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Courses cover the entire field of theology: God's Bible School offers an online rank rooted in Wesleyan theology and biblical approaches to ministry: a Bachelor of Arts in biblical and theological studies. Studies of Religious Studies & Theology. Theology and religious studies usually focus on a particular religion such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. But also interreligious studies such as comparative religious studies are offered through academic degrees that lead to careers in education, religion, charity or civilian service.

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They can start with a simple session or register for an award, certificate, diploma or degree. Registration, payment of lessons, studies and submission of orders is simple and uncomplicated..... because everything is done online! Study with Spurgeon's Online means you're in command.

They take full accountability for what you are learning, when you are learning and at what pace. When you are not sure whether you want to take a longer course of studies, online learning is a useful way to measure your skills, as you can acquire one of them. The Spurgeon online tutors and teams are there to help you.

There is no need to go to college and there are no obligatory writing exams! Lectures and seminars are covering the whole of theology: from theology to theology:

Cheapest Online Theology Programs of 2018

Bethesda University in the Los Angeles borough of Anaheim, California, provides an accessible way for students around the world to obtain a degree in theology online. Students at the Business School are offered a B.A. in Religious Science with a focus on Bible study or a Christian upbringing. The courses cover Bible text, systemic theology, Pentecost theology, evangelization and the mission.

One of the elective subjects of European Catholic upbringing is the upbringing of young people and their families in the Congregation. The four-year degree demands 126 Credit Courses, 81 of which are for specialist courses in Bible reading or work. On-line learner completes the instruction within the classical academical calender. Most of the course work can be done from a distance, while the pupils spend their time in the class room with the necessary office work in a working environment.

Established in 1932 as a Baptist Bible seminar, the CSU is outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and provides an accessible online theology course to help distance learning attendees get ready for a career in service or progress. BSc in lntegrated Studying provides an introduction to basic methodologies of Bible reading. In August, October, January, March or May you can start your eight-week course and the arriving student can start their course in any semester.

As a rule, full-time undergraduates receive the 123 accreditations they require in four years. The programme, which is fully online, comprises online debates and joint group activities to encourage active participation by young people. The LRU B.A. in Religious Education has a 14-year online education story and contains state-of-the-art video lectures. In addition, the department provides intellectual and scientific support for our undergraduates.

Any student taking an online theology course takes 42 lessons of Bible reading, which includes advance study of Genesis, Psalms or the Book of Apostles, with an emphasis on apologetics. Underage children can be persecuted in Bible counselling, Christendom or service, with concentration in counselling for families and individuals, in ecclesial ministries or in the connection of belief and ancestry.

As a rule, full-time RWTH Aachen graduates of the 120 Credit Programme take four years to graduate. God's Bible School provides an online rank based on Wesleyan theology and scriptural approach to ministry: a B.A. in Bible and theology. They meet fundamental teachings of theology, and are preparing for a career as pastors, ministers and ministers.

The 120 credits four-year degree covers class work in the arts and advance elective subjects, such as approach to municipal service and sanctity in the class. God's Bible School is dedicated to low-cost training of prospective officers and provides low fees, as well as installment schedules, student rebates with governmental parent, timely reimbursement of lessons, as well as in-house and performance grants.

The BCF, which belongs to and is run by the Florida Baptist Convention, provides online study courses at two satellites and on the headquarters in Graceville, Florida. Several online grades are available; Bible study medics, religious upbringing, and missionary work with a focus on avionics. The BCF's Bachelors of Art programmes impart basic skills in Bible reading and theology.

Intermediate courses are designed to help the student get ready for a career in service; subjects are, among others, Bible basics of management, ecclesiastical economics and outreach. Student online work with the department to conclude a project that requires extra-curricular work. PEDMONT International is preparing college graduates for service through award-winning online literacy. Undergraduates with a B.A. in Bible studies are proficient in Bible text, courses and composition.

On-line schoolchildren can track a child to get ready for a particular job in the service. Underage children ranging from sign language to non-profit organization managers. It strives to offer accessible, adaptable courses, and small size groups and different programme types are available to those who wish to complete an online theology degree. Lessons take place in seven-week meetings and candidates can select between six enrolment deadlines throughout the year.

The Piedmont International Foundation provides substantial funding, fellowships and fellowships for nominees who serve or prepare for a position in church service. Johnson's online bachelor's degree in service provides intense ladder instruction and in-depth Bible studies to prepare the student for a career in service. Situated outside Knoxville, Tennessee, the major campus provides online theology course graduates with 24/7 tech assistance, online scholarly counseling, and bi-weekly streaming chapter work.

As well as Bible, theology and management courses, the programme contains an additional practical course as part of the keystone service. They work with a pastor in their church to complement the theory study with practical outreach. As a rule, full-time undergraduates take three years to obtain the 120 loan periods they need. The Johnson University provides discounts for online student classes.

The fully online Bachelors of BiB and theology offers students from a remote location a complete insight into Bible study, teaching and service delivery methods. There are 124 loan sessions needed in Bible Greek and Hebrew. The TKU's online theology course covers optional subjects such as ecclesiastical historiography, Kossian Judaism, extended exegetics and apogetics.

If you take a minimum of four online classes per term, you can count on graduating in four years. If you are an online student, you will be charged the same fee as a student on college or university. The LBC Bachelors of Art in Bible study is designed for both prospective teachers and the pastor and combines a strict Bible education with a strong emphasis on the day-to-day needs of the pastor.

On-line theological studies require professions such as religious living, evangelization and the New Testament culture as well. Courses of study such as economics and sport managment impart special know-how for the professional advancement to the studying. Out of the 120 loan lessons needed, only 30 are needed to be earned by LBC.

