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The list of DEAC-accredited universities can be found under List of DEAC-accredited universities. Part of the state overhaul, colleges and universities across Illinois were asked to redouble their efforts to deliver high-quality online programs. The University of Maryland University College offers affordable, convenient, job-related online bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and certificates. You can study in Cambridge, wherever you are in the world, with a short online course. One of Canada's leading universities offering online and distance learning courses.

Georgia Online Colleges | The 23 Best Online Schools of 2018

1st Brenau University of Gainesville$$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: The Brenau University, based in Gainesville, Georgia, is a free, art-oriented college that provides a wide range of online study courses. Educación's online programme at Brenau began in 1998, so the college has over two decades and more of experiance teaching students in an online and interval setup, making it one of the oldest online colleges in Georgia.

Whilst there are some online junior programmes available, Brenau has a wide range of online senior programmes, which include Master's programmes in Visual Art, Educational Science and Economics. Those who would rather go on university would probably join the women's academy, the art and human sciences academy or the school's fast-growing health care programme.

However, there are numerous other offers for those who are interested in courses of studies beyond fine art and health care. 2nd Toccoa Falls CollegeToccoa Falls$$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: Toccoa Falls College's Christendom story is an important part of student training. It is strongly based on the ideas of the religious communion and helps the pupils to enhance their formation and temper.

Toccoa Falls' online programmes share the same ideals and practice, but provide the versatility of non-traditional training. They are ideal for working undergraduates who want to acquire new abilities to advance their careers. Any course can be taken during free times and supplemental funding is provided to support community based professional work.

Toccoa Falls is one of the best online colleges in Georgia for the excellence of its bachelors and associates degree programs. 3rd Shorter UniversityRome$$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Information: A shorter university was established with a view to using those ideals to create a libertarian art training that emphasises the upbringing of the whole being.

During their studies in Shorter, our exchange programme allows our exchange programme participants to reinforce their religious beliefs and at the same time complete a four-year course of study. If you don't want to go to a university, Shorter University has many online classes and study programmes that can be attended completely online. They are for those who are employed, making it easy to gain a qualification while working or starting a home.

Fewer University is one of the few online colleges in Georgia that provides Associates, Undergraduates, and Graduates qualifications in the same area, so that graduates who wish to obtain a diploma or further their training can all study at the same school. 4th Thomas UniversityThomasville$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: Training at Thomas University reflects the international dimension of the contemporary state.

This has always been a favourite target for foreigners, especially because of the programmes on offer. Several of these programmes are also available through their online academy, a smaller department of Thomas University that offers greater student mobility. Having already earned a name as one of the best online colleges in Georgia, Thomas University has expanded further and developed into an internationally recognized university.

If you are interested in online or foreign studies, you may want to find out more about the Thomas University and its chances of success. 5th Truett-McConnell CollegeCleveland$$$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Info: Truett McConnel College has evolved in accordance with its key assets, which embrace individual transformations, the home and corporate beliefs.

They are reflected in each of their courses, as they not only challenge the student to study, but also to make progress as people. A top online school in Georgia, the online available graduate courses correspond to the standard of those who would have earned a student if they had been studying on university campuses.

There is also an online graduates programme in Divinity for those who want to know more about the spiritual value Truett-McConnel has established. 6th Luther Rice College & SeminarLithonia$$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Info: Rice College & Seminary is different from other educational establishments because it is one of the few online colleges in Georgia to provide the same qualifications as conventional college courses on college campuses.

Luther Rice has more than a dozen years of online program delivery expertise, proving that her online grades are consistent with the excellence of her on-campus undergraduates. Best of all, every Luther Rice course is fully online and fully certified. Rice is also recognised as one of the cheaper collegiate option.

7. Points UniversityWest Point$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Information: At Point University, one of the key assets is management, which is supported by its academic qualifications on and off-site. Point also has one of the most varied online programmes in Georgia with over 30 partner, Bachelors and Masters programmes. A number of the online grade option choices at Point are bookkeeping, law enforcement, counseling, psychological and people-to-people.

We also have hybride programmes for college graduates who would rather go online or oncushion. Southwestern University of GeorgiaAmericus$$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: There is a large local community of undergraduates at Georgia Southwestern State University, although many choose to graduate through correspondence courses.

Georgia South Western is offering countless online grades, and they are regarded as one of the top online colleges in Georgia for medical care. Anyone who chooses to take a correspondence course can either take a certain level of studies or attend single online courses. The aim is to give the student the freedom to learn at their own speed and according to their own timetable.

As this is a four-year institute, most of the qualifications on offer are undergraduate. However, there is also the possibility of obtaining a university diploma and postgraduate vocational schooling. Georgia UniversityAthens$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: Georgia's oldest university, the University of Georgia, has taught generation after generation of college how to be successful in their lives by promoting the formation of the whole being.

University of Georgia offers Bachelor, Master, Doctor or Associate degrees and, if they choose, individual tuition. The best way to get a UGA diploma is through their online programme. These programmes not only provide more student mobility, but they can also come in the shape of one-to-one courses so that the student can support their studies as they need or think is right.

Georgia University is home to one of the biggest online colleges in Georgia with more courses than many other states. The Columbus State UniversityColumbus$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Information: The Columbus State University has organized its courses to meet the needs of all phases of its undergraduates.

The number of postgraduate programmes is almost the same as that of any other programme offering the opportunity for a student to pursue several stages of studies at an institute. Whilst many of our undergraduates decide to go on college, there are many options off-academic, such as work placements or other practical experience. An extensive online course of studies is also available.

