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Conventionally, the four most important online art courses, from Bachelor's and Master's courses to Graduate Schools, are defined as: Most popular apprenticeship diplomas in education. Find out about the required certifications, degrees and prospects for each apprenticeship diploma. Online flexible courses for Associate, Bachelor & Master in Business, Engineering and Healthcare. The groundbreaking Point Blank e-learning platform allows you to study fully accredited higher education programs online.

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Online programs are a very versatile way to earn a post-graduate qualification that allows you to pursue your studies in a place and at a time that suits you. Laureate Online Education, the world's leading e-learning company, will be working with us to implement your program. Learn more about the extraordinary online language training experiences we can provide.

Thirty five fastest online school courses of study

Nowadays, faster and faster programmes are a very useful alternative in online schooling. The majority of correspondence learners need a timetable that is adaptable to their bustling lifestyles and a qualification that they can obtain as quickly as possible. The 35 quickest online graduation programmes offer prospective learners all the quickest and quickest expedited curriculum at online colleges across America.

A few colleges are offering only a few of their programmes at an expedited pace, but many of these academia institutes are offering shorter durations, enormous quantities of credit transfers and course work aimed at giving pupils the same amount of information, but in a compressed format. Challenge your pupils with these exciting but worthwhile courses and colleges and turn them into professionals in no time!

Educational highlights: University of Miami is a prestigious online school that provides a complete range of master's programmes that can be finished in just 16 month. A few of their most favorite are:: All of these programmes and more provide master certification option that only last 8 month.

However, the University of Miami's curriculum is designed to be agile and fast-paced, enabling the student to quickly embark on a new career. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI! Educational highlights: The Liberty University is one of the most renowned online universities in the UK and provides a wide selection of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes that can be finished in the shortest possible timeframe.

A lot of programmes, such as the online M. Div., involve faster distances and shorter, 8-week long classes. Lectures are adaptable and demanding, and the institutions give full student oversight of their programmes. Pupils can also carry up to 50% of their credit, which would speed up the programme even more.

LEARN OUTLOOK THE EXPANDED ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF THE LIBERTY UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Colorado Technical University has received several awards for its excellence as an online school. When selecting a course of study that is appropriate and available through the CTU Fast Track Courses, the student has a variety of possibilities. The programmes consist of a set of examinations which pupils can take and successfully complete in many ways.

Students who can successfully complete the examination without needing the course to graduate can potentially earn up to 30% less valuable hours and dollars than those who can be saved on standard programmes. Lessons use adaptable technology to implement their own rapid-tracking programmes at no extra charge!

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE TECHNICAL COLORADO SCHOOL! Educational highlights: "North Texas has five unmatched Master's degrees that can be taken at an expedited pace. The course work in these degree programmes can be finished in only 12 month, which provides the student with a demanding and intensive course work that does not hinder entry into the labour force.

Learners can change the rates at which they finish their studies so that if they think they need more study for certain courses, they can do so. LEARN UP THE ADVANCED ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS! Educational highlights: The online school is very popular with pupils, which is mirrored in its remarkable enrolment rates and offers an immense number of correspondence courses of all kinds (certificates, bachelor's and master's) and courses of study available at an expedited pace.

Regis learners who are rated by U.S. News and World Report as the top-tier online school in America will get outstanding resource and opportunity to strengthen their reputation in their respective fields. A number of methodologies can be used to reduce the number of loan periods needed in each programme, and the faster pace of the curriculum significantly decreases the amount of elapsed learning times in online programmes.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE-PROGRAMS OF THE REGIS UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Benedictine University is a prestigious online school that offers stunning programmes for bachelor and master correspondence courses. Most of these programmes are able to be done at their own speed, so that they last as long or as little as they need through astronomical planning, but there are several extra ways to acquire a qualification at an expedited pace.

Online courses are only 2 years long and may be shortened according to the amount of course work a particular student can do at one time. Bachelor's programmes make it easier for the student to go on working and living outside school, and at the same time earn a diploma as quickly as possible.

