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You will find the online university accreditation of Regis University, online courses, costs, admission requirements and other statistics and highlights. The Regis University is a private Catholic Jesuit university that offers several degrees and programs for basic and advanced studies as well as online programs. I' m looking for other students online or on campus who have been torn down by Regis University because of their faulty online drop/add (withdrawl) website. Discover the online courses and degrees of Regis U. and ITESO, the Jesuit University of Guadalajara, Mexico, for the first bilingual joint online MBA program.

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Continue your training without put your whole lives on ice. What makes adults and online students decide to register over other Colorado schools? It' because the underworld is moving at a rapid rate. It' a real challange to make your careers, your lives and the environment around you better. Régis sees mature students like you not as just looking for a qualification, but as an agents of transformation, looking for more in their lives, with the guts to make a real impact in the day.

Adult workers are relying on Regis for: Which graduation levels are you looking for?

Régis University -Jesuit Catholic College in Denver, Colorado

Find out more about Regis' new B.S. in Cybersecurity. The struggle of a younger Brockmeyer took Jake Brockmeyer to amazing levels. "backstretch ("~/Media/Images/Brand/Takeovers/EducationElevated/collapsed-bg-image2.ashx"); }); }); }); }; the latest edition of the university magazine. Our Regis rigging strategy will take Regis University to new levels and push its global missions.

The Regis University is repeatedly rated by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best universities in the West.


The Regis University, a privately owned Roman Catholic Jesuit University, was established in 1877 and provides a variety of programmes across five college levels. As a member of the Association of Jesuit colleges and universities, Regis University attaches great importance to services, scientific excellency and the development of the whole being. Rank 48 among the best online schools at U.S. Regis University is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission.

The entry conditions and conditions for applying differ depending on the course of study. Important online grade ranks of Regis University: 4 Best Online College in Colorado 48 for Best Online College in the U.S:

Réviews Regis University

M. S. is a horrible programme. While at Regis, I wrote more work than programmes. Here you can become a "software engineer" without having to write a programme. You don't have the technician to ease the burden of a tech routine therefore what you get are a bundle of types.

At the end of the programme, you'll be a great tech author, but a crummy engineering person. Is a bollocks college that sells you a good feeling about yourself degrees. My online classes were a challenge and adapted to the needs of my projects manager. Out of the 9 classes I had to attend, only 3 classes needed a great deal of case studies research (2-4 pages APA Type Paper).

What I learnt in the PM classes, I have implemented in my work. In addition, Regis gave us the opportunity to create a projectmanagement schedule for real clients (i.e. non-profits). Many of the online teachers were familiar with the study programmes and were actively involved in the fora.

Twenty-two trainers were not up to equality, but what institution doesn't have that? Overall, I am satisfied with my training at Regis University. I' ve done a great deal of research on many of my colleagues before I applied to Regis, and I don't have any regrets about my choice. There are 12 or 36 class levels, 25% of the levels are APA write courses.

You put these jump grades in the center of the application so you don't find out that the application is a gag until you're through more than half the time. Any other M.S. SE programme I have seen is technological, which means that you will actually be learning about this. Most of the few dispersed programs are very diluted.

The majority of technical professions reminds me more of a beginner course than a postgraduate course. I' d never suggest this programme. but the online class is a laugh. Teachers will not attend, instruct, answer any question, or only give you occasional marks for course work that has been submission.

Your site for adding or deleting class does not work correctly and looks like it was from 1991. You said there was nothing I could do to either buy it or send it to the collection. I' ve learnt a lot from my training at Regis. There was not going to be any ease since the syllabus required an attempt regis to put their best efforts.

The Regis University Computer Science intro courses were almost impractical to learn and went well because the contents and text languages differed dramatically from the tasks and examinations. However, there was too much non-professional make-up to be corrected before it reached the target of getting a diploma and studying the information.

The Regis University creates an enviroment that supplements the different learning methods of the individual learners and at the same time encourages the learners to go further than they thought. In retrospect of my study experiences, I have the feeling that Regis has drastically enough equipped me to take on further tasks. After applying, I was admitted to the Regis postgraduate program from the following year.

I was able to study one of the many astonishing things I could at Regis University was how I could ask more of myself. This became inseparable due to the surroundings I was permanently subjected to at Regis. For so many individuals who want to transform the way the world is formed, it is difficult not to become like the astonishing individuals who are around you.

The Regis University provides the necessary means and staff to help you reach your objectives. At the Regis University I really loved my experiences. PLEASE NOTE: This evaluation is only valid for the FNP programme at REgis and NOT for the other courses of study at Loretto Heights School of Nursing, which are very well!

