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Bible study online to learn more about how an online Bible college can help you balance the needs of work and family as you follow a path of service to Christ. The Trinity Bible College is an online Bible school that offers Bachelor and Associate programs. Recognized online Bible schools offer various Bible study programs and degrees. View our list of online Bible and Christian schools and colleges. The Grace College of Divinity is an online Bible school taught by experienced professionals.

I' ve begun the Bible classes and I' m more than ever in love and I' m hungering for the Word of God.

I' ve begun the Bible classes and I' m more than ever in love and I' m hungering for the Word of God. If you want to keep spreading the gospel in your college, the classes are great. Let many more Bible disciples receive their education for free if we disseminate the God of God to the world.

God's Holy Spirit works through these teachings and teach you the unspeakable truths. I' ve been attending these classes (with long breaks) for many years. May God be blessed to all who are reading this and encouraged to learn. OBC Online programs I like, I started studying about 2-3 week ago and it was a life-changing experience for me.

I don't know how I really tripped into this great academy online, but I am happy that the Lord has led me to this marvelous knowledge of the Gospel. Thank you and your co-workers for a beautiful present that you have given me to find out more about God's words. The more I read, the more my attention is focused on God's will for my being.

I' m enjoying every minute of my life to study God's words. As I read the Exodus I did not comprehend anything when God Moses said he should construct the sanctuary, especially when God was telling him about the colours linen, crimson, scarf and azure. I knew that these colours had a meaning, guesswork something, God revealed the colours to me when I was learning the tapestry of the Word of God.

I' m taking my sweetheart' s day to study. May God be with you. The OBC has revived my passion and esteem for the Word of God. At a point where I was stalemate with God on my walking and struggling to get the word out at home, it was just so hard to get into it.

It was the Lord who guided me to your website a few days ago and now I am looking forward to delving into the Bible and studying it is so much simpler for me now. I enjoy the classes and do my best to do more despite all the diversions. If you really penetrate the Bible, everything begins, from illness to life and even deaths.

However, through all this I still urged to learn, even if I wanted to fall on my face. It' such an astonishing thing that you don't want to put it down. May God be with you. I' m so thankful for this new comprehension and for God's astonishing grace. Thanks for this lecture and God be with you all.

It is an priceless asset for anyone who wants to go into the Bible more deeply. When I was looking for a Bible/Theology course, I came across this website a few days ago. In the brief period of my life I took the teachings I had begun to see the Bible in a whole new way.

God be with you, OBC, only I am sanctified by your materials. In 1992 I met Jesus Christ through my uncles, who also presented a Bible. Reading John 3:16 and 14:6, these verse moved my mind and I received Jesus Christ in 1997.

Before I go online to read the Bible, I have no clue, except by Chat. Many thanks to OBC for the free offer of all our classes. While I' m at university, I' m overjoyed. Now I pledge to the Lord that I will be a diligent learner and will serve all my years. I began my first lecture about a love for God's words a fortnight ago.

May God be with you all. Only last evening I signed up for free classes and I already love it and I can't get off the computer monitor. These free classes are very educational and help me to get ready for the accreditation exam. I can now comprehend God and know what he means in the Bible instead of guessing for myself.

Again, thank you, Godspeed. I' m praying that more students enrol in your classes. They are very simple to attend and provide the important things we need to know as Christians without having to worry about pointless topics, as so many online classes do.

Wherever you are just studying the Bible, as well as those who are well proficient in Bible studies, I strongly commend OpenBC because, I find it is a great fresher course too. I am on 12 session of the Gospel teaching...I wanted to know more about the God who came to rescue me and who he really is, so I looked for the web and look, I saw it....

I would like to say that since I am a college graduate, I have changed and want to know more about God, all the more...How much I wish there was only one Bible College until the Master comes...God is blessing the Colins for this one..... When I stumbled upon OBC, I was looking for a good free online Bible study.

Since then I have learned a great deal and I have fallen in more than ever in love with my Lord and Savior because my narrowly opened my eye to see what has made him dastard. Those teachings opened my gaze to see that I was the one who inflicted the pains on Him on this crus.

I pray that many more will come here and prepare for the Lord's imminent arrival, and thanks to the coworkers of OBC, God will be rewarding you for my daily change in my university. Now I have attained my twentieth lecture, and although I still have a long way to go, I am already struck and persuaded by the truths, knowledge and genuine teachings of the College.

