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On-line, distance or blended learning courses are often surrounded by mistrust or insecurity. Konsortium, an organization for the promotion of online education. The accreditation is open to all providers of self-study, distance learning, online or e-learning and other open or flexible learning courses. The accreditation provides for the independent verification of educational programmes to determine whether they are of uniform and solid quality. Here you will find information about accredited distance learning institutions and the accreditation agencies.

Online, correspondence and blend learner accreditation -

There are many who want to improve their skills in a demanding job environment, but have no free rein to go full-time. Online, telelearning and blind studying is a favourite tool that helps bustling individuals to respond to their needs and demands in a flexible way. What makes you the first choise for prospective online and correspondence students?

BAC's online, correspondence and blend accreditation can put you in the limelight because it recognizes from the outside the high levels your company has attained. This gives prospective apprentices - and the businesses that keep them employed - trust in the overall qualities of your organization. The program includes a tour of your headquarters and a review of your online and remote education, with an emphasis on the level of your managerial, supply and tech-services.

We will also check your personal quotation if you are offering BL, too. Services in all these areas are provided by online, correspondence and blend education accreditation by the British Accreditation Council for four years.

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We have been cultivating the highest standard in the field of further education for over 30 years. We are accredited by literally a hundred universities and education institutions in the UK and abroad. Providing the industry's premier education label used by pupils, educators, parents, agents and beyond as a standard warranty.

Each of our suppliers has undergone a rigorous audit, with the latest reviews available on this website. This website also contains the latest information, upgrades and documentations required to obtain and maintain accreditation, as well as information on BAC's complementary service and assistance. For accreditation, please consult an organization named Ofqual.

Online, Distance and Blended Learning Accreditation | ASIC

Online, correspondence or blind learner training is often accompanied by mistrust or insecurity. A lot of educators and university graduates do not believe that an online trainee can have the same pedagogical experiences as his campus-based-equivalent. This applies in many respects, but does not have to apply to the education on display.

ASIC accreditation confirms that your online, correspondence and blend education institutions meet high educational, well-being and good practices as well. With our accreditation, we can assure you that your school is a good option for your student, parent and agent, and that you will offer them high-quality education, skills and a rewarding study outreach.

There will also give the employer the trust that your alumni have completed a high level programme with safe evaluation processes. The ASIC accreditation of online, distant, e-learning or mixed study institutes is a non-governmental optional procedure that recognises organisations that comply with set-asides. Accreditation aims to ensure the general public, pupils, families and other interest groups the qualtity of an organisation and its dedication to high levels of excellence through a system of continual improve.

Your organisation is likely to already be registered in your own home state, but your accreditation with us is a confirmation of your dedication to internationalization and, in particular, your dedication to providing excellent service to the world' s undergraduates. The accreditation pathway is made up of a range of core metrics divided into 8 major areas: online education opens higher education opportunities for those who are not able to study full-time oncushion.

On-line education provides opportunities for people with a disability, full-time workers, military personnel, people who live abroad or in isolated areas and their home country's parent, including accessing accessible higher education. Perceptions of the perceived online grade levels differ from those oncushion. Whereas most of the large online universities are regional in scope, the general public's assessment of their accreditation is controversial.

One of the major criticisms of online, correspondence or blind learner programmes is the safety of the evaluation procedure and the question of how an institute protects itself against various scientific malpractice such as counterfeiting and imitation. As part of the ASIC accreditation procedure, evaluation reliability, proofing agreements, QA, management as well as the use of technological ressources are thoroughly reviewed.

Besides supervising particularly important issues, such as online safety, all online, correspondence and blend learners are subjected to a rigorous on-site assessment, just as a campus-based facility would. You can find all documents for applying for ASIC accreditation under the following hyperlinks.

The ASIC Accreditation Manual, the ASIC accreditation standards and the ASIC accreditation request sheet can be downloaded here. Please store the data on your computer, where you can fill in the request from. After you have filled in the electronic request sheet, please complete it, and return it to our mailing adress together with the relevant fees and documents.

Then the accreditation procedure can begin.

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