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Online courses are conducted through OHIO Online. Found in Ohio, Ashland University is a Christian-affiliated institution ranking among the best online colleges in Ohio. It is a private liberal art and science school that emphasizes the importance of each individual student. On the Ohio Online Schools list you will find the best online schools in Ohio for value, based on academic rigor and affordability. The Ohio-based company is a leading provider of online education services.

15. Findlay University

Wellcome to our best value rankings of online colleges in Ohio. Unbelievably, there are nearly 100 different universities in Ohio, but only about 30% of them register a respectable proportion of college or college graduates in online class. We offer you the 15 "best prices" from these online available school. "These top 15 colleges have all scored at least 55 points (out of 100) in our rankings.

See also our rankings of the best comprehensive universities: Tops cheap colleges online. University of Findlay's online programme is a one-of-a-kind tool for comfortable specialist programmes in the field of economics. Featuring four one-of-a-kind bachelor-level levels of Health Care Management, EHS, Environmental Safety and Health, and Emergency Operations, Findlay offers online undergraduates a range of focused online programmes that they won't find at any other accessible online Ohio university.

Due to this pragmatical orientation (as well as the overall programme quality), Findlay's online segment is well above the national mean at 56%. Findlay's final grade rating in a ranking of the best online universities in Ohio is hardly unparalleled; Ashland University's graduates are 2% higher!

That is all the more impressing when you look at Ashland's extensive online study program for students. Ashland' s economic, health care, penal law and inter-disciplinary study programmes make it clear that these statistics have as much to do with Ashland's dedication to the students' achievement as with the attractiveness of the programmes themselves.

As Ashland, Miami University provides a wide variety of online bachelor's courses for undergraders. For those interested in the sciences and art, a B.A. in Liberal Studies allows those interested in doing research to follow their various interests; those interested in doing a course of studies in economy and finances in the commercial programme; and registrated nursing staff can complement their certificates with an expedited RN-to-BSN-qualification.

As an in-state student, you can use all of these online features at only $14,000 per year, making Miami one of the most accessible colleges in Ohio! Tiffin is a good example for the next generation of electronic universities.

To meet the needs of the expanding student market that wants more flexible for a variety of reasons - work, travel, comfort - by providing a significant part of its entire course of study online: everything from BA's in Computer Science to BBA's in Accounting to BS's in Information Technology. Because they share the same faculties for correspondence as well as on-club classes and both have the same academic record, there is no need to get an online grade in Ohio from that university.

University of Cincinnati online graduation programmes are peppered with U.S. News accolades, which received six top Ohio online graduation ranks in 2016. These 6 programmes alone would slightly eclipse the online services of similar organisations, but this is only the tip of the iceberg for Cincinnati online. Cincinnati' online bachelor's programmes cover health care, economics, training and civil and structural sciences - even before the individual qualifications in each division are counted!

However, while pupils can select this type of education because of its diversity, only the level of education in the department and the syllabus could make up Cincinnati's 62% final grade ratio. Young-stown State University may be among the top online Ohio colleges for its relatively low enrolment of online college graduates (only 15% of the entire student population), but it is not responsible for the shortage of exposition nor grade.

Indeed, YSUs will receive many awards from Accredited Schools Online, FinEcon Rankings and Affordable Colleges Online in the coming years. Meanwhile, it is undeniable that YSU has sophisticated online programmes in the areas of Allied Health, Public Health, Nursing and Respiratory Science that should address any expert who wants to establish references in these specialised and competitively priced areas.

That is why Ohio Christian University has been developing its religious correspondence school program initiatives. Without on-site attendance, asychronous course work and non-binding, noncommittal part-time planning, it has never been simpler for religious college graduates to develop their testimonies at an institute that promotes their beliefs and decisions in their lives. The OCU is accredited by the Association for BiB Higher Educational and the Higher Learning Commission to ensure a Bible and academical training that can compete with the best online universities in Ohio.

The Cleveland State University may not have the highest number of graduates or the highest proportion of online undergraduates, but it certainly offers one of the best education for the working undergraduate. The CSU's fees are still below $10,000, making it even able to compete with some of the cheapest Ohio high school institutions, whether they provide bachelor's or not.

This does not come from an adult education center, but from one of the biggest and most productive research colleges in the state of Ohio. This prize allows the student to choose from a variety of career paths that include care, business administration, organizational management and more. Toledo University is another top contender in the swimming pool of online achiever award in Ohio, and it is clearly out to work out the equilibrium of high stakes, cheap professionals.

Cleveland is close to Toledo when it comes to state fees, but it deserves a clear win when it comes to academics. Toledo' offer is aimed at a broad range of college and college graduates and at the same time offers a competitive advantage.

FrankIlInUs University is the opposite of most of the top online Ohio schools: where most of the colleges on this listing are tradtional, bricks and mortar establishments with a correspondence course components, FrankIlIn is a primarily online college with a lean 16% on-campus enrolment of. Franklin provides a wide variety of Bachelor's degree programmes to complement the competitive study programmes with a combined 36 different study programmes.

No matter whether you are looking for a qualification in marketing, supply chain management or web development, you will find it online at Franklin. Kent State University in Kent is Ohio's largest provider of online courses in some way, with nearly 14,000 undergraduates.

The Kent State is also home to a number of one-of-a-kind grade routines that are tough to find at other affordable online colleges in Ohio; specialised pre-schools such as insurance studies and environmental management are just another way that Kent State has created as a leaders in gap gap education. To this point on the scorecard, point of pricing and grading rates were the prime benchmarks that differentiated the best online colleges in Ohio - but numbers alone don't intersect it in the top five.

The Ohio University is raising the bar with a number of persuasive (and free) online tuition for eCampus undergraduates, pedagogical advantages for veteran eCampus learners, and a network of consortia with communities of the area. The Ohio also includes a page from Kent State's study guide with pronounced courses such as Customer Service and Technical Operations Management.

While Harrison has a wealth of strong points - which include a strong correspondence course quota, top promotion rates and competitively priced teaching - what is most striking is his wide range of online collegiate classes in Ohio. In this notable academy, undergraduates are not restricted to a shortened range of pre-professional bachelor's degree programs, as is the case at many other accessible undergraduates.

Harrison has 15 specialised and general courses to offer at the subgraduate stage alone, so there is no compromising on cost and comfort in Harrison's online study programme. The Mercy College of Ohio, with a global student online college, is not only one of the best online Ohio colleges, but also one of the best in the state.

Desire2Learn (D2L), Mercy's Learning Management System, is the core of the central education programme that enables the entire organization to offer virtually similar study experience to both online and offline schoolchildren. It is an amazing opportunity for Mercy's amazing offering of specialisation and graduation programmes in health care to enhance the skills of physicians across the country.

It is not difficult to see how the Union Institute & University can keep its expenses low, as the conventional class-room infrastructure is fully geared to online school. However, it is also undeniable that the Union offers the lowest-priced vocational training in the country. Ohio Online College Classification of the Union is not just a consequence of its unbeatable price calculation - after all, the absolutely cheapest choice (at least in the near term) for the most financially anxious would be no grade at all.

Rather, it reflects the fact that Union is offering more courses than any other except a few others and still succeeds in undercutting even the less impressing ones. How do you feel about these top online deals in Ohio?

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