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On-line Programs

Get online graduate and bachelor degrees from the Top Tier University of Arkansas. Arkansas Additional License Plan Curriculum / Program Administrator. It does not matter whether your degree comes from a solid online program or a campus-based program. Florida State University Undergraduate Programs offers several undergraduate programs that can be completed completely online. The future begins today - online.


You can try a course or go to a complete itinerary. There is not much study space for a full-time position and life's work - we get it. That' s why our online programs are built to help you integrate your college studies into your lives. See how AU programs work.

There are 850 classes on different topics, so we are sure to have something to suit your needs - and our online classes will always be on your itinerary. The AU course. Proceed with brief, stacking classes and advanced certifications or develop organisational skills with adaptable business language training.

What is the right programme or course for me? Together with you, our consultants will help you determine your professional and education objectives and help you to choose an AU programme. University consultants support you in course choice and programme planing to achieve these objectives.


There are over 30 online graduation courses available to help you study from the best in all areas, from economics and learning to care and information services. The programs are aimed at preparing you with the abilities and experiences you need to be successful in your selected area. Unless otherwise stated, all qualifications in this section can be purchased 100% online.

Encompasses Bachelor's qualifications, Associates' qualifications, minor and endorsements. Contains Master's and other programmes that presuppose a Bachelor's qualification. You can use your engineering diploma or your certification to study the field of study Decorative Art and Natural Science. Online course delivery demands different skill sets than face-to-face training.

Learn more about different course types and how to successfully browse the online study area.


So what do you want to do with your training? So you could get a high graduation? Studying a particular profession to start a new one? There is a broad spectrum of online certification and studies programs to help you prepare for your next stage in your professional development. Whichever programme you decide on, you can go studying wherever you are in your free timeframe - all you need is an online session.

Click here for more information on accrediting for each of our school. Have a look at our full online course of study below.

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