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On-line school courses

Prize-winning online music school with interactive online courses in music production, Ableton Live, Logic Pro & Native Instruments. Accredited online NCAA High School coursework: At AOFM we have launched our brand new online makeup school. Take online makeup courses to help students around the world improve their skills online! Participate in online courses written by a Christian worldview that meet the requirements of graduation with experienced BC-certified teachers.

Private online schools and independent courses and programs

The most important advantages of this school are for pupils all over the world* who are looking for an outstanding, well-rounded education: The most important advantages of this online school are for those who are looking for a high degree of flexibility in their training: independents from all over the world*: The most important advantages of this online tutoring are for those who are looking for a collegiate preparation experience: Without material and dispatch.

The Oxford Royale Academy

The ORA Prep gives you the opportunity to try out new courses in an attractive, hands-on way and determine whether or not a course is right for you. University is looking for exceptional student who are passionate about their selected area.

A number of top British institutions, such as Oxbridge and London University, are relying on interviewing as an important part of their application proces.

Shortcourses Online | Central Saint Martins

The Central Saint Martins provides a broad array of real-time online courses on a multitude of topics, such as art, business, fashion, graphic design, photography, portfolio preparation, textiles and 3D design. The online forums allow discussions beyond classroom instruction and allow course contents to be reviewed and uploaded.

Leeds University | Education > Online Courses

The free online courses, which are part of our Going to UniCollection, are specially conceived for college or college graduates. A foretaste of studying at the Leeds Institute. The courses help the student to deepen and broaden their understanding of a particular theme and determine which subjects to take at school.

Completing the courses will also improve student recruitment. Newcomers to online education can take part in the online course: Study and collaborate before attending any of the other courses. Proof of previous education and preparations for a UCAS use. Help pupils to acquire new abilities, to think in a critical way and to study on their own.

Promoting online and online community education for 16 year old undergraduates. Introduction and integration of the latest research into the study of a field. What are these courses? Throughout the course, the student can follow their progression and log their results.

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