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For general information about online courses. Enhancement Online offers convenient, affordable, self-directed online learning. If you want to search for an online course, select the topic from the drop-down list and click Search. Find courses available online at Indiana University. On-line courses are the bridge to your educational goals!


DO ONLINE CLASSES DIFFER FROM ON-CAMPUS CLASSES? It is expected that the student will take charge of studying and lecturing within this framework. AND WHO CAN ATTEND AN ONLINE COURSE? The online course reflects the size and timetable of campus-based training. The classes are offered for those currently registered in the classroom course, those outside the course or those interested in studying from home.

Undergraduates can take online classes from around the globe or try to graduate while bringing up a child or working full-time. The lectures go through a combined course of study on the basis of the term calender. Normally, assignments are allocated for the beginning of the weeks and pupils have until Friday or Saturday to do them.

The homework is similar to working in the schoolroom, as pupils are required to give lectures, practise difficulties or take part in audio-visual work. They have to divide themselves to do their tasks and are also in charge of their own itinerary. Although the timetable and syllabus are adaptable, the student should not experience the feeling of being alone or in a stand-alone course as they are learning the course materials and progression during the year.

One frequent part of the online course is a panel where the student can ask a question and talk in an open forums. The instructor is available to help you with any question and to give your input on the tasks. Like any other group, the online classes include QuizQuizzes and Exams to help the student evaluate their comprehension of courseware.

Exams are available online for many classes, but not always evaluated by a computer. They are also asked to rate their own achievement or attendance. Instructors in online classes are willing to help or provide answers to your question and can also provide other assistance, such as the Online Help Center, online teaching or online tech-services.

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