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First steps at an online community college? The ones with the code ONL are online. Visiting an online community college has several advantages, especially for students who work or provide full-time care for their children. The Community College of Philadelphia offers a variety of courses and study programs online and in hybrid (classroom/online) environments. The students can only take one class or complete a full certificate or associated degree online.

University of Michigan Online

is Michigan College online: While Michigan College Online offers college attendees the option of attending courses that are unavailable at their own college for various reason, they still receive assistance at their comfortable "home" college. Any credit acquired at provider college will be returned to the student's home college. Michigan Community College Association has established the MCO in collaboration with Michigan Community College to give college attendees more courses and programmes.

The Michigan College Online (MCO) is an effort of the Michigan Community College Association and the 28 Michigan Community College. MCO maintains this website with a condensed list of online courses offered by all MCO member universities and provides a unique website to start the registration proces. Students can enrol for courses at other institutions of higher education through the Michigan College Online Web site, complete the course from another "provider" college while retaining their state at their home college and proceed to welcome home college assistance facilities.

Any credit acquired at provider college will be returned to the student's home college. Michigan College Online's vision is "to combine the educational and supportive capabilities of Michigan Community College so that students can enjoy accessible, high-quality study experience anytime, anywhere. Expanding comfortable and accessible university literacy is a long-standing task of Michigan Community College.

The Michigan Community College Association, in collaboration with the 28 Michigan Community College, launched this joint venture in 1999. Developed to benefit both those who are traditionally community college attending and those who are not serviced by a community college but need what community college has to provide, as well as those who have geographic, disability, time pressure or technological ineligibility.

Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative (MCCVLC) has renamed, upgraded its website and redesigned its enrollment system - all for you! Membership is open to the Michigan community, and is open to all. Courses are shared - to give you the chance to remain on your way to university.

Michael Colleges Online is where you can go to find the course that will take you back to your home college and meet your needs - and if you have funding, you can use it for courses that you can find on our website.

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