Online Summer Courses

Summer Online Courses

Open registration is available for all our accredited online summer courses. Concentrate on the core requirements, attend a summer science course or explore a new field of interest. Acquire credits on campus or online. To be placed on the waiting list for a winter or summer online course, follow the instructions below. Need lessons but plan to travel in summer?

The way it works

During your eight-week course, you will be given one lesson a week of 1:1 tuition by a professional who will present you with new approaches, expand your comprehension of your field and talk about your own educational objectives and ambitions. You will have the chance to debate the readings in the online videos and to expand your studies with an open debate of your own thoughts.

The second will be your chance to do your own research on the subject that interests you most. This essay builds on the lessons learned in your week-long classroom exercises and allows you to use your own comprehension and interests in your course.

You will be given a personal interview by your instructor to assess how you can further your teaching abilities in your area. After the course you will get a feed-back from your instructor. Meetings take place via Moodle, an online educational portal used by colleges worldwide.

You' ll use functions such as submitting reviews, shared checklists, and webinars to speak to and see your teacher while you work in an online lab. Each of our instructors is an expert in their respective fields and has extensive expertise in mentoring Oxford and Cambridge graduate and the following certifications:

The online medical course for 18 to 24-year-olds is divided into two 4 week courses led by a medical expert. They can be used in pharmacology, the cardiovascular system or in discussing the new area of stem cell research that is developing, according to your interests. The Skillsession in week 4 is focussed on the essays you wrote in week 1 and focuses on your first medical exam.

The last skill lesson in week 8 is the research you received in week 5 and includes the second course, which you will cover with your teacher. The online course for 18-24 year old writers is offered in 8 individual courses where the student has the opportunity to review their own letter with their tutors.

Teachers will talk about the typing skills of some of the great writers of literary art and study how to address the audience, the auditive power of thought and the use of metrum and rimes in composition. You and your instructor will decide on the subject of the seminar, as this is an occasion for the student to further their interests and research.

In the first weeks you will write a paper that will be reviewed in the fourth one. You' re going to write another play in the fourth grade that builds on the abilities you and your teacher have concentrated on. The English Literature Online Program for 18-24 year old children is offered in 8 individual courses that give the student the opportunity to talk about their thoughts with their tutors.

Every weekly theme is determined in a conversation between the student and the tutor, as this is an occasion for the student to discuss and research their interests in a personal conversation. This course allows the student to concentrate on their own areas of interest, from medieval literature to modernism to magical realism.

For example, by studying the works of George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson in comparison with Shakespeare's works or by studying the works of Zadie Smith together with E. M. Forster. In week 1 you will put a paper that will be reviewed during your skill lesson in week 4.

You' re going to write another play in the fourth grade that builds on the abilities you and your teacher have concentrated on. The course starts on April 23, 2018.

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