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Post-graduate studies or courses at Boston University can be taken by anyone at any location. The Western Governors University is an online university where you can earn an affordable, accredited, and career-oriented degree at an accelerated pace. Studie online and graduate with a degree from a leading Australian university. Browse our extensive list of accredited Iowa online schools and colleges. In order to meet this demand, more and more colleges and universities across the country are developing their Bachelor's degree online offerings.

Wellcome to Boston University's online program.

Wellcome to Boston University's online program. By studying online at Boston University, you will have access to world-class teachers, dedicated undergraduates, support personnel and academics who teach special skill sets in some of the most competitively priced fields. Join the Boston University Fellowship from around the globe. Benefit from a worldwide educational fellowship and engage with college graduates in schools around the globe.

Boston University has stood for groundbreaking research, scientific innovations and international lecturers and graduates for more than 145 years. A multifaceted fellowship of committed, seasoned college undergraduates. Undergraduate and advanced training courses are offered with the latest hands-on technologies and unprecedented levels of student care. First-rate training is within your grasp - wherever you are. You are invited to browse our online programmes.


Teaching - free colleges and universities are few and far between but they are available... You just need to know where to look! Subsequent classes are not arranged in a certain order, as they are specially tailored to the needs of the group. The one thing they all have in community is that they provide all pupils with free (or almost free) lessons that meet certain particular requirements for each of them.

Universities free of study fees are possible thanks to foundations, contributions and the wishes of the founder himself. It' really going to show that if you work really hard in high schools, great chances are awaiting you in being there! Universiy of the People is the first online and free of charge institution in the game!

It is the aim of the non-profit organisation to offer those who are otherwise unable to go to a mortgage college an accelerated option for higher learning. At UoPeople we offer two associate and bachelor courses in business administration and computer science. Pasadena California provides free classes to literary students from all over the globe.

It is the student's responsibility to pay a filing fees depending on his/her personal earnings and residency between $10 and $50, and an administration charge of $100 for each examination taken per individual or group. Found in Pippa Passe, Kentucky, this libertarian art, conservatory ensures free teaching to the inhabitants of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia who can Qualify.

The enrolment must be done either on the university or in the city. Tasks included librarians, service points and the like for at least 10 lessons per week to receive the free lessons. Accommodation and meals can also be free if you work at least 15 lessons per week and more than 500 job opportunities are available to you.

The Alice Lloyd college is a four-year Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation course that provides 18 bachelor's courses in the fields of sciences, arts, medical sciences, legal studies and more and several minor subjects, such as economics, accountancy and more. ALC has an adoption quota of only 18% and has approximately 600 pupils with a 20:1 pupils/teachers relationship.

In Moberly, Missouri, this four-year-old, privately owned university was established in 1957 and is a non-denominational, non-denominational, religious university. The Central Christians College of the Bible provides full grants to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in one of the following subjects: Religion, Cristian Counselors, Ministry of Youth and Family, General Ministry, Cristian Education, Cristian Counselors, Intercultural Service and Pastoral Service.

The university, which has been certified by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, looks after more than 300 post-graduate and post-graduate undergraduates. It currently also offers certification programmes at the Ministry of Music and the Ministry of Children. You must be registered on site to be eligible for the full fellowship, as it does not cover Central's online programmes.

Grants are up to 18 academic years per term. The Central Christian Collegium of the Bible also has several other fellowships on offer. Established in 1884 and based in Lawrence, Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University is a coeducative, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools recognized high school.

With almost 1,000 alumni per term, the college serves about 140 tribal countries and Alaska natives who offer staff and bachelor's degrees. Though there are no study fee, the student is liable for the payment of the course fee. This is the University's guiding principle: "Haskell Indian Nation University's Mission is to strengthen the ability of our student leaders by acting as a leader in the areas of academia in order to achieve outstanding levels of scientific achievement, culture, intellectual promotion and integral outreach.

The Curtis Institute of Music, established in 1924, requires auditions before admission, and with only 4 per cent approval, you must be an extraordinarily talented student. Classes at Curtis in Phildelphia are fully funded and the funds they earn are not a consideration.

Understudy with Curtis is estimated at approximately $37,000 and a postgraduate at nearly $50,000. Accommodation and meals are only available on demand and it is estimated that college or college undergraduates who live on campuses will be paying approximately $24,000 per year for accommodation, dues and other expenditures.

It offers only 165 full music education and free art classes per year. Curtis has no legal requirements regarding the ages of participation and education can be completed with a Bachelor's or Music Master's Certificate, a Master of Music in Opera or a Professional Studies Certificate in Opera.

The College of the Ozarks provides free classes to pupils with a fee of approximately $18,000 per year, obliging them to work 15 lessons per week on-site and two 40-hour working days in various jobs on site during the year. It is possible that the student can work as an administrative assistant or guardian or even as a milk farmer.

Situated in the gorgeous Point Lookout, Missouri, the center provides classroom coverage by collecting scholarships from pupils and equipping the center. There are various courses of studies available at this privately run, free art academy, which range from Bachelor's degree in bookkeeping to cuisine. The College of the Ozarks offers its 1,400 pupils free education, a strict programme, chiralty and devotion to their young.