My bachelor's and first masters degrees (MSN: Leadership in Health Care Systems/ Education) came from Regis and my training was Fabulus. There is not enough good that I can say about the trainers in these two areas. Anyway, when I graduated as a pediatric nurse from Regis University, I can't tell you what kind of issues I found in this programme.

Being someone who learnt from Regis how to become a great teacher, I found the following issues with this program: Coaches can be good nurse practitioners, but they DO NOT know how to do it. They' would be reading their sockets to us for 8hrs ('if they kept us that long, they would let us out after only fourhrs, which is a breach of the Board of Nursing training regulations, where pupils have to spend some quality training in classrooms).

Several of the NP trainers and the director of the NP programme (Dr. Also, some of the trainers (especially the two paediatric class/clinic trainers, where I was also my teacher class), the director of the NP programme (Dr. Cullen) and even my clinic evaluator, who is a clergyman and an FNP, have NO sympathy for those pupils who have problems with their families.

Throughout this period I had several immediate relatives in the hospital (dying), my mom needed a cardiac pace maker and is handicapped, my only brother and sister was detected with level 4 cancers ('last stage'), my late man suffered from paralyzing giddiness and my man and I also tried to accept the miscarriages of 6 infants the year before the start of the programme (lost twin only a few nights before the start of the programme) and other problems I was exposed to.

The Instructor, the Director of the NP Programme and my clinical evaluator ALL knew about my handicaps and the other problems that affected me back then in my Iife. Although my teacher (who was also one of my class teachers) said to me that I do a "great job" in the clinic (whenever I asked her, as she never did it on her own initiatives to tell me how I was doing).

Anyway, I approached my clinic evaluator (who, as I said, is both a PRIEST and an FNP) and said that I was concerned that I might be failing as the stresses became too much for me, and although he was offering to see me, he NEVER followed me at a date (IGNORED my last e-mail asking for his help and trying to arrange a date with him) HOW I did it, until his first time there!

Anyway, my teacher was calling me out of the sky and asked me not to come to the clinic and then not to come to school. I was too LIABLE to tell you that you were a failure and that I NEVER said that you were not well in the clinic.

When I was in my fantastic first master's degree at Regis University learning how to educate and as an expert nursing teacher, I learnt that when you fight a college kid and ask for help, They ask the learner if there is something that bothers them, and if you can help (of course they've already KNEU about the hardship I've been through and done NOTHING), then if the learner runs the danger of malfunctioning, tell him that he runs the danger of malfunctioning, then draw up a cleanup schedule and tell him that he needs to do this to exist the course or clinic.

But if you are waiting until they have no further opportunity to get better and the grade is coming to an end, then you have done them a great service, especially if you are waiting until the next morning after the jump-off date - as my teachers did in this case - because they were "passive to tell me I failed".

On my last morning in the clinic I saw a kid and we ordered the medical files from another clinic because we didn't get any replies from the child's mum. During my failures meeting, my teacher said she disappointed me because I had not given her certain facts about the child's condition - facts I could have known only AFTER I had read the recordings from the other clinic, which were only available 3 week after my failures and were no longer at the clinic.

"As a pediatric nurse practitioner with at least 7 years of experience under her girdle, the teacher asked many other medical experts (MD, FNP, PA) whether the physician knew of a good ENT for my man, at the same and on the other side, about one of her relatives and asked a number of others about it - one in which she could have answered her own medical practitioner, but her own medical practitioner was not regarded as non-professional.

I was only contacted once at the beginning of the trial by my clinic evaluator. Moreover, his preclinical evaluation was not on what he was observing, but on what my teacher thought, and she was basing most of her testimony on her known "perceptions", wrong facts - like those known after the fact, and so on.

Additionally, if I was much a probability to case who t distance me from the clinic, point why was I entitled to see case for so drawn-out ALONE WITHOUT my educator ever around? Being a nurse teacher, if I have doubts that one of my pupils is not sure, I would NEVER allow this pupil to see a patient alone, and I would have taken her out of the hospital quicker than I would have had to wait until the term is almost over - in a fortnight or two weeks!

I' ve also been informed by my teachers and the director of the NP programme at Regis that I asked too many things (I'm a learner who doesn't ask a question to do? Also, I don't pay for the privileges of asking a question, especially since I pay with my own hard-earned cash for this class/clinic?

Régis' director of the NP programme did not answer me after I sent her my refutation for almost a year, when she had a restricted timeframe under the Regis University regulations to return to me - it is not a year and a year in which she can respond to a college graduate on a subject that is unacceptable to such a respected university as Régis University.

What I would like to say in closing is that the entire Regis University Loretto Heights School of Nursing is a BIG college and you FABULOUS training as long as you are NOT in the FNP programme that takes paediatric courses and is still under the direction of Director Cullen.

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