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You will be personally guided through our extensive online courses. For many years, the Royal Society of Chemistry has had degrees in chemical sciences. Top up degrees are for those who already have a Higher National Diploma (HND) or similar and want to increase their qualification to a full degree. British universities currently accredited by GPhC to offer an MPharm degree are listed below.

Checking whether a higher education institution is accredited

In the United Kingdom, higher education establishments are referred to as either "recognised" or "listed" establishments. Recognized establishments are universities that can issue degrees. The positions on the list cannot issue degrees themselves. When you are studying a course at a university, your diploma will be conferred by a recognised institution.

For example, if you graduated from Aylesbury Colleges in Early Years, your Buckinghamshire New Univeristy will award your Buckinghamshire Ph. Unless your diploma is from an accredited UK institution of higher education, there is no assurance that it will be counted when you look for a work. Regulatory authorities, publicly traded authorities and recognised recognition schemes are not always up to date.

Please consult the Ministry of Education if your institution is not included in the list to see if it is recognised.

Do you have a degree from the University of Essex Online?

It is not astonishing that prospective college graduates still often shy away from online classes because the web is swamped with so-called "diploma factories" and the illicit certification-marketplace. These confusions are also compounded by the increase and decrease in MOOC s (massive open online courses) adoption. You will find an independant review of our institute on many pages, beginning with our list on the website of the University of Essex in the section'Departments'.

We have all of our alumni graduating from the University of Essex, and there is no online course of studies mentioned on their diploma. Kaplan Open Learning (Essex) Ltd. is listed by Kaplan as "Register of HE providers" and explains how, among many other QA duties, we "demonstrate monetary sustainability", "conduct periodic QA ", "provide certain information about its pupils and services" and "ensure that pupils' grievances can be addressed independently".

The transition to work, high quality jobs or higher education are in line with the benchmark of the university.

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