two Fast Track examinations per weeks to earn credits for courses. The student may take the examination only once per course, but may take several course examinations.

To learn more about quick online graduation at Colorado Tech, visit the Colorado Technical University website. Established by 19 U.S. Governors and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Western Governors University focuses on delivering the best online programmes that also help student savings in terms of cost and quality. The majority of Bachelor's degree courses only require three years to study at WGU.

Using competence-based programmes, undergraduates work with a faculty supervisor to optimise their timetable and take the necessary amount of study space to get to know the materials they are not yet familiar with. Naturally, undergraduates who have already acquired college credit can carry over these accreditations to further speed up through the selected programme.

The Limestone College is located in Gaffney, South Carolina. Through its Extended Campus, the university provides online courses for undergraduates. Lessons are aimed at adults and are held in 8-week semesters of 6 semesters per year. There are two courses per year, which means that a pupil can make up to 36 credits per year.

You can choose between various electives such as Business Administration, Computer Science and Math. Limitestone College provides rapid online programmes for Associates and Bachelors degree programmes. You can find more information on the Limestone College website. Jacksonville, Florida is where you can find the Florida State College in Jacksonville, which provides online partner and undergraduate degree courses and certification programmes for undergraduates.

Several ways to get through their Florida State College in Jacksonville quickly, including +1 Schedule, where alumni take a course each term and participate throughout the year to get their degrees earlier, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and Accelerated Curriculums that make it easier to get a diploma.

A few fast-track online courses include a Bachelor's in Business Administration, an Associate in Arts and a Real Estate Agent Workforce Certificate. Beaumont, Texas is home to Lamar University, which offers both postgraduate and postgraduate programmes online. Courses can be completed in an 8-week course to speed up your studies and are also available in the 15 week conventional courseware.

The courses of study cover the areas of economics, art & sciences, engineering and fine arts & communication. Alumni are given an Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing Program and some other programmes offer courses in 8-week formats, such as the MBA programmes. Situated in New Britain, Connecticut, Charter Oak State College provides several ways for college and college undergraduates to speed up their studies with PLA.

PLA allows the student to earn college credit for work placement, service training, work or voluntary work, and credit or exam. The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science are available in General Studies, Bachelor degree programs are available in Business Administration, Cyber Security, Health Care Administration, Health Information Management, and General Studies, each with different elective courses and/or concentration options.

You can also obtain a Master's in Organizational Effectiveness & Leadership from Charter Oak State College. More information is available on the Charter Oak State College website. Based in Immaculata, Pennsylvania, Immaculata University provides online courses in fast-track formats through the College of Lifelong Learning. Several bachelor of science courses are available online, in much-loved areas such as business management, health care management and organizational behavior. These are available online and expedited, and as graduation programmes that allow the student to carry acquired credit up to 72 points to be applied to their selected course.

Increased speed RN-to-BSN is also available in online formats. New Hampshire is home to Southern New Hampshire University, which provides a range of online courses and rapid online grades for undergraduates. These include two well-liked options available in an expedited format: the RS to BSN feature and an expedited BS in the bookkeeping progam.

Undergraduates are able to take these programmes in less than their colleagues and start their professional lives faster. UChicago provides several online fast-track Bachelor programmes, including an AA in Organizational Management Healthcare Management, a BA in Organizational Management, a BA in Sports and Recreation, a BS in Management Information Systems and a College of Dipl. Ing. 3+1: BA in Healthcare Management.

Incord-Chicago has teamed up with the College of Dipage to introduce the 3+1 programme, where college kids spend the first three years of their College of Dipage courses. Concordia University Chicago offers fourth-year courses at a significantly discounted price, helping the student reach their educational objectives and providing an additional degree year.

is the home of Albertus Magnus College. Online & Flex programmes at Albertus Magnus College are ideal for those who want to graduate quickly and efficiently. Courses last 8 week and are in an expedited form so that the student can make up to 30 points per year with two courses per semester.

