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The LeTourneau University offers several complete online courses of study as well as many independent courses. You can apply for online programs today. What is an online degree? What is the time it takes to purchase a degree online? You' re taking classes according to your schedule.

On-line Courses of Study | Requirements and Opportunities

Pupils are faced with the same choices as undergraduates, which schools to go to, which degrees to follow and which courses to take. A number of programmes are fully available online or in a hybrid form requiring work placements, residences or courses on site. There are many prerequisites for online study that are the same as for on-campus study.

Collectives and academia are accepting on the basis of their GPA, ACT and SAT results and other criterions. Some four-year university or higher education institutions provide online degree programmes that allow undergraduates with some transferrable credit to obtain their Bachelor's degree. Postgraduate programmes presuppose a Bachelor's degree and, if applicable, appropriate work placement experiences.

As a rule, online courses contain the same course work as campus-based courses. A few of the areas where you can make a degree online includes, but is not limited to Several online university routines require students spending minimum amounts ofthe amount of study space on college campuses. Even though our college and college graduates have regular communication with teachers and class mates in our online classroom, they can still get together on our college premises with teachers, counselors and schoolmates.

Others contain either mixed or mixed course. The classes represent a significant part of the online contents and often use online debates. While the number of face-to-face classes will be limited, it is still an essential part of the programme. For example, there may be clinic rotation in a health programme in a clinic, work placements in companies for economics graduates or lectures for trainers.

In addition to trustworthy web connectivity, the online program providers are expecting pupils to have the latest computer and computer tools to do the course. It is even more important for programmes that demand a strong use of different programmes and application, e.g. graphics or drawing programmes. The majority of universities use Blackboard or another CMS as a media for online courses.

The student has to ask the university which operation system, browser and plugins work with the selected CMS. The majority of our undergraduates also need to have fundamental computer literacy. This is necessary for participation in online courses and includes: When you are still interesting in administering an online university routine, you must make the same admission conditions and make the same pedagogical options as on college studen.

You will also need to have a working knowledge of computers and computer equipment and softwares that are fully compliant with your school's CMS.

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