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The top universities in the UK offering online business degrees. Explore the various online programs at the University of Kentucky. Postgraduate Distance Learning Masters Degrees worldwide. The MA in Finance and Investment online degree is available at LSBF.

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Correspondence or online teaching is a form of teaching that allows the student to spend most or all of a course without participating in a campus-based school. Spacing can relate to both materials and interactions. Correspondence offers entry to education when the information resource and the learner are separate by both or both of them.

Throughout this kind of course, the student communicates with the school and other student via email, online discussion groups, video conferencing, chats, pin walls, IM and other types of computer-based interact. Programs often contain an online educational system and a tool for creating a cyberroom. Study rates for correspondence courses differ from establishment to establishment and state.

Correspondence is also a good option for those who already have a career and want or need further training.

Here is what to consider before voting an online grade | education

It is as easy for most college undergraduates to choose a college as it is to count Ucas points, check one or two tables and register for a few open house to reduce the number. However, things are more complex for distant study participants for whom study off-campus involves a whole series of new reflections.

What does the study plattform look like? In order to get a feeling for the study setting, you should ask the university if they are offering a trial lesson, says Ian Myat, head of the education company at Birmingham University: "A number of vendors allow you to try a course and try it out the same way you would if you were enrolled," he says.

This is the actual agreement? Counterfeit establishments are a constant problem with online study programmes, so it is a good idea to take the necessary amount of eLearning to make sure that the course you have selected is the right one. You can also contact many of the vendors to speak with your student or provide information on study programmes. Georgina Crop, who holds a BA in English literary and linguistic studies from Open University, was concerned that her graduation could not be considered a "real" degree:

While online students can often reduce expenses by working off-campus and working alongside their degrees, they still charge around a thousand dollars. "Sometimes there is the impression that online study is free," says Myat. "Indeed, the expenses are often similar to those of college classes, and if you want to get a recognized diploma, you should be prepared to accept payment.

"A number of disciplines, such as sport sciences, have more difficult aspects to learn online and need a personal module," says Taylor. As one of the big drawings of correspondence courses, there are less time-controlled courses and the course can be adapted to your life style. "The course enabled me to visit Kärsämäki in Finland for six month, where I completed the European Voluntary Service," says Crop, who also participated in an Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs in Greece.

"She says no conventional college course would have let me do that during my studies. "While most online degree programs are part-time, the amount of lessons you need to invest may differ depending on your institution and course," says Myat. Myat says the most important thing is to keep in mind that online teaching is constantly evolving.

"It' s a developing world, so I would be encouraging people to talk to course vendors and ask a lot of questions," he says. Join Guardian Student on Twitter:

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