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Q: Which nursing online universities and colleges are among the best? The University of West Georgia offers online accredited degrees, certificates and endorsements. Locate colleges & universities with accredited online degree programs. Discover the online courses of study at the AIU.

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The A. T. Still University (ATSU) is the world's first ever Easternopathic medicine university. The ATSU ist von der Higher Learning Commission der North Central Association of Colleges and Schools akkreditiert. The American Public University ist von der Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association und der Accrediting Commission, Distance Education and Training Council akkreditiert.

The APU provides the appropriate programmes and training for today's labour markets above 74° C. The Antonelli College, a renowned fine art institute since 1947, adheres to the tradition of high-quality instruction in the fine art and economy and provides the possibility for the student to further his or her talent and abilities to work.

As the training is no longer confined to the conventional schoolroom, our Distance Learn program is designed to provide high-quality training possibilities via the web and other digital media. Antonelli College Online offers a higher level study setting for those who would not like to attend a class on college campuses.

The Antonelli College ist von der Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology akkreditiert. The Arizona State University ist von der North Central Association of Colleges and Schools regional akkreditiert. The ASU Online and Extended Campus is your gate to Arizona State University's online study programmes and classes. ASU provides a wide range of high-quality, accredited online study programmes.

Our flexible, comfortable and excellent client services will make your studies within your grasp. Established in 1839, Boston Univeristy is the United States' 4th biggest separate unit and a center of academia and science. It is one of the country's premier research-based universities with more than 3,800 members and more than 31,000 undergraduates.

Boston University has a solid base for our online Ph. You' ll have direct admission to our excellent department, which passes on the latest research results to its undergraduates. Boston University is recognized around the world and our alumni are well known in all areas. The Boston University ist regional von der New England Association of Schools and Colleges akkreditiert.

The BYU Independent Study is a correspondence course programme that provides online and paper/pencil classes for everyone, anywhere, at all times. There are nearly 600 college, high schools, high schools, middle schools and individual enhancement classes that can help our customers collect points, finish on schedule, improve their curricula or get college loans. You can enrol at any moment and have one year to attend each course so that you can work at your own speed.

As a rule, all classes are accredited and can be transferred to other schools. Known as an organisation with integrative character, BYU Independent Study's main objective is to provide the student with a high standard of training at an accessible price. The Capella University, established in 1993, currently has more than 1,000 lecturers and 1,090 administration employees and is today listed on the stock exchange.

Capella Consumers can sign up for a free one-week online course to find out more about Capella's software and tech. Capella University, la Commission de l'enseignement supérieur de la North Central Association akkreditiert die Capella University. In 2007, more than 20,000 undergraduates in all 50 states and 56 other nations visited Capella University and made the profit-oriented organization one of the biggest online campi.

The Colorado Technical University is a privately funded, profit-oriented university that was opened in 1965 to provide a career-oriented training. Later on, the school started its online graduation program for international graduates. As a rule, graduates take two classes per 5th semester. Graduates usually take one grade per meeting. Encourages virtual participation in virtual classes that include students' online debates, but the classes can also be watched later.

The Colorado Technical University ist von der North Central Association of Colleges and Schools akkreditiert. The DeVry University provides undergraduate, master's and associated courses at over 90 different universities. DeVry University understands the temporal pressures many of our current and future undergraduates face. That is why we provide partner, Bachelors and Masters courses online.

If you are an online undergraduate, you can go to university from home, the workplace or an online café wherever you can find a link. Online correspondence courses make it simple to make your graduation while you live your own lives. Our online courses of studies give you the same prestigious training we provide in the conventional classrooms, complemented by the latest information interactivity.

DeVry University allows you to study locally, online or in a mixture of both, whichever suits your needs best. DeVry University provides you with the flexibility to choose whether you're new to your studies or return to university. eCornell, a Cornell University affiliate, is a highly-skilled online learning programme that provides training in a wide range of businesses, which include executive search, HR, finance and hospitality. eCornell is the world's leading online learning company.

Students can register for single classes or for a multi-course certification program. The Fort Hays State Univeristy Virtual College is part of a governmental system of universities. This means that the timetables and programmes are more conventional, but it also means that teaching is lower than at many of its rivals.

Approximately 4,500 online undergraduates in 27 different nations take more than 600 classes each term at Fort Hays State University and the number often more. These same faculty members are teaching both online and campus-based classes, most of them using online course administration tools such as Blackboard. The Fort Hays State University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools akkreditiert.