Exceptional Master's programmes in Business Administration and the Master of Science in Nursing/MBA Duel Programme are also available at reduced prices. Visiting this "top-of-the-line, privately run institution with an earned call for excellence", online learners have easy acces to great resource and guidance to further enhance their educational and career attainment.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE-PROGRAMS OF THE BENEDIKTINER-UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Albertus Magnus College has offered agile, fast-track programmes since 1985 and has been perfecting the planning, syllabus design and leadership of these programmes for over three years. Today, every online study programme (of which there is a large amount) at this online school is self-directed and course work is speeded up to provide working adult learners with the skills they need to compete in their present and prospective career.

Pupils at this school can rely on solid, personal careers guidance and development with dedicated counsellors, as well as intensive academical consultation with the department and employees of AMC. Awarded members of the department are recognised for their outstanding performance and form an outstanding basis for the expedited frame of each course.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE-PROGRAMS OF THE BENEDIKTINER-UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: A small, online, intimate, christ school, it provides flawless correspondence courses with Bachelors and Masters degrees at greatly reduced prices. However, some programmes last less than a year and still provide as much breadth and detail as full-time courses on your campsite.

The course work can be done at personalised tariffs, giving the student as much complete autonomy as possible over their lessons and timetables, while maintaining expert administration and funding. Expedited bachelor's programmes cover areas in: Master's degrees include: Consulting psychological science, public relations, business administration and education, each of which also have corresponding specialisations.

The CBU also provides several interesting certificates. LEARN ING OUT MORE ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY'S ONLINE FAST-TRACK PROGRAMS! Educational highlights: The Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies at Becker College is specifically developed for adults who want to graduate or obtain accreditation as quickly as possible and where the student will find all the ressources and possibilities they need.

By accelerating courses and accelerating approvals, Becker provides an even faster way for the student to acquire a Bachelor's degree. The online school provides two excellent fast-paced Bachelors programs: a Business Administration and a Business Administration - Management programme, both of which have been recognised by editorial sources such as The Princeton Review.

Alumni who leave one of these two outstanding degrees have already earned a strong standing by joining the staff as new skilled workers. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE BECKER COLLEGES! Educational highlights: The Trine University is an online school of U.S. News and World Report that is intimately and well acclaimed and provides two fast-paced master's degrees that can be taken in just one year: a graduate in engineering and a graduate in criminal justice.

In both of these fast-moving curriculums, learners acquire an outstanding grasp of their subject and master their vocational abilities after graduation. It works in close collaboration with each pupil to secure their achievement in these demanding but worthwhile expedited degrees, providing vocational, educational and proffesional ressources at all time.

Either course will enable the student to gain many different jobs in a competition-oriented labour force. LEARN OUT MORE ABOUT THE TRINE UNIVERSITY'S ONLINE FAST-TRACK PROGRAMMES! Educational highlights: These online colleges offer an enormous number of online programmes, both for Bachelor's and Master's programmes, in fast-track format. All kinds of student and all fields of studies can find ways to speed up their student research projects in order to obtain specialised degrees in only 14 or 48 month (doctoral students).

In the past, it would take several years for one of these two degrees to be completed, particularly according to the type of complexities involved. Lamar University has, however, developed its online programmes to provide highly refined fast-track courses and valuable educational resource for those learning within the field of ALE. Graduation levels vary from majors to majors, but with the commitment and support of Lamar instructors and associates, student graduates can graduate in the shortest possible timeframe!

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMS OF THE LAMAR UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Concordia University's online fast-track Master in Educational Leadership is both a challenge and a reward. Classes are held in very brief, 5-week format and contain comprehensive information, but student support is provided by high level intelligence, committed lecturers and face-to-face consultants.

It provides the student with a range of educational and funding options that are directly linked to this fast-track programme to provide additional support throughout their studies. The course work provides a broader understanding of the subject and allows the student to fill a large number of vacancies within a few month of applying for the programme!

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Immaculata University is a very much loved online school that promotes an excellent entry-level commitment which is a powerful sign of students' happiness. College of Lifelong Learning offers several programmes available in an expedited, seven-week program that significantly reduce school workload.

