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e-associates degree

You can earn your employees in many sought-after areas. You can graduate anytime, anywhere with our convenient online affiliate program. The Penn State World Campus offers several partner degrees online, which you can prepare for a new career path or further education. What makes an accredited online affiliate program important? We' ll explain why and help you find the right online school for you.

e-associate degree

A degree as associated degree offers you a sound basis for achieving your training and job objectives. Luckily, it doesn't have to be awkward to get that degree. Acquire new abilities, discover different careers and broaden your KB online or on location with our versatile study and certification programmes. Compete in the job market today by earning your Associates degree and acquiring the skill set you need to be attainable.

2028 Guide to the Best Online Associate Degrees

Ohio University-Main Campus online undergraduates are eligible to receive their Associate in Art with a major in Art, Liberal Science or Welfare Studies. We also offer an online associate in applied economics. Those wishing to create their own curricula can enrol in the individualised programme.

There are several ways for online learners to apply credits to their degree. In this way, for example, students are able to pass on experience points, acquire credits through examinations or receive credits for Bundeswehr course. The Albany State University has 23 online associates degree programmes, among them student preparation programmes for a career in health care or law.

Between 60 and 75 credentials are awarded to each student to finish their studies, according to the course of study in which they are enrolled. The main subjects of the health care system can decide to change to the online bachelor's degree in organisational governance with a focus on health mangement. ASU and ASU undergraduates can borrow their text books from an online bookshop.

The Albany State also has an online typing centre and an online maths centre where student can interact with virtual-tutor. Albany State's online degree programs start at $3,900 per year. There are three opportunities at Middle State Georgia University for those interested in an online degree in this area. Undergraduates can obtain their Associates of Sciences degree in Penal Law, Finance or Politics.

All in all, these transactions involve 60 credentials. The curriculum has a powerful open-minded art endowment with 42 general study course accreditations. In order to satisfy general educational requirements, the student can select from a range of elective subjects in the fields of sociology, mathematics, the humanitarian sciences and language skills. The Taylor University provides online associates qualifications in Bible study, humanitarian service and business literacy.

Undergraduates who are supported by the Confederation must complete 15 weeks of semester. However, four-month classes are perfect for part-time learners who need added schedule versatility as they can schedule their classes to begin at any age. Another advantage for all online associates is the individual supervision by a professor.

There are no mandatory meetings, and online exchange programs allow online exchange of information with their faculty via the blackboard port. Northwest Nazarene University associates can study in the fields of free study, primary or high school, religious study, bookkeeping or economics. The NNU demands 63 points from partner grade undergraduates.

Thirty two of these points must be purchased at NNU. As well as the main subject classes, there is a key syllabus on a number of subjects covering the arts, natural science and education. Also, online undergraduates have the chance to make regular contact with top-level faculty and gain online academia resourceing.

Certificates online at Northwest Nazarene begin at $10,400 a year. Liberty University Online associate levels offer study in areas such as bookkeeping, economics, penal law, early learning, information system, multidisciplinary study, doctor's assistants, paralegals, religious counselling and more. Liberty's Associate Degree in Religious Affairs is aimed at ministers looking for a vocational formation and at people who want to study their beliefs.

Up to 45 already acquired ECTS can be transferred to your studies at Liberty. Every course of studies is conceived in such a way that the partner grade student can smoothly move into the Liberty Bachelors courses. Liberty provides a wide range of online resource offerings, such as an online typing centre, an online resource bank and tutorials on objectives, timing and notes, to help support them.

The Clarion University provides online associates degree programs in the fields of art and academia, penal law, early learning and economics with a focus on general managemen. Every degree takes 60 Commendations. Besides their main studies, the student also completes classes in the key areas of literature, mathematics, art and the liberal and liberal arts, physics and biology as well as in the fields of sociology and behavior.

If you are looking for a more adaptable syllabus, you can enrol for the Associate in Art and Sciences degree. It is also suitable for those who have not yet chosen a particular course of study. Undergraduates can also move smoothly from Associate in Art and Sciences to the Clarion Bachelor's degree in Liberalscience.

