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The online students of the CSU receive the same education, learn from the same faculty and receive the same regionally recognized degree as the students on campus. Courses and programs offer the flexibility to study in class, online or in a combination of both. You can find the training you need with one of the online courses offered by College of the Rockies Continuing Education! ADAA' s e-Learning Center is designed to facilitate the training of ADAA members and other dental assistants. Upcoming Calypso Continuing Education online courses?

University of Oxford

The Oxford Department for Continuing Education offers over 1000 part-time training programs per year. Programs including Oxford Award and degree programs at under and post graduate levels, online crash lessons, week-long lessons, daily and week-end activities, continuing education and summers. More than 50 bachelor and post-graduate Oxford degrees: certifications, diploma, advanced diploma, master and doctoral degree in the fields of art, economics, social science, diplomacy, humanitarian affairs, healthcare and biomedicine.

The course lasts from one year to several years part-time. It also operates a postgraduate school to ensure that those participating in in-service postgraduate programs are supported and supervised. Some longer classes lead to Oxford skills. The subjects are deepened over a 10 or 20 week span.

1 or 2-day classes, usually over the weekend, given by teachers and referees who are recognised authority in their area of research. Most of the training is provided in cooperation with local organizations. More than 150 offers per year. There are 200 classes per year, from daily school to brief revitalisation classes and full studies.

Topics are among others healthcare science, diplomacy, public policies, nano-technology, electronics, monument preservation, environment science, and more. Each year, Oxford University receives almost 20,000 applications for classes from the Department for Continuing Education, making it one of the UK's leading educational institutions.

The Oxford Department for Continuing Education is also one of the oldest provider of in-service education for adults and was established in 1878 at the head of the University Extension initiative.

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Students who take an online course are awarded a personal qualification card that allows them to submit an application for training credits* to their country or area. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the participant to work with their country or districts to assess loan needs. Educational strategy courses:

Faculty Courses: No. We do not provide direct training credit. Students who take our online classes can obtain a printed copy of a course attendance card that can be used to apply for training credit from most states and schoolships. How do I get training credit?

The state' s demands on further training differ. Where can I find the lessons for a course? Opening times depend on the course. To find out the number of lessons for this course, click on the "Take course" tab. Example: The "Leaders of Learning" course is six consecutive six consecutive periods and takes 2-4 lessons per working day, so you would multiplicate 6 (weeks) x 4 (hours per week) to define 24 lessons.

The majority of classes are open to all students, while some classes involve certain degree or professional expertise. What do the classescosts? While you will not get a certification when you are auditing a course, you can still printout your progress page for the course if you want proof of your performance.

An audited certificate, which is available for a small charge, may be necessary to prove that you have completed the course. Inquire with your state or your local authority about what documents are needed. Which is a validated certificate? You will need to authenticate your ID with a Web camera and a certificate of identification provided by the state. Certified certifications are available for a small charge and are given for a minimum number of points, which depends on the course.

You can find more information about verified certificates on the page verified certificates. Do all online classes use the same formats? Classes range from self-study to moderation and from single enrolment to group registration. If you have a question not addressed here, please refer to our online training portal FAQ. The" Leader of Learning" MOOC Camp in the Philippines gathered 49 teachers from different colleges and academies to investigate the theory of teaching and lead.

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