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Only Online Grades

Only a bachelor's degree is required for entry positions. On-line and traditional degrees are identical, so that they do not appear differently on the transcripts or contain different types of diplomas. Learn more about online learning and how you can obtain an apprenticeship degree online. See if online learning is right for you. Online university created just for you.

Open University | Open University

More than just Open University degrees. If you decide to complete your course at a later date, you will already be involved to some extent. You may be interested in our post-graduate courses if you already have a diploma. The prices shown apply to UK nationals who start their course of higher education before 31 July 2018.

However, if you would like to further your language proficiency in a specific area but do not require any qualifications, you can take a course on your own. The majority of credits can be applied to a skill if you alter your opinion. FHEQ (The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales und Nordirland).

University of Exeter Online | Online Academic Degrees UK

Exeter offers a one-on-one admission for our online studente. The Keypath UK Ltd is one of the selected partner of Exeter University. If you choose one or more of the communications methods, you agree to receive information from Keypath UK Ltd. on the University of Exeter about the promotion of your studies.

Exeter University is known around the world as an education guide and innovative institution. Exeter University's online post-graduate programs focus on excellency and ambition. If you decide to join Exeter University, you invest in yourself, in your careers and in your own personal excellency. Over the course of a decennium, the University of Exeter has become a leading company in research and commercial excellence.

We aim to be recognized not only in the UK but worldwide as a premier language learning university. The Graduate Education has over 165 years of pedagogical expertise, and its origins are older than those of the university itself. Founded in 1955, the university has 21,273 undergraduates from more than 140 states.

It has been honored with the Sunday Times University of the Year 2012/13. She is one of Britain's top ten colleges in the Times and Sunday Times ranks. In the QS and Times Higher Education ranks, it is also among the 170 best institutions in the class.

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