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A new video about the park school. The Schools Online is a directory of all public schools in Western Australia. SOCS Sport here and reach a much wider audience than any school website alone. Return to the online home page of the security zone. Join, learn and grow online.

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Schools Online offers a wide selection of website style tailored to the needs of your college. Use the latest HTML5 and CCSS metrics to maintain high rankings in your website's web pages and to make it fully portable. The Schools-Online System makes it quick and straightforward to edit your website by double-clicking and dragging and dropping.

With our new multi-user management system, you have simple and convenient control over your preferences and activities protocols. Multiuser functionality allows you to create different groups or groups of people with different administrator accounts, publish password, permissions for accessing, modifying and posting. That means that your site has a lock in the URL line that indicates that your site is safe.

Which well-groomed schools must publicize online

All schools run by one of the authorities must post information on their websites in order to meet the requirements of the 2012 and 2016 Amendment to the Laws and other applicable laws. Are you an academic or free college, please see instructions on which academic institutions, free schools and universities should post online. The website of your college must contain the following:

You' re going to have to release both: The following information from the last important results of the second phase of your secondary course must be published: The following information from your school's latest important Level 4 results must be published: It is proposed that schools also make public the proportion of pupils who remain in training or take up work after the core phase 4 (pupil goals).

So if you are a municipal agency, you should post a hyperlink to your school's 16 to 18 achievement tab. For more information on these key figures, see Guides 16 to 18 Key Financial Indicators. They must insert a hyperlink to the achievement charts of the schools and colleges as well as to the achievement charts of your university.

You' re going to have to go public: They should disclose information about their school's behavioral policies. Policies must be consistent with Section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006. Have a look at our tips for the development and publication of your school's behavioral behavior. They must disclose information about your school's complaint procedures, which must be in accordance with ยง 29 of the Education Act 2002.

Please refer to the instructions for the development of your school's complaint procedures. They must also make public all provisions for dealing with problems of families of children suffering from SEN ( "Special Needs Education") about the assistance of the SEN. They must publicize a policy for the use of the student bonus by the board. You must specify the following for the running year::

You must specify the following for the preceding year:: Student contributions are awarded for each household year, but the information you post online should relate to the year, because that is how the parent understands the education system. Since you do not know the appropriations for the end of the year ( "April to July"), you should cover the financing until the end of the year and refresh it when you have all the data.

Teachers' Council has released proposals to help schools present their student reward policies. When your college has been awarded a 7th grade alphabetization and catch-up bonus, you must make it public: When your college gets PE classes and bonuses, you must disclose the number of students in the 6th grade:

A SEN information bulletin on your school's policies for students with SEN must be published and should be updated yearly. Requirement for the Grassroots Access Report: Section 69 of the Children and Families Act 2014, which contains the Access Plans that you have drawn up in accordance with Section 3 of Timetable 10 of the Equality Act 2010:

Further information can be found in Table 1 of the 2014 Ordinance on Institutional and Disabled Persons and in Section 6 of the "Code on Institutional and Disabled Persons": Starting in September 2018, you must provide information about the school's career program. You must specify the following for the running year::

For more information, see the legal information for schools on career counselling and admission for vocational and continuing vocational schooling. It also contains further information on a declaration of principles that you must make public in order to meet Section 42B of the 1997 Educational Act, which sets out the conditions under which teachers of engineering and apprenticeship are granted entry to grades 8-13.

The Equal Opportunities Act 2010 and the Equal Opportunities Act 2010 (Special Obligations) 2011 apply to government institutions, in particular schools, which are run by municipal authorities. That means you have to publish: Your school's fee and return policy must be published (i.e. if you wish to withdraw fees). Directives shall contain particulars of:

Learn about tuition fees and remissions. You should have a website that explains your school's ethics and ethical principles. When one of the parents asks for a hard copy of the information on your school's website, you must make it available free of cost.

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