Most Popular Online Colleges

The most popular online universities

Thinking about getting a college degree online? The most popular online colleges based on the highest enrollment. Discover which online colleges and universities are the most popular options and the types of accredited degree programs they offer. Gain your Business Administration & Management Degree online with this ranking of the most popular online schools in the United States. The WGU is one of the most popular universities and offers very favourable degrees.

30 most popular online colleges

Why are online universities so popular? For us, attractiveness is just the number of pupils who attend classes. This number is larger, the more popular is the online colleague. Altough not directly measures literacy grade (see our rankings of the best online colleges for that), it is a good indication of grade because students don't stream to a college unless it is offering something of value.

Some of the most popular online colleges on this shortlist all have powerful brand names - they are market leader in the online educational area. Included in the ranking are both online specialty as well as more conventional campus-based school with a significant online profile. We' ve compiled the figures that represent part-time and full-time college and college undergraduates from the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (IPEDS), university Web sites and newscasts.

We' ve chosen the most popular online colleges on the basis of online pupil registration. Although the Universtity of Phoenix does not make a distinct online students community available, our research indicates that the Universtity of Phoenix has the biggest online students group. One of the pioneers in the field of adults' education, the Univeristy of Phoenix is the biggest privately owned institution in North America.

It offers bachelor's and master's degree programmes in the areas of economics, care, training and technologies. What makes a student enrol at the Universiy of Phoenix Online? The American Public Unversity System (APUS), a for-profit organization, provides services to online scholars through the American Military Unversity (AMU) and the American PublicUniy. The APUS offers more than 190 alumni and postgraduate programmes and certification programmes.

One of the main focuses of the American Civil University System is the training of the nation's army and civil services. America is the number 1 U.S. Army in higher learning. Academic studies at the American Academy are offered to students from different educational backgroundgrounds. Students enrol at American Publica Online:

The Liberty Univeristy provides more than 100 bachelor's and master's degrees in economics, law, economics, education, penal law, health care and other areas. There are also certification programmes at the school. Libertys Univeristy is reporting the cheapest fees among the top online universities. The reasons why enrolling at LibertyUnline: Why not? Graduates and Bachelor's programmes and specialisations in 34 professional areas are offered by DeVryUnversity.

Keller Academic provides an online MBA and other doctoral programmes in a number of key areas. Making an enrollment at DeVryUnline: Why is it? U-Mass-Online is part of the prestigious system of the Univeristy of Massachusetts. U-Mass-Online provides postgraduate and bachelor study programmes. This online academy provides over 100 diploma and certification programmes and over 1,500 online classes in the areas of learning, fine art, healthcare, business as well as information technologies, healthcare and many other areas.

About enrolling with UMass Online: The Walden Univeristy, a leading provider of online learning, provides bachelor's studies, master's theses and Ph. D. programmes in a wide range of fields. It works with a number of leading companies in the field and academic professionals to develop online programmes tailored to employees' needs.

The reason why you should enrol at WaldenUnline: Why? Graduates and diploma candidates are offered in over 50 programmes at Ashford School. Graduates in economics, educational, medical, natural science and other areas. The reasons why enrolling as a student at Ashford Online:: The Western Governors Univeristy (WGU), a privately owned, not-for-profit online college, provides more than 50 bachelor's and master's degrees in information technologies, academic studies, economics, and heath.

19 states founded the college. The WGU demands that WGU undergraduates show their skills in the areas they require instead of concentrating on borrowing lessons. The reason why WGU Online enrols students: Universiy of Maryland Universiy College (UMUC) Online offers bachelor and master courses and certification programmes in a wide range of disciplines.

More than 25 courses and 30 certifications are available online. It is part of the Maryland campus system. It comprises the School of Undergraduate Studies and the Graduate School of Management & Technology. Clues to why undergraduates enrol with EMUC Online: The new Purdue Univeristy System features 180 online partner, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate level programmes.

These programmes address some of today's most sought-after areas such as economics, information technologies, economics, psychology, healthcare, law, criminal law and government. The Capella University offers bachelor's, master's and PhD degree courses in areas such as information technologies, security, economics, healthcare, economics, psychology, service and people.