Pupils have the option to carry over up to 72 credits to further shorten their stay and can take up to 18 at once (approximately 4-6 classes). Immunaculata also offers outstanding scholarly and advisory assistance and resource for all student during their demanding studies, and the high-tech provision of online programmes allows smooth browsing through each curriculum.

LEARN OUT MORE ABOUT THE IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY'S ONLINE FAST-TRACK PROGRAMMES! Educational highlights: One of the country's most beloved and acclaimed online colleges, Southern New Hampshire University provides a wide range of fast-track Master's programmes that can be finished in less than 15 month, as well as Bachelor's programmes such as the recognised RN-to-MSN fast-track programme, which integrates a Bachelor's programme with work.

National University of Haute Ecole of Haute Ecole is looking forward to offering adaptable, cost-effective syllabuses tailored to your specific timetables and budget. Every study focus offers possibilities inside and outside the school that combine pupils with outstanding certification and career path. Committed lecturers and consultants support our clients throughout their entire career. LEARN OVER THE ONLINE FAST-TRACK PROGRAMMES AT SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY!

Educational highlights: The Colorado State University-Global Campus is one of America's most renowned and beloved online education institutions, offering a wide range of online bachelor's and master's programmes at expedited speeds. Classes are held asynchronously and dates are 8-week long, giving the student the opportunity to check their dates. The CSU -Global Campus offers a wide range of degrees and specializations that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each student. This greatly enhances the student's comprehension and skillset.

They can also look forward to extensive ressources such as personal counselling and job counselling throughout their entire educational and vocational life. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY - GLOBAL CAMPUS! NOW! Educational highlights: The Northeastern University is a respected and beloved online school that has received numerous awards for its excellent programmes.

Fast-Track-Bachelor of Science in Leadership is provided by the Fernuniversität and enables a maximum of 80 credits to be transferred, which cuts the length of stay at school by more than half and enables the student to finish their studies in 18 month. Pupils can finish the syllabus either at the speed dictated by the northeast or at an adjustable speed, so that they have full command of their course.

Students have a well-developed social networking and an excellent reputation thanks to a diploma from the Northeast University. LEARN OUTLOOK THE NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY'S ONLINE ACCELERATION PROGRAM! Educational highlights: The Philadelphia University correspondence courses are not specifically designated as "accelerated," but the conditions at this online school will give the individual the feeling of a fast-track program.

This online school has an 8-week duration and allows graduates to complete a Bachelor's degree in just two years or less. An individual can have up to 21 credit transfers, which reduces their total PhilaU Online experience. Undergraduates can study in nine different areas that focus largely on executive education and executive education, such as economics and HR, but there is still a good diversity of course work.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Ball State University has been listed on many occasions as one of the leading providers of correspondence courses. Offering two uniquely fast-paced postgraduate programmes, this amazing online school provides a Master in Special and a Master in Public Relations.

Either programme can be concluded in only five terms or about 15 month. Every syllabus offers the student the possibility to deepen their graduation in single or mixed specialisation choices, which promotes their training and does not prolong their teaching hours. BSU administrators and advisers are available to support the student throughout their studies, in particular when planning such an expedited programme.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE BALL STATE UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: Western Governors University is a university where a student pays for the amount of study he or she spends, not for a single lending session. Classes are a 6-month lump sum which allows the student to take out as much as possible within this period. Thanks to this unparalleled system, Bachelor's degrees can usually be completed in less than 2 years, especially with corresponding transfers.

Normally, the bachelor's programme takes 4-5 years to complete, which reduces the amount of study required at university. Online-WGU undergraduates can study in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes as well as obtain diplomas in a variety of programmes and areas of specialisation. The Western Governors University has been honored by U.S. News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and others for its excellent online titles.

The course work is demanding, but has proved very successful with the student. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF THE WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: Columbia College's online programmes are all planned to be completed at an expedited pace. Undergraduates can study in a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programmes with a duration of 8 week.

