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The University of Derby Online Learning. The Warwick Business School For many years we have had a good reputa-tion for innovations and with good reason. We' re a proud part of the University of Warwick's international research center. The my. webs learning interface was developed by our in-house design department using the latest advances in technology to provide a comprehensive MBA learning process.

As my will be internally designed and maintained, we are able to continually renew and enhance my.wbs to make sure your learning experiences remain at the forefront of the game. In addition to a program that gives you the necessary abilities to work anywhere in the global market, our Distance Learning MBA receives around 400 students from all over the word every year.

Together with our 45,000 WBS graduate students, these gifted, enterprising entrepreneurs are your lifetime alliance. It' s this true expertise combined with our excellent multidisciplinary, worldwide research that allows us to establish relationships with major multinational organizations such as Jaguar Land Rover, Amazon and Deloitte. Visiting lecturers are invited to the Warwick School and our The Shard London camp.

They can also join our regular guest list of industry executives in our specialist networking services. You' ll receive an invitation to these meetings, and if you can participate, it's a great way to get more visibility into the corporate environment and connect with the WBS fellowship. We have refined our range and made WBS the leading provider of on-line MBA.

We have developed the Distance Learning MBA with a view to achieving this.

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E-learning programs enable more flexibility for studying. The pressure on the student is great: some have familial obligations that make full-time studies harder; others have a profession they do not want or cannot do. Flexibility in learning offers the opportunity to complete a course of studies that corresponds to changes in living conditions and habits.

Heriot-Watt offers two learning paths: Distance learning that is independent and spans a broad spectrum of courses for students with Master's and PG degrees. While the programs take place on the Heriot-Watt Campus in Edinburgh, no courses are taken. In this way, a number of Master's and PG diplomas as well as several Bachelor's degree courses are available. Learn more about our worldwide offering of post-graduate courses through our Approved Learning Partners.

Studying one of the internationally recognized independent distance learning (IDL) programs, if it fits you best.

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