The Troy University provides an online Associate of Sciences degree with a range of specialisations to help preparing for a new career or promote student career development in their profession. The most interesting degree programs are aeronautical operation, defence operation, general world trade, recovery, applied behavioral analyses and computer sciences.

Completion of the course requires 60 Commendations. Each student benefits from a well-rounded syllabus that contains general study needs in the areas of literary, written, mathematical, scientific, arts and humanities. Troy provides both a reading assessments and an online guidance course for the Canvas study and training system to help preparing for online study.

The Champlain College provides online associates qualifications in bookkeeping, economics, software engineering and web designing and developing. Its online study programmes are geared to the needs of working people. At Champlain, associates' degree programmes comprise 60 accreditations and allow them to attend seven-week or 15-week classes that last three terms per year to graduate at a rate that suits their timetable.

Undergraduates can get 45 out of 60 points from their previous work or vocational education. Classes at Champlain College start at $15,360 per year. The Regent University has 7 online associates courses for adults. The student can select a focus in a number of areas such as economics, penal law and information technology.

If you are a student who prepares for a professional life in areas such as teaching Christianity, missionary work or a non-profit organisation, you can opt to study in the field of study of Christianity. As a rule, Regent's associates' degree programs comprise 64 academic credentials, and a Bible view of the world is built into each class. We use Blackboard for our study managment system and allow future pupils to register with a test user to get a sneak peek at the training and an example course.

Waldorf University online enrolled can take an associated of arts degree in one or more of the 17 major subjects. The most interesting courses of study at Waldorf are: One of the most interesting ones is variety and inclusiveness, fire sciences, sports managment, emergencies managment and leadership communications. curriculums for the associated programmes comprise 60 accreditations and are intended to help preparing the student for an easier transfer to the bachelor's programmes in Waldorf Education.

As a rule, graduates can graduate with a full-time matriculation within two years. Shorter University online graduates are awarded through participation in fast-track eight-week classes starting six semesters per year. The timetable gives the student the freedom to work at a speed that is consistent with other obligations and accountabilities in their timetable.

Graduates of the college are Associates of Science with a focus on Judicial Education, Penal Law, General Study and Sports Mangement. This course of study comprises 40 credit points for undergraduate programmes and a further 20 credit points for programmes of specialisation and other optional subjects. The Dakota State University provides online Associate of Science degree programs in economics, healthcare information technologies, networking and safety governance, web design and web design.

The DSU Department provides individual support for online undergraduates. Graduates of the college have earned nationwide acclaim for high level training. The degree of softwareseverything has been recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and the NSI. There is also an Association of Arts degree in General Knowledge, which allows the student to research their interests by earning 30 out of 60 necessary general and elective qualifications.

The Eastern Kentucky University online associates degree programs combine academia and vocational training with a practical perspective. The advantage for the pupils is that they learn from the same instructors who are teaching on the EKU's conventional university campuses. Eight weeks of classes allow the student to complete their study plan more quickly. The student can decide on a specialisation in occupational areas such as fire and rescue services.

The" Association in General Studies" programme enables the student to design their syllabus with informative curricula and to acquire corresponding vocational certifications as part of their course of study. The EKU's associated degree programme requires 64 academic credentials, of which the student can contribute up to 49 credentials from their current training.

The Franklin-Pierce-Universität is a privately owned college with the goal of combining free art with proffesional programmes for the preparation of executives of the 21. centenary. It provides online associates courses in economics, humanitarian affairs, penal law and general law. There are also online points for past internships, certification and vocational schooling.

Every course of study has 60 accreditations and once they have completed their associates degree, they can switch to Franklin Pierce's Bachelor's programmes without any problems. The University of Valley Forge provides online associates opportunities for people who want to start or enhance their career in civic work. There is a choice between Bible, children's, religious and juvenile work.

