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Studying law at the OU Law School is an important innovation in legal education. It is a degree in law recognised by legal professional associations. Having a Master of Law gives wealth of knowledge to most people who by this degree can get into any field of legal defense. Online Law Degree is the most direct way to practice law in the UK and several international jurisdictions. On-line law programs enable students to acquire their degrees in their free time.

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The law is a fascination at university. With this in mind, law is much more than a field of studies; it is the basis of every civilized country. It strives to offer a "creative and diverse curriculum" that takes into account different research interests and promotes the personality growth of each one.

It gave me the self-assurance to go on and complete a law degree.

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The 100% Online Qualifying Law Degrees offer you the same high standard of teaching and course material as our campus-based programs over 3, 4 and 6 years. They all begin in September, with an extra launch in January for our 4.5 year old Online LLB (Hons) law: J-GDL is an online legal translation course for prospective attorneys who have successfully passed a non-law degree course.

The programme comprises 14 professionally specific elective subjects and a Master's degree after completing your Ph. D. thesis. The law schools offer the specialized conflict resolution and intellectual property law skills that they need to compete in today's world. All of our programs are 100% online tutorials. Drawing on the specialist know-how of the ICA Diploma or STEP Diploma in Personal Asset Advising, you will be able to build up your skills in the field of law and regulatory, law and criminal law, as well as criminal law and criminal or personal asset advisory with our career-enhancing Master's theses.

i-MA Law is an online course for non-lawyers who wish to acquire a Master's degree in law. It is an online course with the possibility to spend one or two years studying.

Ten legends about law studies on the Internet

There is no question that this is the most frequent misconception we have heard about our online legal transactions and about online legal transactions in general. As the number of bogus diplomas that can be purchased online by bogus colleges1 increases, it is not strange that many individuals look at online degree with mistrust. Our course is offered by Kaplan Open Lerning (Essex) Limited, an online course facilitator, and with our discussions, periodic presentations, task schedules and targeted readings, those who think they can simply buy their way to an LLB (Hons) law will quickly realize that this course is not simple!

Naila Anwar, M. D., Head of the Legal Department, graduated from the School of Law at the University of Nottingham (NU). She has taught and tutored at several renowned colleges worldwide, among them Sheffield International College (SIC), Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) and many more.

In addition to these key elements, this program also comprises a number of mandatory and elective elements. The right gives the student many possibilities to pursue their career both inside and outside the law profession, including the preparation of the graduate for tasks in the areas of finances, personnel, education, municipal and head office administration, volunteer sectors or administration.

Even though most of today's degree programmes are drifting away from pure text book work, this does not mean that the precious know-how and academic abilities that they impart to the student are also wasted. University of Essex Online combines off-the-shelf eLearning books with registered classes to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable educational environment.

In addition, our course fee includes free electronic textbook copy for our undergraduates. Tutor also conduct Q&A meetings that allow the student to interact in class. Hopefully this article has cleared up any doubt you may have about the study of law online with the University of Essex Online.

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