However, this allows the student to finish the course quickly and efficiently. Colombia College is an outstanding online school with a good standing behind its programmes. They are very fortunate about their various courses, which are known to be very demanding, and all online courses are taught by outstanding instructors.

For online learners looking for a round school that appreciates students' completion times and academics, and enough curriculum width to make an informed decision for their main subject, Columbia College is a good option. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMS OF THE COLUMBIA COLLEGE! Educational highlights: The Elmhurst College is an incredibly beloved and beloved school, which is mirrored in its outstanding entry-level commitment rates below.

The online school provides three one-of-a-kind fast-track graduation opportunities for adult learners (over 24 years of age) that can be taken in just one year. The significantly shorter duration in the classroom (three semesters) allows the student to carry over a large number of credit points acquired in another qualification, which further cuts their workload.

Due to the powerful character of the course work, Elmhurst undergraduates have an outstanding track-record of completing their studies on-schedule. One of the accounting policy choices is to The courses are designed for working adult learners who need speed and agility in their studies. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMS OF THE ELMHURST COLLEGE!

Educational highlights: University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley has seven master's degrees that are available in an expedited form, among them: Economy, public relations, education, health sciences, health care and social work. Enrolment is simple and straightforward and allows the student to join their program as quickly as possible. The seven main areas give each student direct contact to specialist know-how and information provided by state-of-the-art technology and qualified lecturers.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS RIO GRANDE VALLEY! Educational highlights: The Park University offers its clients a large selection of bachelor, master and certification programmes in 8-week courses. In each area there are over a dozen choices and the degrees are "accessible, affordably priced, reachable and personalised".

" The course work at this online school is demanding and worthwhile and is recognised by Quality Matatters, which relies its accreditation on continual learning schemes. Others have also noted the differentiation of these online programmes and the affordable nature of study fees. The Park University takes incredible care of its pupils and provides many opportunities for them to improve their fast-track education.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE-PROGRAMS OF THE PARK UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Boston University is a nationally known school and provides four online degrees with expedited speed, which are quite unparalleled from each other: Information systems, art education, music education and health communication. When the course work is done full time, each of these programmes can be finished in 18 month, which is about half the amount of study required to complete a conventional study course.

Lessons are held asynchronously, giving pupils full schedule management time. Boston University's coursework is diverse and interesting, and the Computer Information Systems branch allows the student to focus their programme on one of seven areas. Every Master's programme has its own certification programme, which also offers fast and thorough syllabuses.

Our classrooms offer a wide range of opportunities for international learners to gain interesting insights into every aspect of graduation. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE BOSTON UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The LeTourneau University is one of the best and most loved online colleges in the nation, listed on many of the best correspondence courses!

Undergraduates have the possibility to specialize in various fields of aerospace sciences, economics and technology, pedagogy and psychological sciences. These courses of study are easily available to all types of student in attractive and adaptable online format. After graduating, many people have the skills and abilities to obtain a license to practise medicine in their field of training.

Many of these courses of study, as a Christian college, are oriented towards ministries. Lecturers share some of the best brains in the industry and student professionals gather field practice regardless of their specialisation. LEARN: LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY'S ONLINE PROGRAMS! Educational highlights: The online school has five opportunities to obtain a bachelor's level qualification (associate's and bachelor's) in an expedited form, focusing primarily on executive education.

The Concordia University Chicago enables the student to earn almost 70 credits on their degrees, which cuts their study times in the Bachelors programmes by more than half. The course work is extensive and provides the student with a wide range of skills and perspectives in their area of focus. Health Care Management allows pupils to finish their education in two different colleges, giving the online class-room an even greater outlook.

LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO! Educational highlights: The Notre Dame College rigorously delivers classroom work in its six online degree courses, all offered in an expedited 8-week online learning environment. This curriculum is demanding, but gives the student all the information and skills of a 15-week programme in compressed formats.

However, the course layout is adaptable and the consultants are available to all those who wish to design their studies in a more specific way. The degrees cover subjects such as: Penal law, nursing, business administration, education, business administration (management) and psychological sciences. Online programmes use state-of-the-art technology, such as a learning management system known as Moodle.