Online & Flex-Format sind ein A.A. in Liberal Studies, B.S. in Accounting, B.S. in Business Management, B.S. in Computer Information Systems, B.S. in Criminal Justice, B.S. in Finance, B.S. in General Studies, B.S. in Health Care Management und ein B.S. in Soziologie. Graduates can select between an M.A. in Liberal Studies, M.A. in Leadership, M.S. in Business Administration (M.B.A.), M.S. in Accounting, M.S. in Criminal Justice, M.F.A. in Writing and an M.S. in Management & Organizational Leadership.

There are many qualifications available in different concentration levels. More information can be found on the website of the Albertus Magnus College. University of Capella, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has created the FlexPath Self-Paced Online Program for college and college undergraduates who want to move through materials and courses as quickly as possible and start with the next one.

Fees are payable for the three months and the student can take two courses at the same stroke and change into the next without having to wait for a new one. A number of FlexPath formats are available for Bachelors, Masters and Certificates.

The courses cover the areas of economics, education, health care, information technology, nursing and psychology. 2. Schaumburg, Illinois is the American Intercontinental University headquarter, with courses in Houston, Atlanta and online. There are several ways in which the student can speed up their advancement at the AIU. Pre-acquired bank account transfers is one way college undergraduates are able to earn their graduates.

Other ways for a student to take courses if they already know the materials include courses in courses for learning how to take them. In many cases, they are able to recognise their previous experiences. Undergraduates who have worked for many years can convert this expertise into coursework for their DSST exam finish.

The American Intercontinental University provides many online programmes for partner, Bachelors and Masters degree courses in many fields of studies. The AIU also provides a one-year MBA programme for eligible undergraduates. In Parkville, Missouri, with 41 educational centres in the United States, Park University provides a large choice of face-to-face and online programmes for undergraduates.

The online courses take place in an expedited 8-week schedule and begin five days a year in January, March, June, August and October. There is no long waiting period to get a diploma with starts almost every second months (except December). The Park University provides three associated business and management qualifications.

Bachelors degree courses are available in many areas such as economics, criminal justice, education, the humanities, information & computer science, natural sciences, health care, public administration & leadership as well as social sciences & psychology. 2. You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M. of Business Administration (MBA), M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M. of Business Administration (MBA), M. of Arts in Communication and Leadership - M.A., M.Ed. Educational Leadership, M.Ed. Leadading You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M. of Business Administration (MBA), M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M You can also gibt auch 8 Masterprogramme, die online verfügbar sind : M. of Business Administration (MBA), M. of Arts in Communication and Leadership - M.A., M.Ed. Educational Leadership, M.Ed. Leadading Adult and Organizational Learning, M.Ed. en technologie de l'éducation, M.Ed. en langues et alphabétisation, a.

The Colorado State University - Global Campus is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado and provides a large selection of student enrollment for Bachelors and Masters Courses. The 8-week courses, which are fast-track, allow online undergraduates to move quickly through the materials as they work towards their study objectives. CSU - Global Campus also provides student start dates on a month to month basis, so there's never a poor start date.

Currently there are 13 different electives for Bachelor's programmes and 11 for Master's programmes. Russellville, Arkansas is home to Arkansas Tech University and currently provides graduate and postgraduate studies with an expedited Bachelors of Professional Studies D. The main d'?uvre, technologie, leadership appliqué, éducation de la petite enfance, justice pénale, psychologie industrielle et organisationnelle, études interdisciplinaires et affaires agricoles.

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides the student with up to 12 lessons of study credits. PLA is carried out in a portfolioprocess and the professional studies department supports the undergraduates. The Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California, provides online degrees option for undergraduates.

The courses are conceived for grown-ups and are available face-to-face and online in the evening. The APU University College offers two Bachelors degree programs in fast-track formats. Throughout the year 6 8-week meetings are available. In addition, the B Sc in Organizational Leadership is also available in an expedited form and can be graduated by most Ph.

There are 8-week meetings 6x a year. They can also develop through previous knowledge (PLA) if they have gained work experience that qualifies them. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia University provides 8-week courses of study at an expedited pace. Graduates can finish their studies within 2 to 3 years.

