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When you want to earn credits for a course but find that visiting (or staying on campus) is not an option, online learning can be the perfect solution. We work with leading academic institutions to offer selected courses for college credits. Improve your skills and grow as a professional with online college courses. From high school students to non-traditional students, there are ways to earn college credits before college, from AP classes to academic portfolios. The Michigan Tech courses are regular online courses that are available to anyone who qualifies to attend tech courses anywhere in the world.

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If you decide to complete your course at a later date, you will already be involved to some extent. You may be interested in our post-graduate courses if you already have a diploma. The prices shown apply to UK nationals who start their course of higher education before 31 July 2018. However, if you would like to further your language proficiency in a specific area but do not require any further training, you can take a course on your own.

The majority of credits can be applied to a skill if you alter your opinion. FHEQ (The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales und Nordirland).

College Credit Courses - Online Courses with Videos

Take advantage of our self-directed, attractive videocourses to make your graduation quicker and cheaper. Select an online course: We have a comprehensive videotheque with several college courses on Sociopsychology, Biochemistry, US and Global Histories, Calculation, Marketing, Managemen, Chemicals, Environment and more. View exciting tutorials on video: Make college credits on your own conditions with self-paced tutorials that you can view whenever your timetable allows.

Every course contains a quiz, exams and a test. They can even upload videos to view off-line. For whom are our courses? Each of our courses is led by teachers with several years of professional training. You will have the same high standard of teaching as in a conventional college-classroom.

Online-Learnings format: Participate in our online courses when it suits you. There is no need to bother waiting until the beginning of a new term to gain college credits. Browse our dozen courses to help you gain college credits.

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