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Twenty-two percent of South University students are fully enrolled online. South University' official online bookshop. Some online programs are not available to residents of all U.S. states.

Southern University and A&M College System is the only historically black university system in America. You are welcome to the official South University E-Store.

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High quality online maintenance programmes. It'?s The South Way. Online nursery education is more than just an online class room. It is all of the faculty's abilities and know-how, all of its medical know-how and experiences, all of its specialist know-how that should make you a self-confident, thoughtful healthcare expert. Developed for registrants, our online nurse support programmes combines your own sympathy with a powerful syllabus to help you get ahead.

This is the South Way. It is a felxible and comfortable way to study, based on more than a hundred years of academical leadership and a long-standing dedication to promoting the students' individual, vocational and academicalĀ development. filters to find the right programme for you. Select a site to find out more:

Get ready for your futures in law enforcement.

Do you want to help your municipality or your state in the penal area? The online bachelor's programme offers you the possibility to learn about the functioning of the penal system and to investigate different aspects of the causes of criminality - all in a supporting, committed milieu. Your online training examines the reaction of law enforcement, judiciary and corrective measures to criminality and abuse and discusses important issues related to career morality, youth criminality and racial, social and sex issues in the penal system.

Your electives will help you understand areas of interest to you, such as economic criminality, organised criminality or cybercrime, delineation, home protection, migration, community-based correction, forensic and more. When you graduate with a bachelor's-degree in Criminal Law, you should be ready: Demonstrating the ability to manage theory and practice in the administration of the judiciary and effective local policies and practice to address a wide range of issues.

Understood the causes of criminality and criminality, the prosecution proceedings and the main elements of the penal system. Demonstrating efficient communications and ethics as they are applicable to the event. Development of technologies for the efficient interpretation and application of research methods and academic arguments to investigate criminality and the judiciary.

Lecturers and employees also make sure that online is never out of line and support you every single stage on the way to reaching your objectives. Please note: This programme is not available to Alabama, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Washington DC citizens.

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