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You can save time and contact the universities directly here for your doctorate! Get started today! Discover online doctoral programs and degrees in Tennessee. The doctorate is the highest academic degree. The doctoral degree is the highest level of education a student can achieve when he needs several school years.

There are 92 online doctorates from UK institutions.

Correspondence or online teaching is a form of teaching that allows the student to spend most or all of a course without participating in a campus-based school. Spacing can relate to both materials and interactions. Correspondence offers entry to education when the information resource and the learner are separate by both or both of them.

Throughout this kind of course, the student communicates with the school and other student via email, online discussion groups, video conferencing, chats, pin walls, IM and other types of computer-based interact. Programs often contain an online educational system and a tool for creating a cyberroom. Study rates for correspondence courses differ from establishment to establishment and state.

Correspondence is also a good option for those who already have a career and want or need further training.

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University of Liverpool currently has an online doctorate: a Doctor of Education - Higher Education (EdD). EdD is a 100% online PhD with a residence opportunity that includes face-to-face meeting in Liverpool. Alumni can count on postgraduate levels of proficiency, an extended global reach and a Ph. D. from the world-class University of Liverpool.

Studying online from anywhere in the wide web and studying personally in Liverpool if you wish. Students can also apply for an online doctorate in business administration (DBA). The registration for this program, however, is completed for the rest of 2017 recordings. Doctorate:

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DSocSci is a Doctor of Socially Responsive Science programme that is responding to the increasing national and international need for scientists and professionals who, in an era of truly interdependent globalization, can take the lead in the work place and contribute to building lasting organisations, societies and alliances. Alternatively to conventional PhD programmes, the Doctor of Science in Humanities concentrates on the inter-disciplinary application of the humanities to address issues that directly affect organisations, community and the community in general.

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