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Are you thinking about studying electrical engineering? This online course at the University of Birmingham gives you an introduction to the most important concepts. The ODU program Electrical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC of ABET). Universities offering online electrical engineering courses should be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). You can browse through the best online bachelor's degree courses in electrical engineering.

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This is the first stage on the way to the Master. Perfect for your job and your careers. Improve your university, business and engineering expertise and aptitudes. Only two years of part-time studies to earn a Master's degree. Independent unity of teachings, studies and assessments. You can combine OU qualification or you can choose to attend individual courses for your interests or work.

Twenty online short courses in electrical engineering from UK university courses.

Complete online self-study provides working people with the necessary temporal flexibilty to reconcile work and university. Utilizing the latest advances in communications technologies, online mastering opens the way to new businesses by creating student networking with shared objectives. Distance learning provides lower enrolment dues, while maintaining the same level of teaching excellence and integration as Master's courses oncushion.

Correspondence or online teaching is a form of teaching that allows the student to spend most or all of a course without participating in a campus-based school. Spacing can relate to both materials and interactions. Correspondence offers entry to education when the information resource and the learner are separate by both or both of them.

Throughout this kind of course, the student communicates with the school and other student via email, online discussion groups, video conferencing, chats, pin walls, IM and other types of computer-based interact. Programs often contain an online educational system and a tool for creating a cyberroom. Study rates for correspondence courses differ from establishment to establishment and state.

Correspondence is also a good option for those who already have a career and want or need further training.

Online-Course Electrical Engineering

Gain a foretaste of a degree in electrical engineering. Establish your trust in the communication of your idea and the use of your own terminology. Enhance your understanding of core electrical engineering approaches. The online course provides an overview of electronics, electrical engineering and system technology. They study common electrical circuitry, such as pickups for a music instrument, and extraterrestrial electrical circuitry, such as equipment used in orbit.

You will acquire analytical and design capabilities for analog and analog circuitry and system design and become acquainted with the terminology of the world. You will learn how electrotechnical and electrical engineering is used in certain situations and you will be confident in the communication of your technological idea. Jumping to 0:11 min and 11 secElectronic and electrical are at the core of almost everything we do.

They could be on a trainset and listen to local radio, watch an on-demand movie, talk to a friend or study in an online course. All of these instances put you, the operator, at the heart of an electrical and electronics system.

I am Tim Jackson from the School of Engineering at Birmingham University. I' m working in the Electrical Engineering and System Technology Group. In this course you will learn what we mean by electronics, electrical engineering and system technology. Examine what is to be understood by electronics, electrical engineering and system technology.

Enhance your analysis and design capabilities in circuitry and system design. Increase your self-esteem in the communication of engineering concepts using the terminology of the world. Evaluate how different electrical and electronical equipment is used in certain situations. The course is aimed at all those who are interested in the roles and applications of electrical engineering.

This can be particularly useful for UK electrical engineering graduates, even those for whom English is a second lang. Birmingham is a publicly funded research institution and one of the UK's top 100 universities.

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