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Jump-start your coveted technology career with an online bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of London. Informatics is such a diverse field that it can be difficult for students to find a way. This BS in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation of Commission of ABET and can be purchased online from Regis University. Browse the best fully accredited IT degrees online and see how you can build a successful career by expanding your technical knowledge. IS ONLINE-INFORMATICS DEGREES WORTH IT?

Computer Science at Hertfordshire University | Hons Computer Science (Online)

But they give you the freedom to learn from wherever you want and to adapt your studies to other obligations. Informatics provides you with a wide spectrum of abilities and know-how in key areas such as the basics of calculation, coding, multi-media, networks, data bases, operation system and soft-ware engeneering. The information technologies cover many facets of information technologies, but with a stronger emphasis on the needs of individuals and organizations.

Further information on application, financing and how the online course works can be found at UH Online. Hons (BSc) information technology also available online. To learn more about how it works, how it is financed and how to submit an application, please go to UH Online. Learn how the School of Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire is leading the business with its world-class research and close ties to companies.

Courses start on certain days, you will be studying as a small group, there are 24-hour courses and online testing sessions. In this way you connect the flexible nature of correspondence courses with the self-discipline and sense of commonality of conventional schooling. By taking full benefit of online technology, we enable quicker and more efficient communications and much more comprehensive educational material than is normally possible with other types of remote schooling.

In order to enter stage 4, the entire course is available in two models: a part-time course of studies for stages 4 and 5 and a full-time course of studies for stage 6 (duration 5 years). The entire course is divided into two courses of studies for starting at stage 6:

Participation in BSc Prizes for BSc 4: For the determination of the aptitude, technical reference and a personally comment are necessary. An essential individual message about why you want to attend this program, what you expect from the course and where you see your further develop.

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