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The University of the People offers three fully accredited online bachelor's courses in business administration, computer science and health sciences. Sociology - Bachelor of Arts. You can apply for an online bachelor's degree and receive your bachelor's degree in economics or finance. Graduated from WolverHampton University. Use online courses to complete your Bachelor's degree according to your schedule.

Hertfordshire University BA (Hons) Business Administration (Online)

The online course is perfect if you are looking for a degree that can result in a broad spectrum of career opportunities. This follows our tradition of study in economics, but gives you the freedom to study from wherever you are and to familiarize yourself with other obligations. To study this course, watch our videos to find out more about the teacher.

Further information about the application, the financing and the function mode of the on-line course of studies finds you on the web pages of the UH on-line one. It was a lot of fun to go on to the online degree in business administration. It was both provocative and interesting and I took all the course sessions, the instructors and admins supported me as well.

Many of our alumni are active in a variety of professions, many of whom hold executive posts in the UK and around the globe. Online-teaching gives you the freedom to choose when and where you can go to university. BABA (Online) course is attended part-time over 5-6 years and you need 360 CERs to qualify.

Typically, there are 60 semesters of part-time work per year and two (2) units per year. Each module of the online course is valued at 15 points. It is therefore important that you draw up a curriculum during the course introduction in order to allow enough work, academic and assessment work.

Usual access to the program at stage 4 is: Included in these are Quantitative Methods for Business (Online) and The Business Professional 1 (Online) and another chosen by the program leader in collaboration with the AP. Students who first complete all of these courses within the four semesters can enrol to the BA in Business Administration (online).

An essential individual message about why you want to attend this program, what you expect from the course and where you see your further develop.

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