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With our online study programmes you can work towards a partner or Bachelor degree without sacrificing your work-life balance. Some of the following courses are offered online. It is our goal to offer online education that is both exceptional and affordable. The University of Delaware online degree programs are listed on this page. Enhance your career with an in-service Bachelor's or Postgraduate degree.

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UF training will help you to acquire priceless abilities so that you can distinguish yourself. Have a look at our favourable teaching and support possibilities. A lot of people get a degree. If you are going to go to university for the first and transfer your course work, find out how you can make your place in our country.

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Asia Studies (BA)

The full online degree is intended for those who wish to embark on a careers in the Asia Pacific area with an in-depth look at China, Japan, India, Central and Southeast Asia. The bachelor's programme in organisational communicative studies emphasises the communicative abilities necessary to guide changes, overcome conflicts and form a team.

The degree is also an outstanding basis for all those who are interested in further studies. Completing the B.A. in Computer Sciences is aimed at those who wish to have more variety and versatility in their work and are interested in acquiring computer literacy in order to follow a career in areas where technologies are used to a significant degree, such as in the areas of healthcare, sciences, medicine or research.

It provides alumni with the advanced analytic capabilities needed for the new age of prosecution in the US and abroad. The bachelor's programme provides the student with a wide base in the fields of prosecution, penal system and penal jurisdiction. The syllabus for this programme includes: criminology theories, civil order, research methodologies and worldwide terror.

Focus on early infancy with this undergraduate degree. The student gets to know the linguistic, communicative and social/emotional developments of small infants as well as general and early educational theories and practice. They are trained in the fields of electronic and electromagnetics, nanotechnologies, energy supply and distribution networks, communication, control, biotechnology and computer science.

Alumni receive a sound basis for further study in electro-technology. The programme provides students with theory and practice in the areas of bank, investment, asset allocation, investment, portfolio managment, as well as in the areas of asset and liability financing, asset and liability financing, asset and liability financing, as well as asset and liability financing, as well as asset and liability financing. The online Bachelor of Heath Services Administration provides students with qualifications for starting jobs in various health-related organisations or for further training at postgraduate levels.

Alumni of this programme are able to grasp the complexity of the interdependencies between the different civilizations of the globe and acquire characteristics that are appreciated in almost all areas. Decide on one of the six areas in the hotel and tourist sectors. They will be ready to shine and guide in the world's largest industrial sector.

Undergraduates seeking a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management with a focus on Hotel Lodging/Management will become familiar with the best practice in the hotel business and acquire the necessary skill sets to be successful in a multitude of hotel career paths. The bachelor's degree underlines the latest HR know-how, with a syllabus that meets the highest levels of profession.

Participants in the programme are taught how to design and implement personnel scheduling, recruiting and screening procedures. The alumni of this programme are given a global view of the decisions and issues divided between countries. As a result of globalisation and the increasing importance of intercultural awareness in the economy and administration, school leavers will be well prepared for a large number of professions.

The degree is aimed at undergraduates interested in working as either an engineering or administrative assistant. You can have a forward-looking career as unparalleled as your inter-disciplinary studies. Acquire an understanding of the strategy of multinationals and how to work in an intercultural milieu. It provides you with a wide range of information about information technologies and globalization.

Understanding the effects of globalisation. With the growth of technologies, the need for alumni to help companies administer the expanding intelligent things ecosystem is grow. The first of its kind in the country, this new Bachelor's degree has been specifically developed for the areas of computer science, computer science, communications and cyber security.

The programme gives the student the opportunity to gain an inter-disciplinary consciousness and appreciation of Latin America and the Caribbean. Courses of study prepare the student for a sound comprehension of the past, present, culture, political, economic, etc. BBA in Logistic and Delivery Chains Management provides advanced information on logistic and delivery chains as well as best practice and the latest instruments in retail to improve your chances of a successful careers.

It is a wide-ranging programme with a syllabus covering the basics of organisational use. Upon completion of their studies, the student will be able to comprehend how to perform organisational tasks of leadership. The student focuses on principles and methods of communication that increase client value and improve client relations. It provides a wide base of knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of areas of the subject, such as selling, advertising as well as selling.

Undergraduates who wish to complete this degree in the field of policy studies will acquire an in-depth knowledge of various subjects in the field of policy studies through their studies of the US administration and policy, comparable policy, as well as policy development studies and policy-making.

The bachelor's programme leads the student into the five most important sub-disciplines: experiential, socially, applied, socially, personality/abnormal and development-related. The programme contains a syllabus presenting the latest developments in psychology and psychology. Developed for efficient executives who have a deep grasp of analytic research, budgeting and political developments and corporate citizenship.

The programme will promote your involvement in civil services in an ever more varied population. The Bachelor's degree is a popular course for those interested in a career as PR, promotion and/or communications officer in areas such as the economy, administration, non-profit organisations or training. The degree examines a number of subjects necessary for the development and delivery of actual contents.

They can work in a wide range of situations that help disabled, disabled, ill or vulnerable youngsters. Qualifying undergraduates can also enroll for the Combination BS/MS Degree (4+1) Recreational Therapy Tracks. BS in Leisure and Sport Managment is an online programme designed to prepare managers and executives for the fast-moving, vibrant leisure and sport industries.

They study oriental and occidental religion, learning to think critical and developing extraordinary abilities as researchers and writers. The bachelor's programme is intended to give the student a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish culture and the culture of the Spanish speaking countries, while at the same time improving the level of Spanish for both cultural and non-cultural professionals.

The alumni will see and appreciate the whole wide range of worldviews. The course concentrates on culture, society and its history. Alumni are given a comprehensive overview and a thorough grasp of our universe of past, present and prospective man. Undergraduates in this Bachelor's programme are given a comprehensive overview and develop their analytical abilities.

If you are a student who wants to contribute to shaping society and gaining a broader view, this programme will train you in the academic exploration of societal living. Socology Track will put you on a way to learning how to deal with real-world issues. It is a multi-disciplinary programme focusing on the development of innovative, adaptable responses to actual business issues.

In the curricula, we look at the relationships between humans in their socially, naturally and structurally constructed environments so that pupils can think comprehensively about sustainable development topics.

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