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Make your degree in fine arts through the Academy's online art studies. You will find financing opportunities, internships and careers related to art here. A perfect introduction to the art collection. If you are interested in design, technology or fine arts, your passion for art can be followed online. On-line art schools offer diploma, partner, bachelor and master courses for both fine arts and applied arts.

University of the Art

The Open College of the Arts offers you the opportunity to take a unique course or BA (Hons) Open Degree from home or wherever you want and at a convenient moment in the world. Now OCA is part of the University of Creative Art. OCA is a non-profit institution whose non-profit mission is to expand art training through open and open remote-schooling.

The University for the Creativ arts (UCA) awards all our extra-occupational correspondence programs. There is an extraordinary offer of part-time open classes at university levels in the fields of paintings, drawings, photographs, literature, music, illustrations, graphics, creative composition, textile, sculpture, prints, art historical and cinematography. The Open College of the Art is also an award-winning MA Fine Art available online.

UCA - University of Fine Art - UCA - Open College of the Arts Berlin

University for the Arts is one of the UK's widest range of courses for the study of the fine Arts through correspondence courses provided by our correspondence course Collegium, UCA Open Collegium of the Arts. If you are interested in taking part in one of these courses, please contact us. We' ve confirmed the pedagogical excellence of the Open Collegium of the Arts for many years and OCA is now part of the University for the CreativeArts Family which enables us to develop our range to offer the best possibilities for remote study to undergraduates.

On-dollar open-training can be the ideal way to study art at any point in your professional life. There is an extraordinary offer of part-time classes in the fields of paintings, drawings, photographs, art historiography, art, music, illustrations, graphics, creative typing, textile, sculpture, prints and cinematography. A prizewinning online MA Fine Art is also available through our Open program.

Aimed at providing you with basic creativity, vision and technique in the field of film. The Open Foundations course will help you in developing your optical abilities and exploring different ways to create your own fabric concepts with the help of different types of material and tool. Studying art concentrates on the key mediums of the plastic art - painting, drawing, sculpture and graphic art.

For more information about the new BA (Hons) Garden Designs, please go to the OCA website and fill out the inquiry from. This course concentrates on the optical vocabulary of graphics designing and the implementation of imaginative troubleshooting to provide effective communication of optical-solution. This course concentrates on painting, picture creation, narration and finding a solution to problems.

Drawings and picture design are the focus of the studies of illustrations and are researched on the basis of sketch books, figures and report drawings and the relationship between concepts, optical research and results in their work. This course provides a wide variety of exploratory opportunities and is designed to provide students with a variety of abilities that will help them develop into the area of the animated picture they should use.

A BA (Hons) in Art is for those who want to concentrate on the art of sketching and paint to become reflecting artist with the abilities necessary to efficiently create a personnal artist/vocal.

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