I' m in Passion for God's Word Class 5 right now and it was just great! I am studying again every day and I believe in God that things will get better. Thanks for the good work and for giving to the Lord - I am a changed one.

I' ve recently finished a lesson in God's Word and now I have a few teachings in The Force of the Gospel, so I still have a long way to go! My tears and my hearts have already been opened to so much that I had been missing before, but my appetite for God's Word is increasing and I long to work through all the classes and to put what I am learning into my lives and work.

Thanks, OBC. I've been looking for this for a long time....time...and surprisingly it's FREE...I'm so thankful and while I am studying every day, I am feeling a deep appetite to learn more about God's Word alive. Thanks OBC, may God the Almighty be blessing the whole group.

Many thanks for your loyalty to God's vocation to your life. And I understand God's words like never before and share with others what God teaches through you as I strive to fulfil the vocation of service..... how He guides me in the places He Himself wills.

The Karo Jones U.S.A. World can' t say how grateful I am OBC. Thank God for the mercy He has given you to be able to manufacture and offer the trainings free of cost. I' ve visited several congregations and I' ve been reading so many Christians' novels, but no one has presented the Bible in a straightforward and straightforward way.

The OBC online classes now give me a comprehensive and deep insight into the work of Jesus Christ on the crucifix. Through God's mercy, I will keep going until I have finished everything. I am so grateful that there are those like you who are training us, even though we are lacking in biblical material, I sincerely wish the Lord would fulfill all your needs to help others, Pagpalain Kayo ng Diyos.

I am so grateful that there are those like you who are training us, even though we are lacking in biblical material, I sincerely wish the Lord would fulfill all your needs to help others, Pagpalain Kayo ng Diyos. This year I began with OBC and felt the teachings as very influential in my own lives and responded to God's call to learn to read His words and to learn to obey this call was made easy for me because I can now attend school in the early morning hour and then practice what I have learnt in my own lives that time.

I went on a trip two nights ago to try to read the Word of God again. I was so out of contact with my relationships with God, myself, my families and my boyfriends because of some of the decisions I had made. Thank GOD for having found OBC and the course A Passion for God's Word.

Nicely spelled and easily understandable. BENE! Those classes have been a real boon in my whole being. May God be with you all. Glorify the Lord. Commend the Lord again, I came last year to participate in this online Bible studies and I am still on the course. I have received the most precious information from ODBC classes to know God and His Word.

This was very important to me to create a solid STONE base before going on to the call of our dear God, Lord Jesus & Holy Spirit. The course began only a few days ago and it helps me to grasp the divine nature in a whole new way.

Thanks for having offered the classes and I look forward to pursuing my studies of the Bible. I' m still taking the classes, but I found a great epiphany in every one. I' even been teaching my herd some of the offered classes. Encouraging OBC to allow God to keep using you to preach the Bible at no cost and to commend this course to all followers of the Bible.

Wherever I went, I was looking for a course that would help me comprehend the Word of God and how to use it in my daily work. I' m so grateful to the good Lord that he has given the OBC staff a premonition to disseminate the Word of God through the classes they are offering; and free of cost.

Using this research, I am spreading the Bible itself, not only through the teachings I have learned here, but also through the example of Jesus and through every single stage of the way. God be with you all for your good work. GOD blesses the OBC staff for the immense work they are doing in building great ministers and great masters of the Word of God.

I have been shaped by my comprehension of the Lord's words and I see myself becoming a great man of God to whom I am alluded. I know that belief comes from listening and listening to the words of God I am great for this college and would not hesistate to suggest that anyone join this college, it is a good college that opens your eye to understand that you can see the things that are in front of you in the hopes of fame. you will be more efficient in your service.

I wanted to continue my Bible studies as a pastor. Approaching Jesus and in God's words I find myself..... LET TIE: MAY GOODNESS ABUNDANTLY CONSECRATE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Just reading the words of God has enhanced my relation to Him and deepened my prayer.

Many of you who are thinking about the study of the Bible..... Now equip yourself with the words, if not for another purpose than preparing for the fight. May God be with you all! teach ings of the words of God.

and I learned a great deal about the Bible. God keep blessing OBC. U.S.A. Thank God for the online Bible school. I' m feeling so good now that I' m really studying the Bible. I didn't once get the Bible, but now I do.

