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If you are a specialized or multi-disciplinary organization, a key or more urban environment or the opportunity to link a versatile curriculum to your professional development, your odds of matching well in the UK capitol, the number one in the QS Best Student Cities rankings, are high.} For a foretaste of the programme, here is a look at the top 10 London HEIs on the basis of the QS World University Leaderboard® 2019.

The tenth highest British unit, the QS World Universität Ranking 2019 places 351 at QS London Airport, formerly known as the CUB. It' called after its strong connection to The Cite-London historical finance quarter, also known as the Quadratmeile. They also mark their particular connection to the town by having the Lord Mayor of London as Chancellor.

University of London provides a wide range of classes but is perhaps best known for its Cass Business School, City Law School and the School of Health Sciences. Out of the almost 19,000 EU citizens, 11 per cent come from other EU member states than Great Britain and 27 per cent from non-EU states.

She became the constitutive council of the University of London on 1 September 2016. The Brunel University, called after the Swiss graduate Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is known for its 332th place worldwide, plus 14 places in the field of art, economics, legal, healthcare and sports studies, information technology and more.

With more than 12,550 undergraduates from over 110 different nationalities, it once again has an international and broadly diversified group. Classes are held on the Brunel Uxbridge, West London site, less than an hours from the centre of London on the London Underground. It is a full academic network with accommodations, library, bars, restaurant, sport centre and parks in the immediate vicinity.

Situated in the Bloomsbury area, near UCL and SOAS and just a few minutes walk from many of London's main tourist sites, Birkbeck plans its programmes with the goal of giving pupils the opportunity to work one full working days before school. A large number of our graduates take the opportunity to take part in a variety of courses at both post-graduate and sub-graduate levels.

In 2019, SOAS occupies position 288 worldwide, eight more than in the previous year. It focuses on the tongues, culture and society of Asia, Africa and the Middle East - the only European institute specialising in this area. Slightly more than half of the undergraduates come from abroad and represent 133 states.

SOAS, like UCL and Birkbeck, is located in London's Bloomsbury district, known for its beautiful gardens, the histories of art and intellect (the Bloomsbury Group) and the high level of academia - among them the vast Senate House and BritishLibraries. Established in 1916 as the School of Oriental Studies, SOAS today provides more than 350 study combination courses and over 115 post-graduate courses.

Although still near London, Royal Holloway, Univeristy of London is actually in the near city of Egham - less than an hours rail ride from the centre of London. With 23 places in 236 this year, Royal Holloway is another major international college with almost 10,000 undergraduates, almost 20 per cent of whom come from outside the EU.

The QS World University Ranking is particularly high in the fields of the fine and human sciences (ranked number 14 in the 2018 QS World University Ranking). Royal Holloway is ideal for those who want to enjoy a more urban environment combined with the opportunity to visit the town for excursions or days out and provides one of the most attractive campsites in the UK.

Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), also improved her rankings by eight places to 119 in 2019. The QMUL provides education and research in a broad spectrum of disciplines, which includes medical and dental sciences at the Barts and The London School of Medical and dental schools. Out of the 25,332 QMUL candidates, around 4,000 complete common programmes in China, Greece and France.

Headquartered in Mile End, along the Regent's Canal and near many of the recently renovated and growing trend parts of the East End, such as Brick Lane's current buildings, Whitechapel and Hoxton Fine Arts Galeries and Shoreditch's hipster-filled nightclubs and musical centres.

As the only UK institution specialising in research in the field of humanities, the LSE ranks thirty-eighth in the UK in 2019. Situated near the town centre on Chancery Lane, which is traditionally linked to the law profession. Nothern of the riverbank, just a few minutes walk from the British Library and the Trafalgar Square culture, night life and the West End theatres.

King's College London is one of the biggest and oldest colleges at the Univeristy of London and ranks number 31 in the game. This extensive research-oriented institution is also a favourite option for foreign undergraduates, accounting for 37 per cent of the total number of undergraduates ('students from the EU'), while postgraduate graduates account for almost 40 per cent of the 29,600 inscriptions.

King's College London is considered "the heart of London" and has five locations, four of which are on the Thames near symbols such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben. In this year's QS WU rankings, UCL has fallen slightly and now ranks tenth in the global rankings.

It is very much appreciated by foreigners, who make up more than 40 per cent of the population. As a multi-disciplinary institution, it offers a wide range of disciplines (this is one of the major differences between UCL and Imperial) and has a high proportion of doctoral candidates - around 53% of them.

All of its departments and educational clinics are situated in the centre of London, near the British Library and a group of other major London colleges - SOAS and Birkbeck are in the immediate vicinity. This year Imperial College London is overtaking the UCL as London's top ranking college and maintaining its 8th place in the game.

Well-known for its leading position in the fields of physics and physics, as well as its renowned commercial college and one of the UK's biggest health schools. Like the UCL, Imperial College London has a powerful worldwide attraction, which is mirrored in very high numbers of students (around half of the students).

South Kensington is the major campsite, not far from the town centre. You will find yourself near the vast Hyde Park grounds, the historical Royal Albert Hall music hall, Harrod's luxurious superstores and some of the city's largest museos. The ranking is refreshed after each start of the QS World University Rankings®, last update in June 2018.

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