In the UK, Kaplan Open Learning provides online basic and BA qualifications in business administration, criminal law and financial services for working adult learners. The online tutoring programs conducted by Kaplan Open Learning correspond to a conventional college grade room, but with greater agility and a high degree of personal assistance from instructors and consultants.

We are a non-profit association with the aim of making a difference in learning for the better by offering free world-class training to everyone everywhere. New School is offering graduates, diplomas and customized classes online to people like you around the globe. Foster Penn College provides Associates and Bachelor's degree programs developed to give you the skill sets you need in today's most rapidly expanding areas.

Studying online, in printed form or in combinations. It is up to you to choose the best way to learn. We have a knowledgeable department and our courteous team to help you successfully finish your programme and graduate! The basis for Remington College Online educational system is student-centered, and focuses on the needs of undergraduates.

The accredited online university provides both associated and Bachelors degree programs, which can be earned in just 18 month (for associated degrees) or 36 month (for Bachelors degrees). If you are a trainee, you will study in a cyberspace in your own area. But you will not be alone.

The Remington College Online Training Assistance Personal is available to help you from enrollment to completion. Remington College's online program classes are developed to encourage class mate interactions. Scranton University:: The University of Scranton, established in 1888, has long taught ethical and socially responsible undergraduates.

Universiy of Scranton Online provides numerous MBA programmes, among them Healthcare Management, Operations Management and International Business. UoPeople is the first non-profit, fee-free and accredited online college. UoPeople is committed to helping skilled college leavers surmount the economic, geographical, societal and human compulsions that prevent them from studying.

At the moment, the university is offering two-year associate and four-year bachelor courses in business administration and computer science, further courses are planned. Online Stevens-Henager College (SHC) is one of the oldest colleges in Utah and the state. The aim of Stevens-Henager College Online is to offer correspondence courses that promote both individual and professional development.

Headed by a department entirely dedicated to education and scholarships, online graduates at SHC will not make comparisons with the high standard of online classes available. Fast-Flex programmes provide you with flexibility online and on your own computer screen. The Stonebridge Associated College Stonebridge is one of the world' s biggest correspondence schools with over 600 home studies programmes, an unsurpassed opportunity that can be attended from home without having to visit our university.

That means that although we are located in the UK, our Open University is available to our international undergraduates. Whether you want to improve your skill set, upgrade your knowledge or gain a real advantage over the competition, Stonebridge has the ideal course for your needs.

Studying through the conventional mail system or just online, we provide you with the most versatile home studies available from any university. STRAIGHTER LINE straighter line has developed an innovating new way for the student to take the necessary collegiate course, based on the experience of experienced, respectful and trusted teachers and partner.

STRAIGHTER LINE straighter line provides online collegiate courses for the student at their own speed, then these accreditations can be transfered to a four-year campus or communal school. Using EMassOnline, you can study the same high caliber programmes and study from the same world-class department as the student at the Massachusetts universities of Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester.

With over 90 diploma and certification programmes and more than 1,500 online classes, U MA provides the academic subjects for which the UMA is best known: the fine art, educational, business/managing, healthcare, information technologies, and many others. Univeristy of Phoenix has developed into the country's biggest privately owned college specialising in the training of working adult students by providing study programmes that are very pertinent, available and attainable.

The University of Phoenix allows you to obtain your Bachelor's or Master's Degrees at will - on Campus, online or in specific areas with a mix of both, which we call FlexNet. The Walden University, established in 1970, is a research-intensive correspondence course for working people. It provides online classes that lead to Bachelor, Masters and PhD qualifications in business administration, pedagogy, psychology, healthcare and humanitarian work.

He challenged his undergraduates to become "Scholar-Practitioners" by combining scientific research with the expert knowledge of an experienced practician in their area. Laureate International Universities, one of the world's premier online networks of accredited online and academic campuses. The Western Governors Univeristy (WGU) is an online institution whose goal is to broaden the scope of higher learning through online competence-based programmes.

The WGU has developed into a nationwide institution with over 14,000 undergraduates from all 50 countries. It also opens the door for adults who need to be flexible in order to reach their educational and professional objectives. WGU's groundbreaking competence-based academical approaches make it possible for the individual to integrate his/her training into his/her life and not vice versa.

The WGU is accredited nationally, cantonally, NCATE and CCNE. The WGU has also received the USDLA Best Practices in Distance Learning Award.

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