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Select the online university courses you need for your degree. Is it possible to transfer these old credits to an online graduation program? The majority of accredited online universities and programs accept transfer credits from campus-based schools. As a regionally accredited, quality-oriented school, you can prove that at least some of your credits earned online deserve to be transcribed. Use your credits and finish your Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis faster!

There are 370 online courses with Real College Credit that you can access for free.

Today, more and more colleges offer loan programmes through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It all began with a small number of courses such as the UII' s ('Coursera') and Georgia Tech's Online Master of Science in Computer Science (Udacity) MBA, but has given way to a dozen MOOC-based programmes that can lend loans to students.

Most of these new programmes are mainly part-financing. In this way, edX's MicroMaster can count approximately one term of a Master's programme. Several of these online classes are exactly the same as the ones taken by oncampus. There is a catch?-?is which, in most cases, in order to turn MOOC course work into college loan, you must be registered in a programme at a school.

This usually means going through an admission procedure and payment of study fees. However, it is important that the general population is able to check exactly the same course that the paid student takes for study achievements. I' ve recently compiled a listing of all the classes I could find that are part of For-Credit programmes and are still open to the world.

I have searched for at least 370 classes from 49 different colleges in the fields of science, economics, art and technics. In particular, the already named MOOC-based two-degree study programmes (iMBA and OMSCS) can be examined in their totality free of charge.

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