BARCLAY College, Christian-centered in Haviland, Kansas provides free instruction and accommodation and meals for all full-time, on-campus and off-campus inhabitants receiving some grants. These free classes are only for a few hundred people who want to work in religious and spiritual care. To get free classes worth approximately $11,000 per year, undergraduates must have 96 lessons of services to attend Barclay College.

Headquartered in New York City, Cooper Union is a prestigious educational organization with the University of Art, the Irwin S. Chanin Architecture and the Albert Nerken Engineering schools. Over $19,000 per term in free study grants are awarded to graduates and undergraduates. However, it is not entirely free..... due to increasing pecuniary concern, the college gave up its free full fellowship in autumn 2014, but still provides a half reduction for all newcomers.

We also have extra help tailored to the needs of the pupils to help them with lessons, accommodation, meals, textbooks, etc. Also known as The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Cooper Union has an adoption rating of 7%, a retention rating of 94% and is made up of nearly 1000 undergraduates. Berea Colleges in Kentucky is a free colleges where the student must work at least 10 lessons per week in one of over 140 campuses to get free classes and a low wage to help with room and schoolbooks.

This privately-run, fully-equipped, liberal art and religion college is able to provide free instruction and the funding needed to fund up to $25,000 a year in study fees per schoolboy. She believes that it gives a good feel for the reality of the working environment when you ask people to work to make a living.

Situated in Berea, Kentucky, the center has approximately 1,600 international enrolled in one of 28 courses. Unless they are remarried, one of their parents or 23 years of age or older, all of our student must reside on a student residence. The Deep Springs Colleges in Inyo County, California, is a very small two-year collegiate program that is only open to men until a decision that tried to amend this program in 2013 to involve girls was postponed until the 2015-2016 academic year at the soonest.

As a rule, not more than 26 registered at a single enrolment, have full grants for teaching, accommodation and meals, but must work at least 20 lessons per week either on the school's alfafa and beef farms or in jobs related to the local area. Approximately $50,000 per year and an admission quota of between 6% and 15%, those who have this one-of-a-kind exposure are usually educated at a four-year collegiate course and are welcomed at some of the most beautiful facilities in the interna-tion.

A cool fact about Deep Springs is that the student is the policy maker at many important events within the university itself, such as the recruitment of teachers, admission and the syllabus itself. But to get access to this university, one has to be extraordinary and two of the main elements in the admission procedure are the necessary papers and the accomplished interventions.

The Williamson Free school of mechanical trades, which has been certified by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, is an all-male graduate secondary education program that offers its pupils free lessons and the opportunity to study their books, rooms and meals. To be admitted to the program, all pupils must be living on university campuses, not married and less than 20 years old.

Situated in Media, Pennsylvana, the 250 undergraduates must also go to a day-to-day worship ceremony, adhere to a dresscode and take part in at least one annual activities that include club sport, the college administration or the college paper. The" Judaeo-Christian" schools offer courses of studies in the fields of joinery, gardening, lawn care, landscape architecture, brickwork, paintings, machine tool and electrical engineering.

From the 95 new pupils who are accepted each year, the school's penchant for choosing pupils from the southeast and middle Pennsylvania region is clear. Situated in Glen Cove, New York, Webb Institute is a small technical institute that offers $41,500 a year in free instruction to any academic graduate who wants to pursue a careers in civilng.

They all study shipbuilding and ocean technology. During the winter semester, too, they have to work in the industrial sector and earn a wage that gives them practical experience. Accommodation and meals are not provided, but the student can request government funding and subsidies to meet these costs. The Webb Institute, a prestigious 80-pupil college of maritime shipping is the only one in the country to offer its pupils a four-year full grant through foundations and sponsors.

The courses of studies cover shipbuilding, machine construction, naval technology, system technology, electro-technology and construction/building. Williamson E. Macualay Honors College in New York City is free to the state' s population, valued at $5,730 per year. Macualay also offers a notebook and $7,500 in the form of so-called community fund, which can be used by the student for various research activities, work placements and stays abroad, as well as a culture pass for art and culture activities in New York City.

In the case of a total of 1,400 undergraduates, all undergraduates are obliged to do at least 10 lessons of charitable work in each of their first three years. Based in West Point, New York, the teaching of our college under two conditions is guaranteed.... one that they join the army after graduating and two that they join a sport crew every year.

Nominations by a member of Congress, the President or the Vice President of the United States are necessary if a nominee applies for acceptance into the Academy. Based in New London, Connecticut, the United States Coastal Guard offers free instruction worth $72,000 per year for at least five years after university.

Graduates are offered a selection of Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research/Computer Analysis, Naval Engineering, Management, Government and Marine and Environmental Sciences. Found in Annapolis, Maryland, enrolled people, also known as ensigns, get free instruction at the United States Naval Academy by ministering in the U.S. Navy after graduating.

There are 25 fields of study, among them aerospace engineering, oceanography, physics, nuclear technology, to name but a few. Nominees, similar to the U.S. Military Academy, must submit their applications directly to the Naval Academy and are generally nominated by a member of Congress. Situated in El Paso County, Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy also provides free instruction for its graduate and then serve school.

Based in Great Neck, New York, US Marine Academy graduate undergraduates are also obligated to attend after they graduate, but in additional they stay one year on a trading vessel to gather real-world experience and visit many strange lands.

The ensigns are educated in naval laws, naval technology, custom, international laws, human resources management, navigational and many other necessary for the operation of a large vessel.

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