They can do their thesis at will and get their Bachelor's in half the amount of work. LEARN UP TO THE FASTERED ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF NOTRE DAME CLUB! Educational highlights: The Rochester College provides four one-of-a-kind online courses in an expedited format: The student can carry a large part of the credit, especially the general educational requirement, which is only about 16 month in Rochester online, which is more than half of all conventional programmes on campus.

There is an online education fellowship at our campus where our fellow Christians are able to be guided and encouraged by their fellow Christians, teachers and fellow Masters. The online school offers as many benefits as possible to pupils to finish their fast-track programme in a shorter period of the year. LEARN OVER THE FASTER ONLINE PROGRAMS OF THE ROCHESTER COLLEGES!

Educational highlights: The Campbell University has been providing online degrees for nearly thirty years and has been perfecting its correspondence courses ever since! Today, this specialized online school provides online certification, association and Bachelors program choices conceived in eight weeks fast-track periods. Professionals lecturers are permeated and certificated in the use of high-tech training content in online programmes.

More than a dozen different student subjects cover a wide range of fields, such as LEARN OVER THE FASTER ON-LINE PROGRAMMES OF THE CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The King University provides a number of uniquely fast-track online degree courses. Those great programmes can be finished in just 16 month, and up to 76 points of worth of relevant general knowledge can be transferred to support the King University training, which is a massive amount!

Our fast-track KU programmes are specifically tailored for adults and are well adapted to meet your individual or business needs. The course work is accessible, diversified and demanding and provides the correspondence student with advanced abilities to embark on a new careers. The Princeton Review as well as U.S. News and World Report have named this online school one of the best in its area.

LEARN OVER THE ACCELERATED ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF THE KING UNIVERSITY! Educational highlights: The Upper Iowa University provides both online self-study and six eight-week semester programmes, all starting at the beginning of each monthly year. It gives correspondence learners full oversight of their major subjects and timetables.

Self-study programmes allow the student to finish their studies via the Internet (100% online) or on hard copy (mail and e-mail with lecturers), according to their preference. The course work is synchronous and can be carried out at the discretion of each student. Upper Iowa offers great possibilities financially, academically and professionally, and student services are good.

LEARN OUTLOOK THE FASTER ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY! Schools Highlights: The Fisher College is an autonomous, non-profit education organization dedicated to offering the best possible education and the best possible resource to learn. It is a demanding online school that provides six 8-week semester programmes that fit in well with the full schedule.

A wide range of different subjects are available in the shape of associated, undergraduate, graduate and graduate programmes. The members of the department are extremely skilled and skilled in their field and are committed to ensuring that our graduates achieve their careers. Virtually every classroom is inhabited by different pupils from all over the nation and offers precious variety and varied prospects for every discipline.

LEARN ING OUT MORE ABOUT THE FASTER ONLINE PROGRAMMES OF THE FISCHERHOCHSCHULE! Educational highlights: The Post University has been added to many listings and directories of the best online programmes in the state. More than two centuries of online course delivery expertise have made these online courses highly professional curriculums that are both demanding and adaptable.

By using state-of-the-art technology, our clients have at their disposal educational ressources and possibilities that dramatically improve their training and are completely unparalleled for the programmes on offer on campus. In addition to accelerating programmes and classrooms, it also accelerates the admission procedure, bringing pupils as quickly as possible into programmes, training and their new career.

Enrolled in the program have a wide range of teachers, experts and graduates who can expand their skills and reputation in their profession. LEARN OUT MORE ABOUT THE POST-UNIVERSITY FAST-TRACK ONLINE PROGRAMMES! Educational highlights: Whilst student life is particularly challenged by this educational facility, the American Intercontinental University is known for its online programmes.

The online school has recently launched a programme entitled AIU ACCCELERATE, which involves the use of qualified examinations and points. Free placement testing is used by our undergraduates to check whether they can prevent certain performance points during their studies. At AIU Online, we offer over 45 different associated, Bachelors and Masters courses in a range of subjects, all with the flexibility to plan and accommodate to achieve each student's objectives.


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