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On-line learning courses

Designed to provide an online classroom experience that enables full interaction with the learner who leads the course. Wellcome to Acas Learning OnLine. OnLine Learning offers a range of online courses and resources for individuals and different sizes of employers. We offer online courses to suit your lifestyle. On-line learning allows you to work at home at your own pace.

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It is our missions to make learning agile, economical and available to all. Today we are the most experience-based e-learning organization in the whole wide range of the globe and have assisted tens of thousands of people to develop their full potentials. The ICS Learning program made my study trip at home very pleasant and rewarding. Thanks ICS Learning! The ICS Learning is great because it allows you to combine your work and learning and you can go at your own speed.

On-line learning is a mighty instrument. Mary realized that in order to advance her HR careers in Dubai, she would need a technical skill, which is why she decided to take the CIPD Level 5 degree with ICS Learn. Now our consultants are online.

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A team of highly skilled professionals are committed to the achievement of our clients and provide valuable assistance at every stage. We are proud to work with NUS Extra so that all our pupils are entitled to the NUS Extra Card. You can get an NUS Extra Study Card for just 12.00 per year, giving you entry to literally a hundred ways to make your college education more accessible.

The ISIC is the International Students Identity Card and is also available for an extra £2.99. You only need a web cam or a recent photograph and your Distance Learning Centre number.

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Will online learning work for me? If you are looking for a new company or if you are interested in improving your present career opportunities by learning new abilities while you are still working, then one of our online courses might be of interest to you. Online or correspondence courses, as they are sometimes called, allow you to complement your learning with other tasks such as an ongoing career or parenting, and are ideal for building your trust in your newly found abilities.

Online learning is also a great way to further developing your own or your company's capabilities. These courses are conceived to adapt to other tasks such as full or part-time work and can be taken within a three-month period.

After you have chosen a course, you must attend an introductory course to formally launch the online course. Once you have been instructed, you will have three month to finish your online learning with the help of a teacher. Our daily tutors are available to answer any question you may have about your course.

If you want to learn new abilities, you can also register for another course. What do the online learning courses cost? The online courses are fully financed. If you do not finish the course, we will invoice a one-time enrolment fees.

To register for one of our online learning courses or to talk to one of our courteous correspondence teams, you can contact us on 01622 624956.

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