The Columbus State is offering more online grades in Georgia than most other community colleges, especially when it comes to grad programmes. We offer a dozen of postgraduate programmes, either online, on college or through a mix of both. University of Technology-Main CampusAtlanta$$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the top research institutions in the state, with many of our college graduates studying science, technology and computer science.

The aim of these courses is to provide the research competence and practical experiences that they need in order to be immediately successful in their work. However, many of our alumni decide to pursue their studies in order to advance their careers. The online academy in Georgia Tech is a favorite way to do this. We offer several postgraduate degrees through online schools so that learners can progress while continuing their careers.

We also have a variety of online classes so our enrolment is at their own speed from all over the time. Address & Contact Info: The Albany State University's mission is to provide high level higher learning while pursuing a highly original and imaginative academic environment.

One of a kind training at Albany State makes this one of a kind from other state colleges in Georgia. The other thing that distinguishes the college is that it is one of the biggest online colleges in Georgia's state system. Online study programmes are available completely online at all echelons. We also have certifications for those who wish to support their four-year or academic training.

They also have the opportunity to move to towns other than Thomasville while graduating and studying to prepare for a prospective careers. Forth Valley State UniversityFort Valley$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: One of the central values at Fort Valley State University is the concept that individuals from all spheres of human activity can be successful and make a big difference.

FVSU has also tried to be more affordably priced by trying to be more inclusive for all, and they are seen as one of the more affordably priced establishments in Georgia. Identical impulses are used in their online courses of study. Whilst they currently are only offering five grades, one of which is a postgraduate one, their engagement to accessibility makes them one of the more affordable online colleges in Georgia.

FVSU graduates are not only successful in their own areas, but also in strengthening the communities in which they live. University of Georgia SouthernStatesboro$$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Info: Georgia Southern University is one of the most renowned colleges in Georgia, and its online university routine is no exception. No... During their training at Georgia Southern, they are taught by professionals in their own subject area while at the same time gathering practical experiences.

It is also home to one of Georgia's biggest online high school graduates. Hundreds of university qualifications are fully available online, many of them in the educational sector. Everyone interested in becoming a Georgia State instructor can take advantage of a college qualification, and the versatility of online studying allows them to learn at their own speed.

The University of North GeorgiaDahlonega$$$$$$$$$$$$ Management is anchored in the University of North Georgia cultural fabric. The UNG is a nominee state leadership institution and the Military College of Georgia. UNG also provides a correspondence course for those who cannot attend or find it easy to do online work.

Every grade deserved online is still accredited and recognised with the same level of excellence as any other UNG grade and comes with the same level of fl exibility as any online university in Georgia. Even those who opt for correspondence courses still have the same management training as those who study oncushion. State University of ClaytonMorrow$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info:

Whilst many state universities and colleges have large class sizes, Clayton State University provides smaller class sizes for more personalised training while staying close to the bustling Atlanta town. Clayton State's closeness to a large town gives the student all the advantages of urban living, plus internships.

Clayton State graduates who do not want to commmute to class can always obtain their diploma online. Clayton State's online tutorial is as comfortable as any online colleague in Georgia with many diplomas and certifications. University of Georgia and State UniversityMilledgeville$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Info:

Whatever your studies at Georgia College and State University, you will have the same fundamentals: a powerful, open-minded art training. It gives pupils the opportunity to go beyond their chosen subject area and help them to develop as an individual and leader throughout their life. Whilst the undergraduates are all graduated on college campuses, there are online graduates available that can be graduated fully online or through a dual hiring process.

As a result, the student can study completely or partially outside the college at his or her own speed. The GCSU's dedication to providing high quality training makes it one of the best online colleges in Georgia for masters. West GeorgiaCarrollton University$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Information: Collaborative and individual development are key assets at the University of West Georgia.

As one of the country's biggest open universities, the UWG has almost everything it has to provide, even extensive graduates. Undergraduates can work towards one of the 88 degree programs provided by the institution, with either a conventional on-campus or online studies. Your online academy is also certified and allows pupils to learn at their own speed.

Unfair Competition's key assets in combination with the versatility of its online programmes make the college an excellent place to acquire an online grade in Georgia. Address & Contact Information of Valdosta State UniversityValdosta$$$$$$$$$$: Valdosta State University, located in South Georgia, provides courses of study for university and graduate graduates. These will help make the college an affordable choice for college kids outside of Georgia, as well as those living in the state.

Valdosta's online education is one of the advantages of attending a course. There are many different courses that can be completed entirely online or through a mix of online and on-campus studies. The Valdosta State provides more educational programmes than most other online colleges in Georgia and gives the opportunity for college graduates to choose what they want, whenever they want.

August UniversityAugusta$$$$$$$$$$ Address & Contact Info: Augusta University, established in 1828, is one of Georgia's oldest colleges. Former Georgia Regents University, Augusta is recognised as a research college, but its healthcare and medical programmes should not be underestimated. Both bachelor's and master's degree programmes are available, some of which can also be taken online.

The University of Nurse Education, for example, has a Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programme as well as several doctorate programmes, all of which can be fully concluded online - one of the few online colleges in Georgia to offer this comfort. The other programmes provided by the language centre can also be done online, in a personal capacity or through a mixture of both.

Augusta has three independent campsites, each within the Augusta region of Georgia, for those preferring to go on college. About Beulah Heights UniversityAtlanta$$$$$$$$$$$$Address & Contact Info: Beulah Heights University was one of the major drivers that lead to the Bible being recognized as a top school. A large part of their syllabus, for example, is to teach pupils how to become a leader in their local churches and areas.

A further important component of the BHU is the correspondence course, which gives the possibility to the studying on-line. As one of the few online colleges in Georgia offering online religion classes, the BHU has become the market leading provider of bachelor's and master's programs in this area.

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