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The Georgia Virtual School offers a teacher-led, virtual classroom environment. The New Jersey Virtual School welcomes you! The San Diego Virtual School is a free accredited online university. Study at your own pace with one of the best online high schools in California. Online schools teach students entirely or predominantly online or via the Internet.

Courses we offer

No matter if you are in Florida or beyond, you have more than 180 classes to choose from, from algebra to AP style histories and everything in between. All of our classes are genuine - just like the accredited instructors they are teaching. From kindergarten to class 12, our classes are used by pupils from home, schools and the general population to be successful in their own times and timetable.

Studying with us means taking charge of your training. Personalisation is our hallmark, and with a complete catalogue of more than 180 primary, secondary and high school classes - which includes AP, awards, vocational and university preparation, optional majors, international language classes and NCAA-approved key classes - the opportunities are limitless for every schoolboy.


For more information on the terms and conditions for enrolment in virtual part-time or full-time training, click here. If you click on the SOS Life Server symbol, you can submit an e-mail to the school authorities to notify them of any unsuspicious, unsafe or improper behaviour on school premises (examples: harassment, drug abuse, combat).

You can help make your school more secure by notifying these behaviours.

Which is INVS?

Which is INVS? We are a Indiana Government Charters School and are recognized by the Indiana Department of Ed. An important distinction is that INVS offers FREE training for Indiana schoolchildren! The course is offered online and has accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).

INVS acquired accreditation applies to an Indiana High School degree. The syllabus is provided by the Florida Virtual School and Plato, both award-winning syllabus designers known world over. As soon as a participant has finished the registration procedure, he/she will receive a one-time registration to be able to use the course work. They can work at any hour of the morning and evening and as often as they wish.

Every course has an Indiana licenced instructor who works directly with the student, and the student can reach the instructor through various means - by telephone, e-mail or Skype. Once they finish the course, they can start new classes whenever they want. As a result, the student will be able to move forward faster and graduate even sooner than anticipated.

Pupils or parents/guardians can start the registration procedure. INVS will handle your request, receive your certificates from the last school you visited and inform the Ministry of Education of your new matriculation state. We will then allocate the appropriate course on the basis of the information from your certificates so that you can proceed with your study.

Our students: confronted with harassment and schoolteachers who didn't really bother when I was in a normal school and chose to stop because I knew I was not. So I hesitated to have Luke go to home school because I wanted him to have an approved programme and schoolteacher.

In any case, this freedom to have the necessary spare moment is another of the strengths of the INVS programme.

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