The majority of classes last seven week and the student can speed up their study by taking more than one grade at a stretch. It is the missions of the schools to incorporate belief and wisdom through educational programmes that help the pupils to live in ministry and guidance. The Indiana University of Technology provides seven online associates in a number of areas.

The online course is held in five-week meetings so that online undergraduates can finish their degree more quickly. Whilst the lessons have stringent starting and finishing times, the course work can be completed in peace and quiet. Graduate Associates can study in the fields of accountancy, penal law, healthcare information technologies, information sciences or general study.

This general program is perfect for those who want to build their own tailor-made syllabus. You can also study economics with a focus on either general or manufacturing economics. The University of Main - Fort Kent provides a range of online associates courses for in-workers. Students can be major in Alliance Disease, Accountancy, Conservation Act execution, Penal Judicature, Emergency Managment/State Safety and Information Securit.

The associated degree requires 60 CERs of study achievements, and the student also has the possibility to specialise within their university. As an example, healthcare information technologies can be chosen by healthcare alliance members. Indecisive enrolled applicants can select a field of study that enables them to study various subjects during their time there.

The University of Campbellsville has an online Association of Sciences degree, led by lecturers with practical hands-on training in their field. Completion of the course requires 62 lessons, comprising 32 general knowledge and 30 lessons in the key work. There is a choice between the main focus on economics, penal law, religious sciences, pedagogy and general knowledge.

They can also adapt their degree with practical experiences and research. As an example, businesspersons are doing an apprenticeship, and law enforcement trainees have the possibility to spend up to three points on an independant course of studies as part of their studies. University of Honolulu offers Associate of Art degree in economics or fine art or Associate of Science degree in crime or law enforcement.

Even though these qualifications are online, the student benefits from syllabuses that encourage practical experience. Hawaii University's Penal Law Programme is the oldest and biggest in Hawaii and has a syllabus directly linked to the Academy of Penal Law. Studying economics is characterised by a powerful, open minded syllabus and practical case work.

The student takes 60 CERs to graduate as an affiliate and may need to purchase 15 of these at Chaminade for some key players. The Wayland Baptist University provides a full-fledged online Association of Applied Sciences degree for working adult learners. Graduates can be trained in the fields of application sciences, economics, humanitarian affairs, judicial authorities and religious studies.

Every degree course takes 64 lessons. Undergraduates must spend 18 of the 64 lessons at Wayland, and they can also earn up to four credentials for work experiences. Wayland's associates degree syllabus is structured so that the student can join Wayland's Bachelor of Applied Science programme as well.

For almost 20 years, the Universidad de Toledo has been offering online courses and a wide range of ressources for correspondence courses, as well as online technical assistance and tuition. The majority of the university's online degree programs are intended for the training of prospective computer technicians. You can specialize in fields such as computer networking administrative, computer program specialists, information service and technical assistance, bookkeeping or economics.

If you are interested in the design of your degree programme, you can opt for a specialisation in the main study period. This general study programme also allows the student to focus on the areas of healthcare and physical activity, penal legislation, communication, the rule of law and jurisprudence. Limitestone College has several associated degree opportunities for individual candidates wishing to start or broaden their career in economics or IT.

Graduates of the associated degree in management cover subjects from the fields of finances, economy and accountancy. Associated PhD candidates can also select computer sciences courses in information technologies or web design & databases. If you are looking for an inter-disciplinary degree, Limestone also provides a flexible study programme that can readily be transferred to a Bachelor's programme.

Incarnate Word provides online associates degree programmes aimed at promoting career advancement or bachelor's degree programmes. If you are looking for a commercial degree, you can opt for the university's online MBA program, which concentrates on general economics theories and practical application. Graduates of the associated degree in information technologies learn technological subjects from a commercial point of views.

Graduates of the associated degree in general study can opt for 18 general educational programmes. As part of their degree programmes, general study programmes also take 22 hrs of charitable work. Every course of study takes 60 lessons of work.

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