Online School Classes

On-line school classes

On-line courses for high school. The Cambridge Home School is an independent British, fee-based online school based in Cambridge UK. Prize-winning online music school with interactive online courses in music production, Ableton Live, Logic Pro & Native Instruments. School partnership to provide an alternative way to earn high school credits. Old-fashioned online school of the future!

High School Programs and Courses

English, mathematics, scientific and historical classes are available in several stages - basic, full, honorary, Advanced PlacementĀ®, rehabilitation and credential rehabilitation classes - to suit the needs of different people. The student can enrol in a wide range of elective subjects to follow their passion, such as anthropology, environmental sciences or web design, and some are conceived to begin on the road to a prosperous professional development and receive certification in areas such as health sciences, information technology, hospitality and tourism.

The APĀ® classes are designed to help the student get ready for the Advanced PlacementĀ® exam and acquire credits. By partnering with regional higher education establishments and higher education establishments, qualifying undergraduates can register for classes at participatory establishments and obtain a" baccalaureate " or post-secondary school. Pupils can take part in collegiate tutorials to help them get ready for after school.

WP classes are collegiate classes following the syllabus established by the Board. Taking these classes allows students to position themselves out in colleges receptions, perhaps acquire colleges accreditation and prepare for college while in high school. From secondary school onwards, pupils can select the intermediate stages of earth, body and life sciences.

High school curricula include Earth Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and, as already mentioned, several AP-Classes. Prospective graduates can select from a wide variety of convincing, highly interesting classes focused on particular, sought-after careers to give them a head start in the competition, find their way after high school or study.

In some countries, there are also educational programmes that help pupils gain certification and practical experiences in the area of their choosing, known as Destinations Carreer Academies and Destinations Carreer Programmes. Pupils can also take part in careers clinics to find out what they want to do after school.

Would you like to make points? Since all our classes are online, your students will have the agility to repeat classes to reach the GPA, get their fellow students and get the necessary credentials to complete in a timely manner. Summerschedule version of our training programs are usually 4 week for one term and 8 week for two term only.

Please contact a loan collection expert at 866.529.0167 for all this. Hopefully you'll get a lead on your school! Collegiate credits while you're still in high school. Entitled undergraduates can attend classes at their respective high school or university and obtain both high school and university credits.

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