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Find schools near you. The Editors' ranking of the best online colleges and how to find a quality school. Browse by topic Search by location. With our software, schools, homework, seating plans and praise can be managed online. Check our online college rankings, compare online bachelor, master and certificate programs across many popular degrees and even request more information directly from schools.

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Catchdata available for: See how the catchments have evolved over the years. You can also find out how far your home or other real estate is from neighbouring school. There is also information on the school' s assessment of students, assessment achievement and population. Which is a river basin anyway? There''s no area around a school where, if you stay, you're sure to find a place.

Each year, the geographic area from which a school receives its students is different. A number of colleges have so-called "priority reception areas". Where does the information come from? Fundamental school dates come from a mix of different Ministry of Edubase and school achievement charts.

Whilst every possible endeavour has been made to make sure that the information is as precise as possible, inaccurate people have been included at every phase of the process so that imprecision is present. Before making a choice on the basis of these dates, please review the dates with the school and educational authority. When you discover discrepancies in the information, let us know.


checkbox Choose a wide range of topics to find the course that interests you. Afterwards you can limit the search using the subjects filter. Choose where you want to go to university to fine-tune your search. Please take a few moments to sign up and open an account: You' ve looked at your stored queries.

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Finding an OpenSted test certificate

When you can't find what you're looking for, use the extra search option. The Ofsted website lists a number of colleges that may have been transformed into academic colleges under the 2010 Academies Act. Choose the desired area and supplier from the search list.

Choose from the most recently released reports, the area, and the supplier category you are looking for from the search list.

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