I will never ever overlook what you did for me. Thanks and God praise OBC and your wonderful employees. I' m so blest I' m taken to your online college. My earning power is finite, and I had hoped one of these days to find a place where I could really find God's Word "Everything!

" You' re teaching is amazing! Your service is what Christianity is all about! May God be with you all. This is from the Lord, I know. Let the Lord keep blowing you all and being a benediction to others. I' ve finished all 14 classes, I thank God for His real leadership until I have studied His words.

And please keep offering such beautiful classes for all those in outreaches. It is a useful tool for us, even if we come from Africa. May God save the good schools. Thanks for the free classes, I just found them and since then the love for God's Word has increased in me.

Their Bible studies are out standing. It is exactly what I need to help me with my Bible read. Thanks for providing such free online classes that help me to learn and comprehend the words of God. I' ll keep passing this on to other persons from different areas, God be with you.

I was baptized in March last year after a life as a nominee Christian, and there are so many things I want to know. Thanks for allowing someone who has no funds to actually go to Bible school. May God be blessed to all who work on this side!

I' ve been a student for several years now and changed from the free course to the accredited course. I' ve recently begun another online Bible seminar (, and what I have learnt over the years from OBC has really opened my mind to the true significance of Christianity.

May God be with OBC and every participating disciple. The OBC is such a boon for many like us who want to acquire and improve their understanding of the Word. Your classes are life-changing. Each gang is one such food. May God be with you! Im just surprised by just rereading some of the other students notes about how they did happen to tumble over OBC a few weeks ago. in.

It is very thrilling and keeps me on my tenterhooks to wonder what GOD will show me in the next lesson," I have not even completed the first course and I can see where through OBC GOD started to change my understanding of him and bring me to him.

I am encouraged by the way the teachings are built and described to find out more about my Savior. Then the Lord said to me to register for a free course. I learned a lot about OBC. God is using me in this OBC and spreading the Gospel message to all destitute churches!

I' m publishing a online newspaper named SheepTrax Xpress. I was originally targeted at college kids, but I have writers from all over the world who really want to get to know God through His Word. While stumbling across a Google ad on my site, I was looking for a way to guide the public to better read the font.

Curiously, I took a water testing course and enrolled in the certified classes. Thanks! I ask all those who want to read with OBC, because here we do not know about Jesus and the Lord, but we know and bless with the new revelations and the new truths about the Bible, which has been secret to us for a long while.

And I really enjoy this event, especially when I'm a soldier, it doesn't allow me to take my everyday classes or the online-course. They have been useful and have taught me to speak about Christ with others. Loving these classes. It is my pleasure to delve more deeply into God's words and to find little fingernails of the world.

This is a course I encourage everyone to take. It' a marvellous way to know the real love of our father. It would be my recommendation that if the teachings are taken with an open-hearted, rational approach, the Holy Spirit's strength will transform your lives for the better - whatever your circumstance.

I' d spend many years to read the Bible myself, but I knew that I needed help to fully comprehend everything I read. In the first three months of the course I have learnt more than I have through years of independent use. My studies are well organised and have given me the custom of discipline, dedication, studies and prayers.

It' a worthwhile investment to learn with OBC, and I would suggest it to anyone, whether a new Christian or someone who has been studying the Bible for years. May God have blessed you all there from the OBC team for such a magnificent work. In fact, you are a benediction from the good Lord for his flesh in this end time!

The Father blesses you again, the Son blesses you! and thank you! Just wanted to thank you so much for being loyal to the Lord and letting me study the Bible for free. God save you and your effort. And may our Lord and Savior be with you all. Looking for a way to attend a Bible study course, the Lord guided me to search the web.

My first college I came across was OBC. Classes are hands-on, spiritual and very well structured. Several years later, the Bible College that I went to gave me full recognition for the classes I took through OBC, which assisted me on my way to a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

I' ve listed all the classes and use them for the education and coaching of others. Many thanks for this online service. I' m still astonished about the classroom experience, the syllabus, the interactive testing and the day-to-day comunication. It is an inventive, profound, useful, Bible-centered and imaginative study.

I' d spend many years to read the Bible myself, but I knew that I needed help to fully comprehend everything I read. In the first three months of the course I have learnt more than I have through years of independent use. My studies are well organised and have given me the custom of discipline, dedication, studies and prayers.

It' a worthwhile investment to learn with OBC, and I would suggest it to anyone, whether a new Christian or someone who has been studying the Bible for years.

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