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An introduction to distance learning at the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham. Finding funded doctoral projects, programmes and scholarships in distance learning. Networking of the global community and technological progress have made it possible to obtain a doctorate through distance learning. Nowadays this is no longer necessary - many universities offer distance learning doctorates! It is an advanced training program that provides flexibility and comfort through distance learning.

Doctorate through Distance Learning - University of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Birmingham College of Life and Environmental Sciences now also provides Distance Learning. That means you can apply for your doctorate at Birmingham University anywhere in the wide open, but spend most of your time in your home town.

Courses for Distance Learning? One of the major advantages of distance learning is its versatility. The distance learning trail is suitable for you? Distance learning for doctoral studies is not for everyone. They get the same kind of assistance and care as college graduates. There is an annuity for our doctoral thesis, which corresponds to the following: We do the following on campus:

I have to be on college. How often? Though you can complete most of your degree outside the college you will be fully financed for a mandatory attendance at the university per academic year. In this way you can get to know your supervising staff, conduct in-depth research and begin your doctorate.

In addition, you must usually be present on your studies at university. Is it possible to do distance learning anywhere? Correspondence training can be delivered from anywhere in the global economy, even the UK. For a complete listing of topics that can be studied using the distance learning method, please use the course locator.

Making a Distance Learning PhD at a British College - Career Advice

Is a doctorate in distance learning necessary? A number of factors could lead a graduate or MPhil to choose distance learning. A number of individuals cannot come close to their chosen universities to start their studies for personal, professional or other reason.

Distance learning dissertations (sometimes called e-learning ) are often carried out by applicants who are located in a different jurisdiction from the guest school. What is the difference between distance learning promotions and regular promotions? Since PhD' are more research-based than educated, they work independently, research and work towards the finalization of their dissertation, similar to their local schoolmates.

Distant learners continue to enrol in the program (which varies from school to school ) and can either take full-time or part-time courses. It may be necessary for the learner to visit the college occasionally. It may also be necessary for the carer to visit his or her home town.

Certain divisions require that a counselor be nominated locally for the students, and this can be organised by the same. How can I complete a doctorate in distance learning? As with any doctoral thesis, it depends on your field of work. Theses are not offered by all UK institutions and those who do will not necessarily do so in all subjects.

For example, it can be hard to monitor research in the lab remotely. It' up to each student to find out which of their favourite faculties offers distance learning courses in their field of study. But the good part of the good tidings is that the number of British colleges providing post-graduate distance education has increased drastically over the last ten years.

A number of web sites are available to help you find out which institutions in your specialty are offering distance learning doctoral candidates. allows the user to browse for a course by keywords, degree levels and degree types. (for non-UK students) allows the user to browse by degree levels and specialty, with the possibility to narrow the results down to "distance learning".

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