Regionally Accredited Online Schools

Accredited regional online schools

A. T. Toujours Université des sciences de la santé en ligne. Stratton College Online. Credits are transferred from a regionally accredited university.

Through BVS staff welcome to our best value ranking of online colleges in Ohio. Furthermore, the online psychology degrees of the regionally accredited schools on this list are the same as those awarded to traditional students on campus.

Best 10 Cheapest Accredited Online Colleges for 2017-2018

It can be difficult to find the lowest priced online universities. These schools not only calculate the lowest fees, they have also been reviewed for qualitative issues such as the relationship between students and teachers, maintaining freshmen, public ranking, final grade rates, employer reputations, funding and online technologies. We' re collecting the latest information from the NCES College Navigator database[2017] to limit the four-year college curriculum, which offers highly competitive online study courses, to under $10,000 per year.

All schools that charge significantly higher fees have been deleted from our listing. Those for-profit universities that did not have one of the six accreditation schemes were also deleted from our listing. Schools with 10+ online qualifications have been added to the shortlist. The Great Basin College is accredited by the NWCCU. The state-sponsored Nevada High Education is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which supports more than 3,400 college graduates.

The Great Basin Colleges was awarded "Best Online College" by and the cheapest online colleges by the SR Educational Group. The Great Basin program includes 13 partner degree programmes, 7 Bachelors and 10 certification programmes for online undergraduates. Full online programmes cover Associates in Graphic Communication and Early Learning, and Bachelors in Cadastral Survey and RN-BSN in Healthcare.

The Latter-day Saints' Church of Jesus Christ runs and runs a non-profit collegiate education program for over 17,500 LDS and non-LDS graduates in various places around the know. BYU Idaho was recently voted by U.S. News & Word Report as the tenth best U.S. universities and by as the second-best "Most Conservative College".

There are 6 partner qualifications, 13 Bachelors and 13 certification programmes at a very competitive rate. A number of well-liked online programmes cover a Bachelor's in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, and more), Public Health and Marriage & Family Studies, as well as an Associate's in Family History Research, Web Design & Development and a wide range of other online services.

The Odessa Online Language Center has 6,050 pupils on the Odessa Online Academy and University campuses. University of Texas at Permian Basin was recently voted 93nd best Western colleges, 36th best state schools and 1992nd best online undergrad. University of Texas Online Consortium (UTOC) provides 19 of the lowest priced expedited online grades, some of which only last 8 week.

Undergraduates can complete Bachelor's to Master's programmes such as Criminal Justice, Kinesiology and Special Needs Education. The WGU is a privately funded, non-profit university accredited by the accredited German Academic Exchange Service (NWCCU), which provides online study courses for over 76,200 international undergraduates. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with six associated schools. Recently, Western Governors received the Ralph E. Gomory Award for Quality Online Education from the Sloan Consortium and was ranked by as the 33nd Best Online Education in America. According to GradReports. com, 81 per cent of Western Governors graduated with a Western Governor's diploma and 76 per cent recommended this institute.

The WGU provides a 100% enrolment quota and a very low study fee. Several of the most sought-after programmes among Western governors are bachelor's degree in software development and marketing management and master's degree in nursing and pedagogy. A state-sponsored university, it educates more than 18,500 college and college graduates online and oncushion.

Thomas Edison received the National University Technology Distance Education Innovation Award in 2011 and currently has an overall mark of C+ on It has a 100% admission quota and 55 online qualifications in various fields of studies, such as humanities, accounting, medical assistance, health care and business administration, to name but a few.

A number of the Einige beliebte Programme an der Thomas Edison State University sind die Associate's in Nuclear Engineering Technology, Bachelor in Homeland Security, Master in Hospitality Management und Ph. The low-cost online university is accredited by MSCHE. The Chadron State school trains over 3,000 student staff on and off-site. Established in 1911, this coeducational institution is one of the "Top 50 Outdoor Sports Towns" of Sports Afield mag.

" rates this university as the best online university in America (96th) and the top 5 public university in Nebraska. Over the past few years, the CSC has been named fifth in the Guide to Online School's Best Online Colleges and Universities Reports. The online academy provides 20 online qualifications at an accessible price.

Favourite qualifications at Chadron State comprise Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Family and Consumer Sciences and a Master of Organizational Management. It has a 12:1 pupil -to-faculty relationship in an online and university environment with over 3,348 pupils. U.S. News ranked Minot State 180th for its best online bachelors programs and 75th for its best online business programs (excluding MBA) in 2017.

Niche. com names MSU #38 Best Online College in America. In the PayScale College Salary Report 2013-2014, this college occupied place 976. MSMU is fully accredited by HLC-NCA. MSMU online provides 16 affordable online programmes with favourite programmes in the areas of International Business, Special Needs Education, Information Systems and Human Services from Associate to Bachelor.

ApoU is a privately owned, for-profit online school in Charles Town, West Virginia, with six colleges. The American Public University ist von der Higher Learning Commission (HLC) akkreditiert. House to more than 98,400 students, APU was recently named one of the 30 most popular online colleges by TheBestSchools. org and #92 on rankings of the best online bachelor programs of the US News. 84 per cent of alumni reported an upgraded career following they had earned a grade from APU, according to

The American Public University provides over 100 low-cost online grades in Army Studies, Reverse Logistics Management, Space Studies, Electrical Engineering, and more. The Amridge University is "the place where online and conventional learning merge". "This coeducational, privately owned adult art academy is associated with the Church of Christ and enrols about 800 enrolled in both online and conventional courses of study. According to StartClass, the most favorite courses of study in Amridge are Bible/Bible Studies, Human Development and Family Studies and Business/Corporate Communications.

We offer both very reasonable classes and a net admission fee of 100%. Courses of study online contain an associated qualification in web development, a bachelor's qualification in management, a master's qualification in Old Testament and a doctorate in family therapy. A&M is a coeducational research organization with over 9,400 student in the Amarillo Metro, on campus and online.

The WTAMU has been ranked among the most important, among them the U.S. News Best Online Programmes Rankings: 6 Best Online Bachelor Programmes, 47 Best Online MBA Programmes and 26 Best Online Graduate Business Programmes (without MBA). scores this academy at a class with variety, track and field and value that gets the best scores. WTAMU's correspondence course department provides 19 online and hybrids programmes via the SREB Electronic Campus.

Affordable online university programmes embrace economics, criminal justice, a healthcare MBA and funding from affiliate to bachelors grades.

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