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Use the flexibility of the online high school! You can earn your high school diploma at our full-time academy or register for a single online course. Virtual School is an online learning platform for students who wish to take advantage of a non-traditional learning opportunity. Veducational programs offer additional teaching opportunities for students in non-traditional environments through distance learning. Online course work should follow the district's student development plan.

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No matter if you are in Florida or beyond, you have more than 180 classes to choose from, from algebra to AP style histories and everything in between. All of our classes are genuine - just like the accredited instructors they are teaching. From kindergarten to class 12, our classes are used by pupils from home, schools and the general population to be successful in their own times and timetable.

Studying with us means taking charge of your training. Personalisation is our hallmark, and with a complete catalogue of more than 180 primary, secondary and high school classes - which includes AP, awards, vocational and university preparation, optional majors, international language classes and NCAA-approved key classes - the opportunities are limitless for every schoolboy.


FLIDORIDA is a nationwide acknowledged guide in virtual K-12 training. They have the biggest state virtual school in the country and each school county runs online colleges, programmes and/or classes for their schoolchildren. Florida's virtual school and programmes offer high-calibre online learning and curricula that comply with state and local government norms and are blamed for the achievement of schoolchildren.

For more information, see the Virtual Education Statistics.

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If you could divide 20 pupils into 20 different grades - all over the same time frame? Create the course accreditation before the end of the year with self-paced, teacher-led course. If you are a student, repeat a course, gain extra points or discover your passions while you enjoy your sums. Assist pupils who run the danger of not getting a loan, finishing their course or enrolling in the next year.

Design, development and delivery of Jewish language and literature classes online. We would be happy to listen to your needs and help you understand the possibilities we are offering to pupils, educators and schoolchildren.

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AdvancED has accreditation and works in partnerships with colleges and parent organisations to provide intermediate and advanced levels of education throughout the country. The Georgia Virtual School offers a teacher-led, virtual teaching room setting. The Georgia Virtual School also provides an online news room and counseling centre to assist pupils throughout their online course.

The Georgia Virtual School offers over 100 courses in the key areas of Contents, Global Spoken and CTAE, Optional Courses and a wide range of AP courses. The possibilities and possibilities of your pupil are not restricted by the school area in which you are living or the school he attends. Click here to open an affiliate program and sign up for your course!

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