In addition to the transfers the student can also study for either compulsory or practical work. Candidates to this fully online programme must have a 2. 0 GPA and a pastoral referral. The DeSales University provides a very strong Roman Catholics based teaching of theology. Included in the B.A. in Theology is an introduction to theology, ecclesiastical studies and systemic theology and the integration of information about ecclesiastical teachings, currentological questions and ministry matters.

This programme will prepare the student for his or her studies and career across disciplinary boundaries. The online classes are synchronous and asynchronous, and the 120 necessary accreditations can be taken completely online or in a composite form, which requires studying oncushion. The student can either already acquired work experiences or up to 75 transfers can be applied to their online theology course of study.

This is one of the most versatile programmes available, with 11 enrolment deadlines throughout the year and reasonable schooling. Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy in Marion, Indiana, is offering an expedited online degree program for candidates with at least 60 credit lessons from an authorized school. Bachelors of sciences in Bible study, conceived for senior service level undergraduates, meet the practice needs of several confessions.

This syllabus concentrates on Bible interpretations from a Wesleyan-Armenian point of view and provides a broad overview of Bible teaching. The course work encompasses important teachings of Christianity such as redemption and sanctity as well as ecclesiastical and Christianity in North America. Enrolment deadlines are available throughout the year, and the 60 credits of basic lessons can be asynchronous.

Significant rebates on the already available lessons are available for ministers, especially for those who have an appointement at Wesleyan Church. The University of Northwestern Online provides the same little faithful student study from its core Roseville school in Minnesota. The online student completes classes beyond the usual term times and works in class in person and with teachers in person.

Bachelors of Art in Bible Science and Theology include both online courses and mixed courses. They have 125 credit lessons in the social sciences and theology, with an emphasis on advance study of interpretive techniques and Bible Greek. Educational theology is an online theology course for those who want to pursue a career in the university.

If you are a student with a student's immediate families at the college or a full-time minister, you will get an extra study allowance. The Manhattan Christians College B Sc in Bible Management is a graduation program for candidates with 40 credit degrees. Online-learner begin with the study of Jewish and Christendom scripture and then move on to the syllabus that integrates Bible study with Christendom.

They are studying management theory in connection with counselling, sermon, and management. There are two online starting times per session, and most of our programs take two courses per eight-week session. Teaching online is greatly reduced, making Manhattan Christian College an affordably priced choice for college undergraduates who want to complete their theology degree online.

In contrast to other graduate programmes, the B.A. in christian service at John Wesley University provides six focus areas that allow the student to practice in a specific area of service, such as counselling, formation, intercultural study, the art of worshipping, pastoring or working with young people and families. There are 122 loan periods and eight-week meetings during the autumn and early semester.

As a rule, John Wesleyan will accept transcription credit from recognized institutes, and online graduates graduate in four years. On-student campuses have one of the lower fees among North Carolina College's privately funded programs, and online college enrollment receives an extra rebate. MVNU's Bachelors of Art in Department is an expedited and accessible online theology degree developed for candidates seeking a second Bachelor's degree.

Whilst the course can be fully graduated online, Mt Vernon, Ohio can offer a mix of online and on-campus classes. Candidates must have an Abitur at an accrediated university and a GPA of at least 3.0. The Ecclesia School in Springdale, Arkansas, provides a full online bachelor's degree in Bible study.

Besides general educational instruction, the 120 Credit degree also comprises instruction in exegetic methodologies and Bible textbooks. This programme combines theological and ethical Christianity with practical work in ministering by distant learner in their own community. Pupils are invited to take part in the school's online services educational project, some of which include travelling and community outreach.

The low per-loan fee makes this course one of the most inexpensive online theology courses available. An expanding, non-denominational Florida Polytechnic, PBA's Bachelors of Art in Ministries, enables Bible, theology, history and practice oriented Christians. With 120 loan periods, this online service is based on basic study of Bible text, advance exegetics and theology.

Apogeeology, evangelization, mission and the connection of churches and societies belong to the main categories, and the student can specialise in certain branches of work. Lessons are held every six-week, and while most of our undergraduates are able to attend independent of each other, two in-sync. Candidates must fill in a written report and hand in all previous certificates.

PBA also accepts transfers of credit and provides tightened Master's programmes. Fully online, the Central Baptist College B Sc in Management and Service is an economic and stringent online rank. Basic courses familiarize students with the fundamentals of the Old and New Testament.

Intermediate elective subjects, such as Bible archaeology and contemporary worship, allow the student to study the world' s worl. The alumni act as Ministries who also transfer their study to other fields. The online course work is carried out asynchronous. Lessons usually last five week, sometimes in longer format. The majority of our programs take four years to earn the 120 necessary CP.

Throughout the course of theology, undergraduates of different faiths will find St Joseph's B.A. to be academic and spiritual-worthwhile. Located in Standish, Maine, Saint Joseph's Accredited, 128-Credit Online Theology Degree is scholarly by Schoolleg. The coursework comprises systematical theology, katholische teachings, Liturgie and Bibelstudium. Intermediate theology classes include theology, ecumenicality, and theology.

Distance learning is a year-round course offered by a group of age-mates. The alumni work in ministries, economy, education und in the field of foreign help. If you are an online student, you can also use Saint Joseph's quick tracking programme to get a Master's degree. NBC's first Nazi institute to provide online degree programs offers comfortable and accessible online theology degree programs, including a B.A. at the MFA.

This adaptable programme provides eight main subjects - such as leading and ethical, teaching and counselling for ministry - and four underage people. Every main subject demands Bible and theology lessons. On-line courses are offered asynchronous and NBC allows up to 75% graduation through credits. 120 Credit programme provides an online studentship and personal academical counsel.

The NBC is regional and national in accreditation and provides needs-oriented and performance-related grants.

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