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MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Penn State World Campus offers Master's degrees online to help you advance your career. Bio-statistics, Healthcare & Health Professions, Master of Science. The Colorado State University offers online Master's and PhD degrees in engineering, agriculture, economics, leadership, computer science, statistics, and more. An online Master's degree from Wageningen University & Research enables you to obtain a complete Master's degree from all over the world.

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Liverpool University's 100% online Master's Courses are aimed at working people who want to advance their professional lives around the world. It has 10,000 online undergraduates and 8,000 online alumni from over 160 nationalities. If you are an online student, you have the opportunity to graduate in Liverpool. Consultants can give you valuable insight to help you develop your professional skills, realign your professional life or set up a new company.

Find out more about the Global Career Advisor Network. For non-UK residents, please check the conditions in your home jurisdiction to verify that your program is recognised.

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Southern New Hampshire University provides online masters courses that are accessible, adaptable and feasible. More than 100 online Master's courses, 25 of which are specialised MBA', allow you to follow your path and move your careers forward without the restrictions of a conventional schoolroom. Teach from teachers who provide practical experiences and insight into the class.

In our online class room you have 24/7 availability of your course work, when and where you want. Committed study and careers consultants are available from the very first days to help you achieve your objectives. Discover our online Master's programmes today.

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Choose a qualification below to find out more! You can work with tens of thousand of colleagues and build valuable business relations as you complete your online Master's studies. As well as 24/7 online master's courses, Steinbright Career Center and the award-winning W.W. Hagerty Library are available for you.

Getting a Master's is not an easy task, but that doesn't mean it can be fun. Find out more about our online programmes.

Online-Master in Innovation and Enterpreneurship

Inventiveness and enterprise are key to value creation and the performance and sustainable existence of businesses around the globe. That' s why we have developed a versatile online study programme tailored to the unique needs of present and prospective executives responsible for innovations or company growth, as well as businessmen and emerging businessmen.

It will allow you to do that: Developed specifically for the working world, the programme's cutting-edge and versatile design consists of two parts. The first part consists of a number of online basic training sessions leading to the online certificate for innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Our main goal is to help you turn your idea into an entrepreneurial success, right up to a concluding public presentation to a panel of judges. Use the theoretical and hands-on knowledge acquired during the programme to build a new products, brands or organisations through a collaborative work. We' re starting this programme with Coursera, the world's biggest online education portal.

This programme is geared towards: Contemporary and emerging businessmen, advisors in the field of innovations and R&D investment, as well as members of a leadership group. Information provided in this registration forms is transmitted to the United States under the terms of the Privacy Shield, a self-certification scheme for U.S. businesses, so that Coursera can supply information about similar programs for this kind of school.

The use of your personal information may also be objected to for a justified cause. fr with the reference line "Data protection" and by attaching a copy of your photographic identification in the appendix. Enrolment for the Online Master in Innovations and Entrepreneurship is strict but uncomplicated. Qualitatively high level job experiences in the areas of innovations, developing new products, setting up companies or entrepreneurships as well as the importance of your professionally executed projects are crucial to the successful completion of your projects.

Candidates for the programme must have a Bachelor's diploma, 5 years of work practice and knowledge of German and French.

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