Bachelors of Science degree programs are provided in accounting, healthcare, business administration, behavioral and health care, human resources management, organizational leadership, law enforcement leadership, information technology management and professional communications and emerging media. The Philadelphia University online also provides an Innovation MBA, which also includes an 8-week course plan with an 18-24 month mean study period.

The Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona is offering online undergraduates 4 online courses with a duration of 7 weeks or 8 weeks. This allows online pupils to quickly walk through the materials. Online student courses include bachelors, masters and doctorates. The courses of studies available online via the AVV are: Economics & Management; Criminal, Political & Social Sciences; Technology & Technology; Medicine & Sports Sciences; Nursing & Health Care; Performing Arts & Creative Design; psychology & consulting; Theology & Ministry; Teaching & School Administration; Language & Communication.

The GCU also provides an option for mature undergraduates who have already gained college standard skills through living or working experience, can acquire up to 8 general or optional qualifications on the basis of one or more essay (s) by the undergraduate. Lifelong Learning Assessment assumes that participants take ENG-135, a 4-credit course, to study how to write an essay to obtain course vouchers.

Denver, Colorado is home to Regis University, which provides a number of online fast-track undergraduate, graduate and certification programmes for undergraduates. Undergraduates who are ready for strict 5 or 8 week courses are awarded the gratification of graduating earlier than their colleagues attending them.

The courses cover the fields of economics, business and management, humanities and social sciences, computer and information sciences, education, health care as well as natural sciences, engineering sciences and mathematics. The School for Adult Learning at UIndy is for those who are interested in online programmes. Currently, 6 Bachelor's and 3 Master's programmes as well as 4 certification programmes are on offer.

The courses last 8 week and new enrolments can only take one course for the first term online. While most online courses are provided in the first 8 week of a term, there are still a number of courses in the second 8 week that allow the student to pursue their expedited study.

Grownups may also be entitled to college credit for their experience of living. The Elmhurst College is situated in Elmhurst, Illinois and provides three quick ways for mature college graduates to complete their studies. They are able to credit s already acquired and pursue their studies in either computer science, business administration or aplicat.

Courses for adults can be taken in the mornings or online. Practical psychology is an evenig programme with two hybrids courses. Elmhurst's business administration studies are conducted in a dual study programme. IT courses are in an EC-Flex style that allows a learner to select online or in the office.

More information can be found on the Elmhurst College website. University in Richmond, Kentucky provides online student programmes that are speeded up. The courses are offered in 6-week and 8-week formats, with 6 start times during the year according to the semester. The EKU provides a wide range of online programmes for undergraduates, including 3 associated qualifications, 10 Bachelor's qualifications, 12 Master's qualifications, 2 PhDs and 8 certification or non-diploma programmes.

Fulltime undergraduates can concentrate on only two programmes at the same timeframe and remain on course. The Eastern Kentucky University also provides three ways for the student to gain access to previous study outcomes. Undergraduates who meet the requirements can be credited for their non-academic experiences by examining a student portfolios.

The EKU also provides the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) for certain courses that fulfil the requirements set by the school. Militiamentous transcriptions can be credited to previous schooling. The Lewis Univeristy in Romeoville, Illinois, provides three Bachelor of Science and two Bachelor of Arts programmes in fast-track formats that are 100% online for mature college undergraduates.

The programmes are intended for adults to enable them to obtain their qualifications quickly and easily. Currently, the student can select between online programmes for Business Administration (BS), Information Security and Risk Administration (BS), Information Technology Mangement ( "BS"), Computer Science (BA) or Criminal Judi (BA). Milwaukee, Wisconsin is where you can find Wisconsin Lutheran College, which provides an expedited Bachelor of Science in Business and Leadership programme.

Courses are available online and in evenings on our campsite for one overnight stay per weeks. The student is able to finish the programme in only 20 month, dependent on their previous study history and the amount of credit they have received. Sixty percent of the graduate programs interviewed stated that they were receiving promotion during their studies and 100% were "satisfied or very satisfied" with their Wisconsin Lutheran College work.

