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With NC State Online and Distance Educations, students have the unique opportunity to learn from anywhere. We are talking about online education today. Call back from an educational consultant. Inquire an experienced educational consultant to shortlist a program. School of Continuing Studies makes online education accessible to thousands of people who would otherwise not be able to pursue their goals.

Group F10 - MA in online and distance learning

While you can take the module in any order, we suggest that you review our directions to help you find your way through the qualifications. You will need 180 credentials to achieve this qualification: Sixty points from number A:: Alternatively, provided the exclusion rule applies, the obsolete module types are: M800, H801, H802, H803, H804, H805, H806, H807, H808, H809, H810. 60 additional points from lists A or B:

Alternatively, provided that the exclusion rule applies, the obsolete E801, E805, E846, E848, E852, E854, E855, S856, E857, E859, E891, EE880, EE881, ET821, H812, H850, ME825, SEH806, SSH804. So if you have already completed your studies at Open University and would like to enumerate your MA module(s) in Online and Distance Education, you must ask us to match your current records with the qualifications.

During this phase we will review our rules to make sure the Eligibility Section is in place. Please be aware that the University' University' rules apply to this degree. That means that you must take into account at least 60 OU qualifications from OUs that have not been included in any other OU qualifications that you have previously received.

As we periodically check our syllabus, the qualifications described on this page - as well as their availabilities, structures and available training units - may vary over the years. When we make changes to this skill, we will refresh this page as soon as possible. When you have successfully graduated a qualifying course elsewhere, you may be able to qualify for this course, which reduces the number of units you need to do.

It is advisable to request a bank wire as soon as possible before registering for your first course. After successfully completing the necessary Master of Arts in Online and Distance Education you will be entitled to use the letter MA (ODE) (Open) in your name.

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