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Vous recevrez vos données d'accès au campus en ligne au début de vos études. Please note: New online students must complete the Orientation & Student Success Seminar (ORI) before they can take their first online course. The Canvas is an intuitive learning management system that improves teaching and learning on and off campus. These schedules are available for courses on the online campus. For this reason LGIT is very pleased to offer online trainings via the LGIT Online Campus.

Fairfax County Public Schools Online Campus

Join an online course for high schools credits! Designed in accordance with the Virginia Standard of Learning (SOL) and Advanced Placement (AP), these classes are based on the Fairfax County Public Schools Program of Studies (POS). They are for those who have planning conflict, specific health needs, need a home or clinic, have specific needs, need a timetable that is adaptable, need to fulfill the demands of completing a course virtually, or need an alternate attitude to do so.

Universities - Georgia Military College

By enrolling in the programme of your choosing, you can participate in your programme from anywhere in the worid without ever having to step into a schoolroom. Participate fully online or add online courses to your classic sedentary course work at any campus site.

It'?s up to you. On the online campus you will find committed members of our team in the areas of admission, financial assistance and consulting who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, the online classes are offered by a beautiful faculty that understands the needs of online students and does its best to make sure your learning outcomes.

And you can even order your books online by going to our online text book website! Please click here for a full campus brief.

Businessschool Online Campus - Collaborative Businessprograms

Studying your businesses through online programmes. The EU opened its online campus in 2012 to anticipate the upturn in company transport and bustling businessmen'sdas. Thanks to the flexibility of timetables and multi-media instruments, enrolments can obtain a fully accrediated qualification within a year without having to forego their work plan.

"The reason I have chosen the EU is that I think what it has to offer in relation to the level of the syllabus is very well organised and well thought out; it is a complete mixed programme. You' ve got sophisticated problem-solving activity with poeple from all over the globe and that's not what you want in an online programme, so it's really unique."

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