More than 130 postgraduate and bachelor specialisations and a large number of certification programmes are offered by the school. Enrolment at Capella Online: The Strayer Universit├Ąt provides postgraduate and bachelor courses in the fields of economics, information technology, penal law, civil service, economics, law, public services, economics, management, economics, information technology, economics, education, healthcare and other fields. There are also diploma and certification opportunities.

Enrolment at Strayer University Online: The Columbia Southern University (CSU), an online university, provides bachelor's and master's courses in various areas. We also offer postgraduate and subgraduate certification programmes that enable targeted learning in specialised areas. The Grand Canyon University, a privately owned online Chrsitian research institute, provides about 100 bachelor's, master's and doctorate courses in the areas of literacy, economics, care and healthcare, visual art and manufacturing, and freeski.

What makes Grand Canyon University Online so attractive to students: Pupils take classes online one after the other, giving them a deeper insight. The Grand Canyon University offers training in the contexts of its faith. The Colorado Technical University (CTU) offers professionally related qualifications in various fields.

The CTU provides diploma and bachelor courses of study. More than 100 bachelor's and master's courses and concentration courses are offered by the school. The CTU provides diplomas in the fields of technical and IT, economics and managment, safety, information system and technologies as well as public and private heath. The reason why undergraduates enrol at CTU Online: Part of the renowned Pennsylvania State Campus, Penn State World Campus provides over 100 online high school and college student programmes and certification programmes in areas such as economics, technical, education, technologie, medical and more.

Matter of fact, why college kids enrol on the Penn State World Campus: The American InterContinental Universiy (AIU) provides various professionally oriented courses of study. Universities offer industry-standard associated degrees, bachelor's degrees and master's-degrees. AIU Online: Why enrol students: Programmes that are often upgraded and meet a wide range of standard. South New Hampshire Univeristy (SNHU) Online provides a range of online programmes for graduates and undergraduates, as well as doctoral certificates in a number of disciplines.

Clues to why enrolling at SNHU Online: The Nova Southeastern Univeristy, a non-profit organization, provides bachelor's, master's and Ph. D. programmes in various fields. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has classified Nova Southeastern as a research college with "high research activity".

Southeaster University Online: Why do you want to enrol at Nova Southeastern University Online? The South University offers online associates degree, bachelor's and master's degree programs in areas such as economics, law, health care, information technologies, law and paralegals, health care, psychological and other areas. What makes South University Online so attractive to undergraduates? The National University is the second biggest privately funded, not-for-profit university in California.

It is the flag ship of the National Higher Learning System and provides over 70 Bachelor's and Master's qualifications in various areas online. Enrolment at the National Univeristy Online: The Argosy Univeristy, a non-profit college, has 28 sites in the United States. In the online sector, we offer courses in economics, pedagogy, psychology and healthcare.

The reason why Argosy University Online enrols students: The Columbia College Missouri Online, a Columbia College affiliate, a privately owned and operated nongraduate art and sciences college, provides a wide range of postgraduate and postgraduate education. The Columbia College, part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), welcome people of all religions. One of the oldest privately funded universities in the country, Grantham University provides a wide range of postgraduate and subgraduate work.

The reasons why Grantham University Online enrols students: The Northcentral University, a privately funded, for-profit college, offers online degree and bachelor degree programs in economics, economics, counseling, marriage counseling, home counseling and educational services. Northcentral University is als Doctoral Research University. The reason why college enrollment at Northcentral University Online:

The Northcentral University ist von der WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) regional akkreditiert. rizona State University ( "ASU") Online offers a wide range of online study courses and certifications. This is why you should enrol at ASU Online: The Washington State University Global Campus offers a wide range of online bachelor's and master's theses.

This online academy is part of Washington State Univeristy, a leading research institution. What makes a student enrol at Washington State University's Global Campus? The Baker College Online is a department of Baker College. The Baker College Online provides a range of degree programs for undergraduates and graduates. Clues to why Baker College Online is for students: The Post Univeristy, a privately owned, profit-oriented institution, provides a high level of online interactivity.

The Post University provides a large selection of online degree and postgraduate diplomas and certifications. How Post University Online gets enrolled: The Drexel University has a powerful history in research and development. Our 100% online educational programmes have the same high university standard as the programmes on our campuses.

Both undergraduates and graduates are offered by the online university. Also online certificats are available. Clues to why undergraduates enrol at Drexel University Online:

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