More information is available on the Wisconsin Lutheran College website. The CBU provides online opportunities for accelerating Bachelor's and Master's programmes through online and professional studies. A number of programmes can be concluded in only 16 month, subject to the number of transfers of credit. Courses are offered online via the blackboard plattform and there are two 8-week courses per year.

The CBU OPS provides students with flexibility in business administration, interdisciplinary studies, Christian studies, communication sciences, early childhood studies, English, kinesiology, liberal studies, health care RN-BSN, criminal law management and administration, political science, psycology and public relations and journalism. The postgraduate programmes available through OPS are a Master of Arts in Disability Studies programme and a Master of Public Administration programme, both of which are fully available online.

The Walsh University is based in North Canton, Ohio and currently provides an expedited Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership fully online. The student can benefit from the versatility of online courses while taking part in 8-week expedited courses. Among the programme's unparalleled features is that it uses theory and hands-on experience found in the fields of social studies, communication, and other courses at Walsh University.

As part of the Christian missions of the Mozarteum, ethical principles and responsibilities are also emphasized throughout the course work. Undergraduates also have the option to pursue an MBT with a 4+1 programme that enables them to obtain their MBT in just one year. Management offers online MBT programmes.

Management or Healthcare Management or Sales and are available in an expedited 8-week schedule. A Masters of Art in Education programme in 8-week expedited formats is also available. IWU's online courses are conceived to be adaptable for adults who want to graduate. Though not all stages of degree courses are available for every field, there are a large number of online programmes in areas such as economics, counseling, communication, education, criminal justice, health sciences, nursing, leadership, fine arts, psychology & social work, theology and ministry, and Wesley Seminar.

The IWU Online provides fast-track graduation in Business, Management, Leadership, Technology, Nursing, Education, Counseling and more. Today, they provide online opportunities for a variety of partner, undergraduate, graduate and Ph. The programmes are in an 8-week program and can often be finished more quickly than conventional studies.

They can further speed up their advancement by transfer of already acquired accreditation or by receiving accreditation for practical or vocational education. The courses cover areas such as economics, education, criminal justice, communication, general studies, government, health care, information systems, information technology, religion, nursing, social work and paralegals.

St. Louis, Missouri is home to Saint Louis University, which provides online programmes for the student through its School of Professional Studies. The programmes have 5 fast-track 8-week semesters per year, which gives the student the possibility to start studying practically at any age. An additional advantage is that the courses provided by the School of Professional Studies are almost half the price of a conventional diploma and regular members of the armed forces and skilled vets get a concession.

Currently there are 8 bachelor's and 2 master's programmes in common courses of studies. We also have 3 programmes for expedited Bachelor's and Master's programmes. University of Wisconsin System is located in Madison, Wisconsin and has Campusse throughout the state as well as online.

Some courses are available online in an expedited form through the University of Wisconsin Colleges Online. The courses are grouped into 3, 7, 8, 10 or 12 weeks instead of the 16 week courses. We recommend not to take more than 2 courses at the same or only 1 in combination with a conventional course.

University of Wisconsin also provides a competence-based education system, most of which is available online, although the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is currently the only one that is fully available online via UW Extension and is a graduate school. The other Flex eligibility features are an Associate of Arts and Science through UW Colleges, an RN to BSN graduation programme, a BS in Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging graduation programme and a BS in Information Science and Technology graduation programme available through UW-Milwaukee.

With more than 140 graduate and student programmes, Asia Pacific Student Union provides one of the widest ranges of online study programmes for undergraders. There are 7 online courses. A five-week course offering the student several start times during the year. A 4+1 Accelerated Degree Program is also offered by Asia Pacific, which enables qualifying graduate candidates to obtain their Bachelor's degrees and then only need one year for the Master's only.

Niche reporters give the schools an A+ overall and academic rating and the general completion ratio is 84%, and this figure does not cover any student switching elsewhere. The Northeast offers expedited Bachelor's programmes in finance and accounting, health management, information technology, leadership and management, but still uses terms.

Expedited editions of the Bachelor's in Health Management, Information Technology, Management and Leadership also exist that require a graduate to have obtained an associated qualification or the corresponding number of accreditations for a qualification.

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