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You can apply for online courses in economics, management, marketing and finance. Studies your postgraduate studies online! If you cannot apply online, please contact Student Finance England. I am taking an MLIS online and currently working full-time. " Some people at work were doing a part-time master's degree.

Online-Master Courses | Master's Courses

Liverpool University's 100% online Master's Courses are aimed at working people who want to advance their professional lives around the world. It has 10,000 online undergraduates and 8,000 online alumni from over 160 nationalities. If you are an online student, you have the opportunity to graduate in Liverpool. Consultants can give you valuable insight to help you develop your professional skills, realign your professional life or set up a new company.

Find out more about the Global Career Advisor Network. For non-UK residents, please check the conditions in your home jurisdiction to verify that your program is recognised.

Post-graduate courses - Open University

As a doctoral candidate, we believe there has never been a better moment to come to us. Find out more about our courses and why our enrolment is right for you. Post-graduate courses cover fine arts, technology, law, mathematics and more. Our courses range from certifications, qualifications and master's and research qualifications. Our research qualifications are in great demand with more than 1,000 doctoral candidates currently in university.

Do you consider undergraduate studies with us? Did you hear about the program? As an undergraduate who works in a supportive function in welfare, our Master's and MA's degrees in welfare work will allow you to move on to a worthwhile careers as a welfare professional. Create your own qualifications with our adaptable and groundbreaking Master's programme.

Correspondence and Online Courses - The University of Nottingham

Are you interested in a course of studies but have other obligations, our online and correspondence courses provide an alternate, adaptable form of studies. You can also have online discussions and joint ventures with teachers and other undergraduates. The Graduate School offers extensive assistance to long- and part-time scholars, many of whom spend up to six years or more at university.

It also offers a number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which are free online courses.

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